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Toy Story 4 - The Official Movie Special

Toy Story 4 - The Official Movie Special

Toy Story 4 - The Official Movie Special

"Pixar’s celebrated animated franchise returns with an all-new hilarious and heartwarming adventure. Woody, Buzz and the rest of the Toy Story gang hit the road for the trip of a lifetime that will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy… This movie special features in-depth interviews with director Josh Cooley and the behind-the-scenes team, and a special interview with Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear). Also included are in-depth profiles and discussions about each character and a comprehensive guide to Toy Story Easter Eggs. This collector’s edition features exclusive concept art from the film. If you thought you couldn’t teach an old toy new tricks, prepare to be surprised…"

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7 min.
josh cooley

While Josh Cooley has assembled an impressive list of Pixar film credits over the past 15 years – from storyboard artist on The Incredibles, Cars, and Up, to story supervisor on Inside Out – Toy Story 4 marks his first time in the director’s chair on a feature-length animated film. But as he explains, he was able to channel his experiences into making the next chapter of Woody and the gang’s story… Toy Story 4: The Official Movie Special: There was a sense of finality with Toy Story 3; how did you approach this next chapter in the Toy Story story? Josh Cooley: It was important that it felt like this movie wasn’t just another adventure. It had to have meaning to it, so that it felt as important as the last…

8 min.

The brave and resourceful leader of the toys from Andy’s bedroom, Woody’s character has been defined by his relationship to Buzz Lightyear as the two have embarked on numerous adventures. However, Toy Story 4 presents a different side of Woody… AXEL GEDDES, FILM EDITOR What have been the biggest challenges you faced during the making of Toy Story 4? When we decided that we were going to make another Toy Story movie, the challenge was trying to figure out a way to give Woody another big lesson to learn, another arc to have so it didn’t feel overdone. Each [in-progress] screening is almost like a new version of the movie. In the two and a half years I’ve been here we’ve had eight screenings and each one will be a different version of the…

3 min.
bo peep

Ever watchful of her flock: Billy, Goat, and Gruff, Bo Peep is a surprisingly sassy shepherdess with a soft spot for Woody. Smart, sensible and always ready to share her opinions, she is voiced once again by actress Annie Potts. HENRY GARCIA, SIMULATION SUPERVISOR Who is Bo Peep in Toy Story 4? Bo Peep is our big character, and her cloak is a part of her character in the same way that Merida’s hair was a part of that character in Brave (2012). It very much plays into her acting, how she moves, even what mode she’s in. She might be in stealth mode where it’s wrapped around her, hero mode where it’s more like a cape, or princess mode where it’s more as a skirt. Radford Hern is the digital artist who…

4 min.

A new character joins the Toy Story cast: Forky, a nervous toy created from trash, finds himself under the watchful eye of Woody as they embark on an epic journey of discovery. VALERIE LAPOINTE, STORY SUPERVISOR What was the genesis of Forky? When Forky first came up as an idea, we got some craft supplies in the art department, and everybody made their own version of Forky. When Forky is created in the movie, where does he think he belongs, and why? Basically, Forky’s pieces are pulled out of the trash can. When he comes to life, we’re playing with the idea that he comes alive because our central protagonist, Bonnie, made him and played with him. However, his natural instinct is to go back to what comforts him, which is being trash. He thinks…

5 min.
buzz lightyear

A toy space ranger, Buzz Lightyear has been a key part in the Toy Story franchise since he joined Woody and the gang in Andy’s room back in 1995. Voiced, as ever, by Tim Allen, Toy Story 4 sees Buzz join the toys on their most epic adventure yet. Toy Story 4: The Official Movie Special: When you were first approached, in the early 1990s, about supplying your voice to a character in a totally computer-animated film, what was your reaction? Tim Allen: “What!?” (Laughs) Actually, I’m kind of a computer geek, so it didn’t scare me as much as the fact I’d never done voice work before. It was key personnel that sold it to me – they’ve all got such passion. “It’ll be fun, and your character will be this.…

2 min.
ducky & bunny

Quite literally inseparable, Ducky and Bunny are carnival prizes desperate to be won by a child. Voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, they are Toy Story’s latest double act, striving to find love. VALERIE LAPOINTE, STORY SUPERVISOR What can you tell us about Ducky and Bunny? Early on in production, the idea came up of having a carnival in the film. It felt like a location we had never explored in any of the Toy Story films, or short films, and it’s obviously a natural place for toys to live. Ducky and Bunny came into existence early on in the process as paired toys. The idea is that carnival toys are stuck there because they are rarely won, because the games are so hard or they’re rigged. Ducky and Bunny have been…