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TREAD January/February 2018

A Guide To Automotive Adventure & Outdoor Lifestyle

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editor’s letter

As one year ends and another begins, I find myself scratching my head wondering where this past year has gone? I suppose time does fly when you’re having fun. It’s been both a thrilling and challenging time maintaining and growing Tread to be a magazine that like-minded enthusiasts can enjoy. As regular readers of Tread may have noticed, the magazine is growing in terms of content and page count. We’ve added about 30 pages into Tread compared to a year ago. In a time when they say, “print is dead,” it’s really something special and a testament to the popularity of automotive adventure and outdoor lifestyle. Many of you may have also noticed that Tread’s website [treadmagazine.com] has really grown into its own with constantly updated, original and exclusive web content. If…

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O1. MISHIMOTO JEEP WRANGLER JK BAFFLED OIL CATCH CAN While it’s easy to get carried away having fun in your Jeep, it’s important to pay attention to its engine and make sure it’s in good working order. Mishimoto’s JK 3.8L V6 Baffled Oil Catch Can kit uses a 2 ounce can to help reduce the amount of harmful blow-by oil that coats your intake tracts and cakes your valves with carbon deposits. Internal air diverters slow incoming air for more effective air/oil separation. MSRP: $260 mishimoto.com O2. TIMBREN ACTIVE OFF-ROAD BUMPSTOPS Increase control and smooth out your vehicle’s ride with Timbren’s Active Off-Road Bumpstops. Made of durable, natural rubber, they smooth out the ride while supplying tough control to your suspension. These Active Off-Road Bumpstops are available for Jeep JK and TJ, Toyota Tacoma,…

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rock ‘n’ roll

What kind of wheels are you rolling on right now? If you answered stock, you just failed this pop quiz. It’s time to step it up and give your ride what it deserves—some well-deserved upgrades in the style department. This selection of new wheels are made to not only turn heads and earn you the nod of respect from fellow drivers, but also enhance your truck, Jeep or SUV’s performance and durability on the rough trails ahead. Which rims will you choose? MAMBA/M19 Mamba’s M19 features a rugged and precise 6 -“D” shaped window design with drill holes along the rim edge. Available in 5-Lug, 6-Lug and 8-Lug options, the M19 comes in 15x8, 16x8, 17x9 18x9 and 20x9 sizes. mambawheels.com ICON ALLOYS/REBOUND The Rebound combines sharp lines, a concave spoke design, and “ICON-optimized”…

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gear box

O1. UST SURVIVAL BLANKET 2.0 The versatile, lightweight UST Survival Blanket 2.0 provides all-weather protection by reflecting your own body heat back to you. Windproof and waterproof, it can also be used as an emergency lean-to shelter, ground cloth, additional warmth for sleeping bags, and for wrapping cold or frozen food during transport. It’s ideal for carrying in a daypack for emergencies, or as part of an emergency kit for your car or home. MSRP: $20 ustbrands.com O2. NO. 4 ST. JAMES BROWN & BLUE AROMATIC SMOKING FUEL Are you a BBQ fan? Experience smoke flavor like you’ve never tasted before. Brown & Blue is an aromatic smoking fuel for the BBQ pit or backyard grill. BBQ masters have known the secret of smoking using pecan shells for some time. Others have known about…

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made the cut

Keeping a folding knife in your backpack, glove box or even pocket is something we recommend for any outdoor enthusiast or off-roader. Through real-life experience, we find that the capabilities that a compact knife affords you far outweigh the space it takes up. The question isn’t if you should have a knife, only which knife should you invest in? Inspired by ancient Japanese swords, the modern Tanto-style blade provides an undoubtedly cool look to most any knife. Aside from aesthetics, the Tanto’s tip is known for its strength and power. The blade’s shape results in a chiseled tip and reinforced blade that allows the knife to pierce hard surfaces with greater ease than with other style blades. Tantos are known more for its piercing, scraping and prying strength over its slicing…

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trail boarder

RANGE 5-7 miles TOP SPEED 19 mph RECHARGE TIME 20 mins. URL onewheel.com O1 PERFORMANCE SPEED Maximum speed is rated at 19 mph or 30 kph. Uphill or downhill, Onewheel+ provides incredibly smooth, controllable power. RANGE Onewheel+ range is listed at 5 to 7 miles or 8 to 11 kilometers per charge. That’s plenty of fun on the trails or wherever your journey may take you. TIRE The board’s single wheel is an Italian made go-kart racing slick, a scaled down version of a Formula 1 racing tire. O2 TECH MOTOR The new Hypercore motor technology provides incredibly smooth power and torque to climb over anything. It features quieter operation with a better top speed. LIGHTING Bright LED headlights and taillights automatically reverse when you switch direction. REGENERATIVE Onewheel+’s regenerative braking recovers up to 30 percent of total power output. APP Fine-tune your ride. The iPhone, Watch and Android…