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TREAD March/April 2018

A Guide To Automotive Adventure & Outdoor Lifestyle

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editor’s letter

By the time this issue comes out, hopefully the snow from the massive winter storms has melted, and you’re already well on your way back to exploring the world around you. If you never stopped the adventure, we extend our hand out for a well-deserved fist bump. For the rest of us, the thawed out trails of spring brings us a chance to reset and prepare for some of the best months to venture out. We have an eclectic collection of vehicles for you this issue. We take you for rides in everything from a restored first generation Toyota 4Runner to a six-wheeled former military vehicle, and everything in between. The ‘77 Pinzgauer 712K is a real head turner and sure is a unique vehicle to take off-roading and camping. You’ll…

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01. COLBY VALVE/TIRE VALVE SYSTEMS One major problem you can encounter when traveling down desolate paths is a broken tire valve stem. One hard impact and you’re in a world of hurt. Don’t take the risk. Colby Valves are 20 times stronger than normal valves and install in about one minute from the outside of the wheel. Three versions are available: emergency, ultimate, and XL emergency. Colby’s Emergency Valves are even 100-percent tool free making them great for trailside repairs. MSRP: $30-35 colbyvalve.com 02. DICKIES/874 FLEX WORK PANTS Dickies has modified their classic 874 work pant with different fitting and added flex fabric to enhance durability and longevity, making your pants last longer than the rest. Mechanical stretch is added for additional comfort and to keep you moving in the directions you need. This pant…

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rock ‘n’ roll

Harsh weather and road conditions can do a number on your vehicle, and it can only get worse for your wheels. Be prepared with a set of high-quality rims that can take the punishment of prodding through everything from near flood-like conditions to blizzards to roads so potholed that you feel like you’re riding through a black diamond rated trail—all while looking good. Earn points for style and survivability with this latest selection of off-road ready wheels. BLACK RHINO/OVERLAND Overland is a fresh take on the classic split five-spoke design that integrates an outer bolted lip. The Overland’s lip provides safe bead seating for oversized tires. To cover the full range of stock and lifted off-highway vehicles, Overland offroad rims are available in 17X8 , 17x9.5 ,18X8, 18x9.5, and 20x9.5 sizes. Offsets…

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gear box

01. DRY GUY/FORCE DRY DX BOOT AND GLOVE DRYER From rain-soaked hiking boots to sweaty ski boots and soggy gloves filled with melting snow, the Force Dry DX dries a variety of footwear and gloves in about an hour; leaving you to start your day with dry, comfortable hands and feet. Utilizing gentle forced air and heating to around 105°F, it quickly removes moisture and helps prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria that cause odors and deteriorate your footwear over time. It is does not shrink, warp or otherwise harm custom fit liners. MSRP: $80 dryguy.com 02. GSI/BUGABOO CUP The Bugaboo is an unbelievably light, folding handle cup that is as strong as it is eye catching. Hold your favorite beverage or measure out the ingredients for your next meal, the cup has easy…

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made the cut

What exactly is a survival knife? Although the features of survival knives can vary greatly from one another, they generally serve the same objective—to allow someone to use it for survival. They are designed to serve a variety of purposes including fine work such as wood shaving or carving and animal skinning, or even heavy-duty work like the setting traps or cutting tenacious vines or branches. Some knives have plain edges, while others incorporate serrations for fish scaling or sawing action. Survival knives are descendants of traditional hunting knives, but can come in different weights with blades that feature varying thicknesses, points and contours. In this guide, we examine a selection of models that are very different from one another. Most are fixed blades, but some are folders. If you…

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FRAMESET Salsa Carbon DRIVETRAIN SRAM FORK 511mm (100mm) BOTTOM BRACKET 100mm SADDLE WTB Volt Pro SIZES XS, S, M, L, XL 01 FRAME HIGH-MODULUS CARBON FRAME & FORK Lightweight, but tough with excellent stiffness and vibration damping BEARPAW CARBON FORK Its 150mm thru-axle increases stiffness and steering precision. SALSA FAT BIKE GEOMETRY Short chain stays are paired with the appropriate head tube angle and fork offset to create a fat bike that steers well in loose conditions while remaining extremely nimble and agile, despite the massive wheels and tires. FRONT & REAR THRU-AXLES Thru-axles solidify both the front and rear ends’ precise steering and wheel tracking on rough surfaces. 02 ACCESSORIES HYDRATION FRIENDLY Carry as many as 5 water bottles; 3 on the frame, 2 on the fork. REAR RACK COMPATIBLE Attach a rear rack to increase your gear carrying options and create multi-day adventures. DROPPER POST COMPATIBLE Dropper seat post…