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TREAD March/April 2019

A Guide To Automotive Adventure & Outdoor Lifestyle

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editor’s letter

It seems like we were just celebrating the New Year and then—wham—we’re already turning the corner on winter and quickly entering the spring thaw. As the weather gradually warms up, for many of us, thoughts of new adventures start to take shape. I’m still trying to get my truck updated for this year’s upcoming adventures. Once it's ready, I plan to get reacquainted with some trails I haven’t been to in a while. Where will your next trip be? Will you revisit some of your favorite stomping grounds or will you explore someplace new? With our hectic schedules, finding time for everyone to travel together can be difficult, but it’s well worth the effort. The memories you make with friends and family on the road can last a lifetime. This is…

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rock ‘n’ roll

The roads may be thawing, but they still can be slippery from residual rain and melting snow, leaving you to contend with even more potholes than ever before. Off-road conditions can be even more treacherous at the tail end of winter and into the leading weeks of spring. Hazards, both on and off the road require strong wheels to get you through them. A set of robust yet sharp looking wheels can help you safely roll through rough terrain, while maintaining your high standards of style. Here’s a selection of popular wheels that might be just what you’re looking for. BLACK RHINO/CRAWLER The Black Rhino Crawler wheel design is now available in both a true beadlock and non-beadlock variations. The Crawler Beadlock is load rated to 3,300 lbs/wheel and exclusively manufactured in…

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O1. BAJA DESIGNS/XL LASER If extreme distance penetration is your primary light requirement, look no further than the XL Laser. Utilizing groundbreaking laser technology, Baja Designs presents a new laser light that throws light farther out than anything else on the market. Using advanced laser chips instead of LEDs, Baja Designs Laser Lights not only piece the darkness further and more efficiently, they are also remarkably compact when compared to Halogen, HID or LED lighting sources. MSRP: $1000 bajadesigns.com O2. WARN/MEDIUM ROLL BAR CYLINDER BAG Store your gear securely with Warn Epic Trail Gear Bags. This Roll Bar Cylindar Bag can be attached in a variety of locations and holds loose accessories securely. The bag is UV-stable, weather resistant, and built tough with marine-grade vinyl, premium zippers, straps, and fabrics. It easily attaches to…

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gear box

O1. HELINOX/RUMPL CHAIR ONE You’ll always have a place to sit with Helinox’ award-winning Chair One. Smaller and lighter than a bottle of wine, this durable seat is just what you need for your next outdoor adventure. This eye-catching variation is made in collaboration with Rumpl, makers of popular outdoor technical blankets. The chair features a lightweight, compact design, is made to last and holds up to 320 pounds. MSRP: $100 helinox.com O2. SUREFIRE/STILETTO There’s always room for another flashlight as long as it’s as slim as the Stiletto. The Stiletto’s sleek profile allows it to be drawn and activated from a pocket quickly and effortlessly. The rechargeable, high-output handheld flashlight features a wide 650-lumen, medium 250-lumen or dialed-down 5-lumen beam for tasks inside the cabin of your truck, in a tent or out…

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made the cut

As you can see, the selection of knives presented here widely vary from one another. In this installment of Made the Cut, we’re taking a look at truck box knives. A truck box knife isn’t actually any particular type of knife; rather it’s a category of knife that has become quite popular lately. Many knives can qualify as a truck box knife. A truck box knife isn’t a specific thing; it’s a knife you’d keep in the truck that is practical, reliable, and sturdy. A box truck knife can be an EDC knife, a knife that has multi functions like a seat belt cutter, or something that isn't going to break the bank in case you break it or lose it. It’s a knife that you would throw in your…

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dual purpose

O1 PERFORMANCE ENGINE The motorcycle is powered by a 249cc, one-cylinder, double overhead cam, four-stroke, liquid cooled engine that is good for 15.2 lb-ft @ 7,000 rpm. TRANSMISSION KLX250 is fitted with a 6-speed transmission with a return shift and a sealed chain final drive. FUEL INJECTION Ignition type is a digital DC-CDI. A DFI fuel-injection system is installed for easy starting and smooth throttle response. O2 SUSPENSION/FRAME SUSPENSION On the front of the bike is a telescopic fork with 10.0 inches of travel and 6-way compression damping adjustment. In the rear is a Uni-Trak swingarm that allows for 9.1 inches of suspension travel. FRAME The high tensile steel perimeter frame is built up of box-section and tubular high-tensile steel. Its high frame rigidity contributes to excellent straight-line ability. O3 RIDER COMFORT SEATING POSITION A 35-inch seat height and a narrow fuel tank contribute…