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TREAD September-October 2017

A Guide To Automotive Adventure & Outdoor Lifestyle

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editor’s letter

How do you define outdoor adventure? Is it taking off to your favorite camping spot for some well-deserved R&R? Or are you an explorer, always seeking new places and experiences to discover? Then again, you may be a thrill seeker, looking for your next adrenaline-fueled rush. Maybe it's a combination of a few of those—or something else entirely. Regardless of how your outdoor adventure is defined, the shared quality of those who seek adventure is the energetic spirit that pushes us out there to do things most others don’t. The vehicle you see on the cover is powered by this spirit for adventure. The ROAMBUILT Sprinter came to be as a passion project and is decked out for just about any activity one can get into. Best of all, it has…

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O1. PSC BIG BORE XD STEERING GEAR (JEEP JK) With JK steering gears being pushed to the point of failure due to the increased torque loads of larger tire sizes, larger axles and locking differentials, the time has come for a larger steering gear. The new PSC JK XD steering gear replaces the 70mm stock piston with a larger 80mm piston, giving it more turning torque to turn up to 37” tall tires without the need of cylinder assist. Anyone with a Jeep JK running bigger than factory tires will want this bolt on upgrade. MSRP: $895 pscmotorsports.com O2. ZONE OFFROAD COLORADO/ CANYON 1.25” LEVELING KIT Zone Offroad offers several lift options for the ‘17 Colorado/Canyon designed to improve the stance, performance and curb appeal of the new trucks. The 1.25” Leveling Kit is designed…

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rock ‘n roll

Your stock rollers may be fine for pavement, but if you want to up the performance factor to take on more rugged terrain, not to mention earn some well-deserved style points, you’ll want to step up your game with some aftermarket wheels. The beadlock look can toughen up the appearance of your truck and a forged wheel can give your vehicle the perfect mix of lightened weight for fuel savings and increased strength to keep you moving along. If you’re headed for some serious trails, you might even opt for a true beadlock wheel. Here is a selection of head turning wheels that are currently at the top of our want list. AMERICAN RACING/AX202 ATX Series wheels are designed and engineered to meet the demands of off-road and outdoor enthusiasts. Available in…

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gear box

O1. ENGO MULTIFUNCTION SHOVEL SURVIVAL TOOL The MST Shovel is equipped to take on whatever you dish at it. It has a handle made of aircraft hardened aluminum and is equipped with an impressive list of tools including a stainless steel blade that chops and saws, paracord, whistle, knife, bottle opener, wire cutter, magnesium fire starter, hoe and measuring tool. ENGO's MST is perfect to take on your next off-road or outdoor adventure. It weighs just over two pounds and includes a durable storage bag. MSRP: $70 engoindustries.com O2. EXOTAC NANOSPARK Being able to start a fire is crucial in any survival or camping situation. The nano-SPARK easily generates sparks to do just that. Designed to function with the use of only one hand, all you need to do to get a fire started is to…

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made the cut

Knives may seem like straightforward tools, but with the right one in hand, you can accomplish a wide variety of tasks—some of them, even life saving. In this guide, we turn our attention to folding knives that are designed for emergency and rescue. These high visibility knives are not only easy to spot when in a bind, but feature superior grip in slippery situations and special enhancements that any first responder would appreciate. Features such as a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker and one hand-deployable blade can enhance your emergency or rescue efforts. 01. BUCK KNIVES/ REDPOINT RESCUE Overall Length: 7.2” Blade Length: 2.75" Blade Material: Titanium Coated, 420Hc Stainless Steel Blade Thickness: 0.105” Handle Material: Rubber Weight: 2.9 Ounces Features: Glass Breaker, Belt Cutter MSRP: $59 buckknives.com 02. SPYDERCO/ SALT 2 FRN YELLOW Overall Length: 7.25” Blade Length: 3.0” Blade Material: H-1 Blade Thickness: 0.098” Handle…

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race ready

If you’re not going to go fast, why go at all? That’s what Honda’s Cota 300RR wants to know. Before you jump on one, just know that the “RR” suffix stands for “Race Ready” and that you can have one in any color you want, as long as that color is red. Based on their successful competition trial bikes, Honda’s Montesa Cota 300RR is the production version of its competition trial bikes that are raced by Honda factory riders. The latest Montesa Cota 300RR has an improved ECU mapping that increases engine response in the low and middle RPM ranges. Its notable engine response increase is also thanks to a new three-ring piston design, which improves engine durability. The lightened piston has a flatter top, which helps reduce vibration and make…