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Ultimate Drumming Tips, Tricks, and ProjectsUltimate Drumming Tips, Tricks, and Projects

Ultimate Drumming Tips, Tricks, and Projects

Ultimate Drumming Tips, Tricks, and Projects

Supercharge your drumming with advice on kit maintenance, buying new gear, improving your playing, recording your drums and more in this essential guide featuring the best of top UK drumming magazine Rhythm’s practical expertise

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ULTIMATE DRUMMING TIPS, TRICKS & PROJECTSChris.Barnes@futurenet.comAS MUSICIANS WE ARE CONSTANTLY looking to develop and improve, and as drummers we are a particularly fastidious bunch – forever looking to improve our sound, nail our technique and tweak our set-ups.Every month in Rhythm we strive to feed that hunger we know you have for improving your craft, with practical features from our team of experts designed to help you get to where you want to be with your drumming.Here we've collected together the best of Rhythm’s practical advice in one place. So we have advice on kit maintenance and restoration, what to look for when buying new gear and how to achieve the sound and style you’re striving for. Our epic 30 Day Workout will help hone your playing skills and focus…

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improve your gear

We drummers love our gear. From that very first snare or budget kit through to the pro kit that we all aspire to one day play; no matter what level we are at, it’s our love of our instrument that shines through. But sometimes, our gear can let us down. Perhaps your kit is simply past its best, or you’ve outgrown it and are looking to replace a drum, cymbal or whole kit. Maybe it’s just a little wear and tear that requires a quick fix, a replacement part, or just a good clean? And maybe you yearn for classic vintage sounds in your playing, or are looking to start a collection of vintage drums? Here, we look at all things gear-related. From giving your kit a quick MOT, buffing…

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mot your drum kit

Tools and products used by Yard for Project 1:1. White spirit2. T-Cut3. Goo Gone4. Colron Finishing Wax5. Autosol Shine & Metal Polish6. Masking tape7. Electric cordless drill8. File9. Soft cloth10. Fine wire wool11. Baked bean tin12. Plastic tub13. Drum key14. Sharp bladeYour acoustic drum kit is a pretty straightforward instrument. It does, though, consist of hundreds of small items, each of which you need to keep an eye on and maintain properly functioning and squeak-free.Some drummers like to keep their kit in sparkling condition at all times; others prefer the funkier approach, preferring to leave well alone, particularly their cymbals. And for most of us an occasional wipe-over with a clean cloth is all that’s needed for day-to-day maintenance. Every now and then, though – maybe once a year –…

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mot your drum kit

Tools and products used by Yard for Project 2:1. Multi-surface polish2. Toothbrush3. Spare parts4. Pliers5. Wax6. Rust remover7. Soft paintbrush8. 3-in-1 oil9. Window cleaner10. Label remover11. Silicone spray12. GT85 lubricant13. Cream cleaner14. Phillips/flat screwdrivers15. Vaseline16. WD-4017. Super Lube18. Cymbal cleaner19. Methylated spirits20. Washing-up liquidDisclaimer: minors should only use these tools and products under the supervision of a parent or guardian.So now you’ve got your drums back in fine fettle. Now for our second drum MOT project, we will move on to drum heads, cymbals and hardware. Once again we will turn to Steve Gadd’s long term, UKbased tech, Yard Gavrilovic, owner of Vintage DrumYard in Essex. We will also hear techniques, views and tips from our broad team of experts – drummers, techs, dealers and restorers.Vintage DrumYard’s Yard GavrilovicWe drummers…

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buyer’s guide

DW Design pro kit has fantastic build quality and also represents good value for moneyEvery month in Rhythm, our expert reviewers cast their eyes, ears, and stick-wielding hands over the best new gear, and they’ve been doing so since 1985. So we reckon we know a thing or two about what to look for when it comes to buying new gear. Gear can be, of course, a very subjective choice for the player, and ultimately you should be guided by your own ears. We highly recommend taking time to get yourselves to a bricks-and-mortar drum store. You will find these places staffed by the friendliest and most knowledgeable folk, who can help you with what you’re looking for. Crucially, too, you will get the opportunity to try gear out before…

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21 budget kit hacks

It’s fair to say that being a drummer doesn’t come cheap and even getting close to your dream set-up can be an expensive, long and frustrating quest. Perhaps if we had been warned of this unquenchable thirst for expensive shiny things, we would have thought twice about picking up our first pair of sticks? We’re joking, of course, but with the cost of living on the rise, holding off from replacing your kit every time you fancy a change is a prudent move. But what can you do when you grow tired of the same set-up and your playing becomes stagnant as a result? It’s completely possible to add a fresh spin to your seen-better-days gear without breaking the bank, and supercharge your playing in the process. Here are a…