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Women's Lifestyle
Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair August 2019

From entertainment to world affairs, business to style, design to society, Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst, inspiring and driving the national conversation. Now the magazine has redefined storytelling for the Digital Age, bringing its high-profile interviews, stunning photography, and thought-provoking features to your device in a whole new way.

United States
Conde Nast US
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1.K. Austin COLLINS “The Idris Experience,” “Idris was a fun hang,” Vanity Fair’s film critic says of this month’s cover subject. “I’m extremely fond of his work as Stringer Bell on The Wire, but seeing him imitate a frying egg was pretty fun.” Collins also writes crosswords for the New York Times and The New Yorker. 2.Tierney GEARON “The Coast of Utopia,” Gearon was touched by the authenticity of the surfer moms she photographed in Byron Bay, Australia. “I instantly connected with the girls,” she says. “With social media, you can make something look like one thing when, in reality, it is another. But it was just genuine, beautiful moments that melted one into the next.” 3.Bethany McLEAN “Bitter Pill,” “I was struck by David Sackler’s willingness to speak out despite resistance from his family,” says McLean, a…

4 min.
vanity fair

Editor in Chief Radhika Jones Deputy Editor Kira Pollack Creative Director Chris Dixon Director of Editorial Operations Caryn Prime Executive Editors Eric Bates, Claire Howorth, Daniel Kile Editor, Creative Development David Friend Executive Fashion Director Samira Nasr Visuals Director Clinton Cargill Market Director Nicole Chapoteau Legal Affairs Editor Robert Walsh Director of Special Projects Sara Marks Research Director David Gendelman Entertainment Director Alison Ward Frank Beauty Director Laura Regensdorf Senior West Coast Editor Britt Hennemuth Production Director Pat Craven Copy Director Michael Casey Associate Editors Mary Alice Miller, Louisa Strauss, Keziah Weir Associate Legal Affairs Editor Christopher Hickman Research Editor Mary Flynn Reporter-Researchers Brendan Barr, Simon Brennan, Michael Sacks Assistant Copy Editor Adam Nadler Editorial Finance Manager Geoff Collins Accessories Director Daisy Shaw-Ellis Senior Visuals Editors Tara Johnson, Cate Sturgess Entertainment Editor Caitlin Brody Special Projects Manager Ari Bergen Copy Production Director…

2 min.
breaking waves

I remember when it was possible, at least in theory, to spend the summer catching up. Summer was the slow season, the sultry season, the season of reruns. It’s not like that anymore. The days stretch out before us, but they overflow with new things to see. Chernobyl, check. Fleabag season two, check. When They See Us, check. Women’s World Cup, ongoing check. Democratic primary debates, check check check. In advance of the second season of Big Little Lies, I interviewed four of its stars at the women’s collective the Wing in Manhattan; Sunday nights will be appointment viewing through late July because I cannot miss one minute of Meryl Streep, in the performance of a lifetime, being salty to Reese Witherspoon. But the dream of slowing down and catching up…

3 min.

“It would be a dream to play Mama Rose in Gypsy. I can always count on watching a musical to remind me why I’m acting.” Maude Apatow, 21, who stars in Euphoria, HBO’s teen drama Maude Apatow speaks with V.F.’s Britt Hennemuth. You just caught an early flight to L.A. to make a BTS concert at the Rose Bowl. How was it? So worth it. They have the most insanely complicated choreography and everyone is losing their minds. It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. You’re a proud Angeleno and essentially grew up on movie sets, thanks to early roles in your dad [Judd Apatow]’s films. What’s your earliest memory from being on set? I was so young that I don’t really remember anything besides liking it. I’ve been so lucky to be on sets my…

1 min.
crime culture

FILM THE THIN BLUE LINE “Genius documentarian Errol Morris tells the story of a police officer’s murder in 1976 and the man wrongfully convicted of the crime. Morris—who briefly worked as a private detective in the ’80s—made an unforgettable, troubling film that helped free an innocent man.” BOOK THE RED PARTS BY MAGGIE NELSON “Poet and critic Maggie Nelson’s aunt, Jane, was murdered in 1969, thought to be a victim of a serial killer. Nelson had never met her, but death preoccupied her; she took baths, she writes, ‘with coins placed over my eyes.’ In 2004, DNA evidence implicated a new suspect. A probing look at how it feels to be caught up in a court case and a media frenzy.” PODCAST IN THE DARK, SEASON 1 “Over nine episodes, this show digs into the 1989 kidnapping of…

1 min.
throwing shade

1 A Pure Heart (Viking) Ancient pyramids and glittering Manhattan skyscrapers serve as the seemingly incongruous backdrops for Rajia Hassib’s exquisite second novel. Anchoring the story is a pair of Cairo-born sisters whose fates spin in radically different directions in the wake of the Egyptian revolution. 2 Turbulence (Scribner) British writer David Szalay’s Turbulence is high-concept and highbrow. Each of the 12 interconnected vignettes in this slender volume accounts for a different character’s journey (literal and otherwise) that link together to complete a surprisingly poignant lap around the world. 3 Big Sky (Little, Brown) Kate Atkinson’s lovably sardonic private eye is back! Nearly a decade after we last saw him, Jackson Brodie has relocated to a quaint English town. An elaborate web involving nefarious business dealings and murder by golf club, coupled…