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unsung heroes of browsertown

There are 188,620 extensions in the Chrome Web Store, roughly equivalent to the population of Northampton, and like that East Midlands town, it has some very famous residents. But just as not everyone in Northampton is as well-known as comic book writer Alan Moore, Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith and former face of Fairy Liquid Nanette Newman (well she was born there, anyway), not all browser add-ons are as popular as Adblock Plus, Grammarly and Tampermonkey. Indeed, a recent report found that 87% of Chrome extensions have fewer than 1,000 users, which is a shame because many of them are very useful. In this issue’s cover feature, we round up 50 of the best browser tools you may never have heard of, but which thoroughly deserve a place on your toolbar. From…

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what’s new online

Master Skype’s new messaging tools Skype may have been overtaken as a messaging tool by WhatsApp, Messenger and Apple Messages, but its owner, Microsoft, is keen to boost its credentials by adding a host of handy new features. For starters, you now don’t need to worry about finishing a message you’ve started. Provided you don’t delete your text, you can go off and do something else before returning to complete it. Unfinished, unsent messages are marked “[draft]” so you can easily spot them when you look down your list. It doesn’t even matter if you close Skype: those drafts will remain. Messages can also be bookmarked, which is very handy. You do this in the desktop app by right-clicking and selecting Add Bookmark or by long-pressing if you’re on a mobile device. Tap…

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new voice commands

Keep Assistant quiet Google now lets you turn off speech output, so responses appear on an Android phone but aren’t spoken aloud. Say “Ok, Google” and tap the Explorer icon, then your profile picture and select Settings, Assistant before tapping Speech Output under ‘Voice and Speech’ and choosing Hands-Free Only. Find a new book Audible’s new Alexa skill gives recommendations for your next book or audiobook. Say “ask Book Finder for inspiration” to hear from editors, authors and celebrities, or ask for bestsellers, new releases and books similar to those you like. Audio samples are also available. Combine transport methods google.co.uk/maps Google Maps now recognises that you may need a bike or taxi ride before you can hop on public transport, so it includes cycling and ride-share options with directions when you search for a destination.…

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need to know

Facebook leaks phone numbers of 210 million users What happened? Facebook has admitted to yet another privacy breach, this time leaking 419 million phone numbers shared with the social network by its users. According to reports, the information was stored on a server connected to the web and not password-protected, which meant anyone who spotted the data could view it without any effort. The leaked dataset included Facebook IDs (made up of your username and a unique number), as well as associated phone numbers. Full name, gender and country were listed for some of the records. It’s not yet clear who scraped the data, but it has been removed by the web-hosting company. The dataset was spotted by security researchers at the GDI Foundation. Facebook previously collected phone numbers so users could search for…

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first look

Amazon Fire TV Cube bit.ly/fire484 The Amazon Fire TV Stick has proved remarkably popular. The branded USB stick makes TVs ‘smart’, so you can watch Prime, Netflix, iPlayer and YouTube without needing to buy the latest models. The Amazon Fire Cube, however, failed to set the world alight, and didn’t even go on sale in the UK. The all-new Fire Cube is set to change that. This second-generation box promises to offer “the fastest, most powerful Fire TV ever, delivering a fast, fluid experience for your favourite films and TV programmes”. Think of this 4K-capable streaming media player as a combination of a Fire TV Stick and an Alexa smart speaker. That means no more hunting for the remote control to change the channel – just use your voice. Film fans and TV binge-watchers…

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is it time to prepare for wi-fi 7?

Wi-Fi 6 may have only just launched, but already there’s talk about the coming of Wi-Fi 7. The current Wi-Fi standard has brought increased speed and flexibility – it uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, which makes it ideal for high data streams over longer ranges. But apparently that’s not enough for technology company Qualcomm. The chip manufacturer, which has helped place Wi-Fi 6-enabled chips in modern devices, held a so-called Wi-Fi day this summer, where the company’s VP of Tech claimed: “I’m excited about delivering a gigabit everywhere in your house, every nook and cranny. You’ll be at the point where wireless is faster than wired.” It’s thought that Wi-Fi 7 will roll out in three stages. The first sees users jumping on the 6GHz channel – this will only be…