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make 2020 an app-ealing year

So, that was 2019, the year that Brexit didn’t get done, Thomas Cook went bust and the UK came last in the Eurovision Song Contest. Still, it wasn’t all doom and gloom – Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll and train stations stopped charging you to use the toilet! Over in the tech world, meanwhile, many of the biggest stories involved dangerous mobile apps, which users were urged to “delete now or pay the price” (bit.ly/delete491). There have been so many of these warnings that it’s difficult to keep up with exactly which apps you should be uninstalling. In this issue’s cover feature, we provide a handy guide tothe dodgiest apps of 2019, a selection of terrible tools that harvest your data, infect you with malware, bombard you with ads, steal your…

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what’s new online

See Google’s top searches in 2019 Brexit dominated the news over the past year but, judging by Google Trends’ roundup of the most popular search terms of 2019, our minds have been focused elsewhere. Its most prominent mention concerned the perplexing question of the backstop, but that was beaten by people keen to learn about Area 51 – a reaction to a call on Facebook to storm the top secret US air force base back in July. The Notre Dame fire and the iPhone 11 were also burning issues but the biggest searches were related to sport: the rugby and cricket World Cups were first and second overall, ahead of Game of Thrones and the hit Sky Atlantic series Chernobyl. People also wanted to know “how to floss dance”, “how to eat…

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new voice commands

Listen to a Frozen story Enthral children with a beautifully presented story related to the movie Frozen and choose a character to narrate it. Say: “Hey Google, tell me aFrozen story”. Type directly to Siri As of iOS 13, you can instantly use Siri without speaking. Swipe left on the homescreen and type your query in the search bar. Don’t press Search –scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Ask Siri. Get free Audible tales Audible now lets you listen to short stories read via Alexa by big-name narrators including David Jason, Andrew Scott and Juliet Stevenson. Say “Alexa, open Audible Stories” and select agenre.…

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7 most important questions for 2020

1 Will drones start making deliveries? • Long answer: They already are, in some places, but don’t expect them to be landing in your garden anytime soon. The use of airborne drones to deliver packages is happening in remote regions for emergency supplies, such as Zipline dropping off blood in Rwanda. In the US, drone deliveries are also being used in very limited ways for medical supplies and test samples. So far, the US Federal Aviation Authority has approved drone delivery permits for two companies. One is the Wing project from Google’s parent company Alphabet, which is allowed to use a single drone overseen by a pilot. The other is UPS, which can use multiple drones and fly them beyond line of sight, but is limited to medical deliveries. Here in the UK, Amazon…

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is avast stealing your browsing data?

Say farewell to the Avast and AVG add-ons for Firefox. The browser’s developer, Mozilla, has struck them from the list of available extensions after fears that they were tracking and scraping data from users. Anyone installing Avast or AVG antivirus software is automatically ‘gifted’ the browser tools, which alert users to phishing scams and other net nasties. However, it turns out the add-ons themselves were guilty of less-than-transparent data dealings. According to security researcher Wladimir Palant, both companies’ add-ons were collecting a host of private data including URLs, website referrals, page titles and operating system. Discussing the Avast Online Security extension, Palant claimed that “it will transmit data that allows reconstructing your entire web browsing history and much of your browsing behaviour. The amount of data being sent goes far beyond what’s…

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what’s new on kickstarter

Orba bit.ly/orba491 | From £68 “A musical instrument designed for your hands,” is an odd way to sell the dinky Orba. Isn’t every instrument designed for your hands? Instead, think of the palm-sized Orba as a handheld digital studio that features a synth, looper and MIDI controller. Compositions are cleverly crafted by selecting various instrument buttons, then tilting, swiping and tapping out tunes on the touch-sensitive face. You can then play back your musical masterpiece via the built-in speaker. Pledges begin at £68 for a single Orba (plus delivery from the US) or pay £114 and the company will donate a second device to a good cause.…