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keep calm and part-ition

I have seen a vision of Hell and it involves trying to buy groceries during the coronavirus crisis. I’m sure you’ve experienced it, too, as frenzied mobs scramble for eggs, drain shelves of pasta and wipe stores clean of toilet roll. Do people really need 24-packs of toilet paper? Probably not, but there’s clearly something reassuring about the bulk, much like buying a new PC with a 4TB hard drive. Wouldn’t it be better to separate the multipack, to share the wealth–to partition it, if you will (please excuse my clumsy segue)? In this issue’s cover feature, we reveal the many benefits of partitioning your hard drive and explain how to do so, using the best free tools for the job. It may not sound like the most exciting activity, but…

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what’s new online

Fight the coronavirus using the web Now that the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a pandemic, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest advice. Google is leading the way by placing key stories about the disease at the top of its search results. This is followed by important government and NHS websites, and a map of the affected areas. It has also launched its own COVID-19 information site (www.google.com/covid19). The best advice is to wash your hands for 20 seconds, or for as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday, but if you’re fed up with that ditty, you can use other tunes to accompany your ablutions. Enter the name of a song and artist into Wash Your Lyrics (washyourlyrics.com) for a downloadable infographic showing…

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new voice commands

Have the web read aloud Say “Hey Google, read it/read this page” when browsing the web on an Android device and Assistant will read aloud the article you’re viewing. The page auto-scrolls and you can alter the reading speed. Find YouTube videos To configure Siri to find a YouTube video you want to watch, open the YouTube app, tap your profile icon and go to Settings, Search YouTube With Voice. Get Six Nations info With Six Nations rugby matches postponed due to the coronavirus, you can find the latest info by saying: “Alexa, ask Guinness Six Nations what just happened?”. + Add games to a wishlist www.epicgames.com The Epic Games Store now lets you add titles to a wishlist by clicking the heart button by the purchase price. There are plans to send email notifications when titles are…

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need to know

Coronavirus pandemic spreads fake news, scams and malware What happened? Scammers, spammers and spreaders of fake news have leapt on the coronavirus crisis, proliferating dodgy text messages and emails, hoax posts and videos, and other misinformation to flood inboxes and social media. As well as messages from scammers and well-meaning but ill-informed individuals, certain nations have been accused of generating sophisticated misinformation. A report from the Financial Times suggested a series of text messages spread throughout the US purporting to be from “a friend of a friend in the FBI” or a “brother in law in the military” were probably sent by operatives in Russia and China looking to cause chaos and confusion. Such messages, some suggesting the UK government will completely lock down the country, may be driving panic buying and stockpiling. Other…

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first look

Disney Plus disneyplus.com Disney Plus, the much-touted new streaming service, has finally arrived in the UK, letting you stream (or download and watch offline) a vast line-up of new and classic films and TV series, including movies from the Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel stables. National Geographic gets its own set of shows, for fact-based fun, and you can binge-watch The Simpsons and the exclusive weekly TV show The Mandalorian. Expect more Disney Plus Originals, in the vein of Netflix, later down the line, because that’s exactly what Disney Plus is: Netflix with Mickey Mouse ears. Using Disney Plus is simple, especially since Disney seems to have copied Netflix’s interface almost entirely. The banner at the top promotes the latest shows, while specific categories for Pixar movies, Disney films and so on are…

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what’s the rumour

Will the coronavirus break the internet? With the country on voluntary (at the time of writing) lockdown, we’re using the web more than ever before. Streaming sites and gaming servers have seen massive spikes as the nation parks itself in front of PCs and TVs to sit out the pandemic, while Amazon has begun prioritising ‘essential stock’ over the usual items in our shopping baskets, and online deliveries have been slowed, which means your best plan is to book your shopping three weeks in advance. Some fear that the increased level of usage will cause a strain that the internet can’t handle, which is why officials in the European Union have already met with Netflix bosses. The result: Netflix–and later YouTube, Amazon and Apple–said they were downgrading video quality. EU Commissioner Thierry Breton…