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Web User is the UK's favourite internet magazine. On sale every fortnight it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news, views, best new websites, music, film and games downloads, free software, and all the other developments on the Web. If you use the internet, you'll love Web User. Being Britain's best-selling internet read, Web User is, quite simply, the only internet magazine you'll ever need.

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only one pocket required

As I’ve adjusted to the ‘new normal’, I’ve had two major realisations: that most people don’t know how far a metre is and that I need more pockets. Along with my keys, wallet and phone, leaving the house now involves taking a bottle of hand sanitiser and a face mask – plus a spare one in case I lose the first. With the weather too warm for a jacket, it’s a veritable battle of the bulge. If only there was a way to fit everything in a tiny case and reclaim that valuable pocket space. That, of course, is the appeal of USB memory sticks, and what better way to maximise yours than to pack it with a plethora of portable programs? In this issue’s cover feature, we round up the…

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connect more easily with instagram

Many of us have both Facebook and Instagram accounts, and the direct-messaging components of the two services are now being combined. This means you’ll be able to launch Facebook Messenger and chat with friends who use Instagram (and vice versa) without needing to open both apps. You’ll also be able to react using emoji and enjoy a colourful new chat interface. Facebook is rolling out the change slowly but, when prompted, simply select Update and the arrow icon in the top-right of the Instagram screen will change to the Messenger logo to reflect the integrated service. It’s the latest enhancement to Instagram following the launch of TikTok rival Instagram Reels, which we covered in our Best Free Apps section last issue. This lets you record and edit videos of up to…

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enjoy romeo and juliet as a social-media play

will-play-web.vercel.app If Shakespeare’s tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, was played out in modern life, the star-crossed lovers would probably spend much of their time conversing on social media. That’s exactly where we find them in this online adaptation by the BBC, aimed at 13 to 16-year-olds – or anyone who enjoys interactive fiction. The idea is to work your way through three distinctive group chats called Love, Hate and Death. This trio makes up the romantic opening, violent central and tragic final acts of the Bard’s story, and they’re introduced by colourful Instagram-style posts that set up the premise of each one. Choose a Bitmoji-style avatar and you can start reading text messages and get involved when prompted. There’s a quiz at the end to test what you’ve learned by typing the answers…

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explore an ocean of books

bit.ly/ocean509 Casting your net far and wide for a good read can be richly rewarding. So why not embark on Google Arts & Culture’s ambitious new online voyage, where islands represent authors and cities are individual books? Created using a machine learning technique called the Uniform Manifold Approximation, it presents you with a fantasy world split into regions including Classics, Poetry, Religion and Science. You can search for a writer or book, or zoom into any area to see the names of the authors. Keep zooming to view the books and click titles to read more about each one. As you travel, take note of the authors on neighbouring islands. These have been calculated according to their online relationships with each other. For example, oceanographer Jacques Cousteau is close to astronomer Carl Sagan…

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discover art by doodling

bit.ly/draw509 Can you vividly picture an artwork but can’t recall its name? Or do you believe your random scribblings could represent something more accomplished? With Draw to Art, your doodles can be used to discover paintings, drawings and sculptures, thanks to Google Arts & Culture’s clever use of machine learning. Select some geometrical shapes and start drawing, then watch as hundreds of thousands of potential matches from Georgia Tech’s Sketchy dataset are considered. A handful of results are displayed as thumbnails and clicking their names reveals even more details.…

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find hotels you can cancel for free

bit.ly/hotels509 Search Google for hotels in a specific area and you can now use a filter to find ones that let you cancel a booking for free. Click Free Cancellation when viewing the results on a desktop or mobile device, and the search engine will only show hotels that won’t leave you out of pocket should restrictions force you to abandon your trip. You can also instantly see the percentage of hotels that have availability, as well as the percentage of flights that are currently operating, by looking in a new box called COVID-19 Trends.…