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Web User is the UK's favourite internet magazine. On sale every fortnight it keeps you up-to-date with all the latest news, views, best new websites, music, film and games downloads, free software, and all the other developments on the Web. If you use the internet, you'll love Web User. Being Britain's best-selling internet read, Web User is, quite simply, the only internet magazine you'll ever need.

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if it is broke, do fix it!

I’ve lost count of how many of my phones, tablets, iPods and other gadgets have died over the years. After going through the seven stages of grief, from shock and denial (furiously jabbing buttons to try and bring the device back to life) to resignation and hope (deciding to buy a new one), I invariably end up shoving the knackered item in a drawer and forgetting about it. What a wasteful fool I’ve been, because there’s gold in them thar drawers, once you apply the principle of the three Rs: repair, reuse and recycle. In this issue’s cover feature, Jane Hoskyn explains why you should never discard your defective devices, but instead try performing your own DIY fixes – tackling everything from scratched screens to dead batteries and worn-out wires. She…

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hack and slash through google’s dinosaur game

dinoswords.gg One of the best features in Chrome springs into life when the browser is in its least useful state: offline. The message indicating a lack of an internet connection shows a picture of a dinosaur which, when you press the Spacebar, turns into a fun running game that requires you to leap over cacti for as long as possible. A group of developers has taken the concept a step further, equipping the dinosaur with 26 different items, weapons and actions in a new game called Dino Swords. Accessed via a new website (you’ll need to be online for this one), you amass your arsenal as you run, with each weapon assigned to a particular key shown at the bottom of the screen. These let you get past obstacles as you attempt…

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explore a story through words and sound

bit.ly/garden510 This immersive slice of fiction not only seeks to engage you with words but with audio, too. As such, The Garden suggests you grab a pair of headphones – claiming it helps lend a sense of imagined space – before playing out the narrative using words that appear and disappear at what’s determined to be the right moment, often to dramatic effect. Created by a theatre company, the idea is that the words become the actors but, before you get started, you’re tested on how fast you can read. This determines the number of words that will appear every second and you’re told how long the “performance” will take in total. As you read, sounds, music and images (from The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymous Bosch) tie in with the…

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dictate and transcribe in word online

Microsoft Word on the web already allowed you to dictate the content of your documents, provided you’ve granted it access to your device’s microphone. Now it’s going further by letting you manipulate your text using voice commands that can organise, format, edit and add various elements. You can add punctuation (such as “full stop”, “comma” and “question mark”) or include symbols (for example, “percent sign” and “pound sterling sign”) by simply uttering a command. Phrases for formatting – such as “bold last sentence” and “start list” – will help you avoid having to reach for your keyboard. You can even add emoji, clear formatting and align text. A full list of commands can be viewed at bit.ly/commands510. Dictate isn’t the only addition – Word now has a Transcribe function for (paid-for) Microsoft…

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keep the daleks at bay

bbc.in/2WghrhO The free-to-play CBBC online game Nightfall has introduced Doctor Who to one of its five “REM” zones, inviting young players aged between eight and 13 to work with their friends to take on the dastardly Daleks. Available until 29 September, the game allows up to 20 players to style their Nightfaller characters as Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor or one of the enemy Cybermen to do battle. The game explores a cartoon-like “dreamscape” and is controlled using your keyboard and mouse. It aims to teach youngsters that worries and fears can be conquered, particularly when they work with others.…

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view ancient creatures in ar

www.google.co.uk Google Arts & Culture is going back in time, allowing you to take a look at ancient creatures via the power of augmented reality. Having teamed up with museums in London, Moscow and Washington, DC, you can view a tiny crustacean called a cambropachycope, whose head was full of compound eyes, or check out a 480 million-year-old marine animal. The app for iOS and Android also includes a look at the blue whale and a spotted trunkfish, which all loom into view when you move your device in a circular motion. You can capture photos and videos, and share your discoveries with others.…