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welcome everything

As I write this letter, I’m sitting in a chilly ice rink watching my younger son’s ice hockey team take on a tough competitor. Both my boys play, making this game probably the 850th I’ve seen. But as I observe my son today, I can’t help admiring his (and his teammates’) hard work, focus, agility, courage, creativity, and passion. The second period ends, and I walk to the food counter for hot tea and an egg sandwich. I notice a sign that reads: Be observing constantly. Stay open-minded. Be eager to learn and improve. –John Wooden. I recognize the name: Wooden, one of the most celebrated coaches in sports history, was legendary for the short, simple advice he gave to his UCLA basketball players, all of it meant to inspire them…

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freestyle with oprah

WW Freestyle™ launched a few months ago, and I’m loving how many foods I can eat without counting (like corn and beans) and still enjoy the foods I loooove (tacos and margaritas!). WW Freestyle just makes it easier than ever to make healthier choices to move you in the direction of living a better life. As we each learn how to make WW Freestyle work for us, I’ll be sharing tips, menus, and strategies that work for me. Here are some ideas from members on Connect and Instagram: I’m already dreaming of spring and all the yummy fresh produce I’ll have to create delicious and healthy meals. How are you planning to celebrate spring, especially if there are graduations and weddings on your calendar? If you’re already thinking of WW Freestyle tips, tricks…

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explore and discover

We all live in such a hyper-connected, fast-paced, hectic world. Technology has enriched our lives but it can also consume us and make us forget the beauty of physical human experiences. We can end up spending so much time looking down at our phones that we miss what’s happening in the world around us and making real world connections. When I think about what makes me a happier, healthier person, I think of travel. Going somewhere far away to explore a different landscape and culture is a wonderful way to get out of the day-to-day, disconnect from technology, and open up to seeing the world from a different perspective. It can also push us to try new things, take us out of our comfort zone, and give us permission to test the…

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getting to know...paul mantyla

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE SAN JOSE, CAAGE: 51 / LOST: 69 lb*MEMBER SINCE: 2011 Working at Google can sometimes feel like a continuation of college. Food is everywhere and it’s all free! I love pizza, so when I started working at Google, no matter what I was getting at the café—Japanese food, Indian food—I’d get a slice of pizza on the side. Plus, there was always dessert. In normal life, you don’t eat dessert with every meal. I didn’t think anything of my habits— I ate whatever I wanted. My twins were very young, and I’d eat because I felt stressed. After my wife and I put them to bed, I’d sit in front of the TV and eat chips and candy as a reward for making it through the day. I…

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hear it first: herb your enthusiasm

GROWING AN HERB GARDEN requires little effort but reaps big rewards. You need only a few pots of soil or a sunny patch of ground and a trio of power-packed herbs (buy starters at your local nursery) to add a zero Points burst of garden-to-table flavor to savory meals, refreshing cocktails, and sweet desserts, says Sarah Schneider, chef at The Nightwood Society, an all-female culinary collective in Portland, OR. The hardest part might be choosing which herbs to plant, so we asked Schneider for her top three picks. “THYME IS ESSENTIAL IN MY KITCHEN. It adds richness and flavor and complements so many foods.” Use a sprig to season savory sauces or chop it finely to add an unexpected dimension to pastries. “PARSLEY BRIGHTENS EVERYTHING with its greeny freshness.” Try a small amount…

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why not you?

WEIGHT WATCHERS: When you feel uneasy about doing something new and different, how do you approach it? ROSALYN BRUCE: Last summer, my sister asked if I wanted to join her in a treetop adventure where you climb ladders and ropes—it’s like an obstacle course in the trees. I’d never been an active person. I was always that kid in gym who got picked last, and that has stayed with me. My first thought was, “Well, I can’t do that.” Then I thought, “Why can’t I? What’s holding me back?” I realized I was reliving the tape of being that girl in gym class. Letting go of that freed me to take on the challenge. It was scary but also exciting. WW: How did you stop that old tape? RB: I had to pause…