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Windows 10 The Complete Manual

Windows 10 The Complete Manual Windows 10 The Complete Manual 3rd Edition

The Start menu is back! Having revolutionised their system with Windows 8, Microsoft have now integrated what they brought to Windows 8 into what we all loved about Windows 10. Discover the brilliant features of the platform, such as Edge, Cortana and Groove Music and get more from the new system. Featuring: Introducing Windows 10 - A simple guide to it's main features . Set up your Windows 10 - Help setting up your Windows machine for the first time . Getting started - Tips and tricks for some of Windows's amazing features . Top tips - Delve deeper into the Windows 10 interface .

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an introduction to windows 10

Windows 10 has become the most popular version ever and the rush to install it continues, especially since the Anniversary Update has improved the operating system still further, making it even better. Praise for the new Windows is near universal and this is because it brings new features and fresh ways of working with your computer. It is brilliant on new computers and it breathes life into old ones. With Windows 10 on your computer it starts up quickly and resumes from sleep in seconds. It is designed to work with both new and existing software and hardware. In some ways it is familiar to anyone that has used Windows before, but it also has some great new features too. For example, there is a personal digital assistant in the form…

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set up your pc

1 Connect to Wi-Fi Windows needs an internet connection and it will use the Wi-Fi to look for wireless networks to connect to. If you are not online, click the network button at the right side of the taskbar and a list of available networks is displayed (Fig 1). Make sure Windows is connected to your own network and not a neighbour’s. Click the Wi-Fi network to connect or disconnect from it. 2 Access your account Everything in Windows 10 works better if you have a Microsoft account, such as an Outlook.com email address. If you did not sign in to Windows with a Microsoft account, go to Start Settings Accounts. Below the Your picture graphic is a button to capture or select a photo to use. To sign in to…

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how to use windows 10

Windows 10 makes using your computer more fun and more productive. Whether you play games, watch movies, interact on social media websites, or work on your PC, there are features that make it simpler and easier. In this section we will look at some of the basic features of Windows 10 and show how quick it is to get online, customise the Start menu, personalise the look of Windows and more. If you have used an older version of Windows, you will find that features have moved or are accessed in different ways, but once you get used to 10’s way of working, it is much better. For example, it is easier than ever to open two apps side by side and to work with both at once, as our…

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learn your pc’s keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 10 allows you to snap apps into a 2x2 grid, simply tap then the directional arrow Mail Microsoft Edge File Explorer…

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getting started

Windows 10 contains some new features and clever ways to help you work faster and get more out of your computer. Some of the features will be familiar to anyone that has used a Windows computer, but there are also new features and ways of working too. The Start menu is familiar, but also different, and it provides new ways to access and organise the software on the computer. The live tiles show important information at a glance and can be configured in whatever arrangement suits you best. Windows 10 enables you to interact with the computer through spoken commands and Cortana is a new assistant that redefines the way you think about doing tasks and getting information. You can also interact with Windows 10 through touch and a pen, which…

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The Start screen that was familiar to Windows 8 users is still in Windows 10 and it can be activated with a couple of mouse clicks. It is designed for computers with touch-enabled screens, such as desktop PCs, laptops, the Microsoft Surface and other tablets, but it can also be used with a mouse too. If the Start screen is not visible, click the Action Centre icon at the right side of the task bar and click the Tablet mode button. Some features are like Windows 8, but some are new to Windows 10. Bundled apps and Windows Store apps you download appear as tiles and they can be organised into groups. Click a tile to run an app and it fills the screen. You might find this way of working…