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YOU Blockbusters

YOU Blockbusters

No. 19

The highly anticipated 11th issue of YOU Blockbusters is here! It’s packed with 122 puzzles including favourites such as photoblockbusters, sudoku, sudoku-x-words, cryptic crosswords and much more.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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from the editor

WE ALL love words and crosswords and are constantly looking for new ideas for puzzles – which is why we were so excited when we finetuned our new Letter Scrabble on the bonus puzzles page. We are planning to move it to our sister publication YOU Quick Puzzles, so let us know what you think of it (and make sure you get a copy of YOU Quick Puzzles too – it’s lots of fun, see the advertisement on the left). We have had quite a few people asking for more anagrams and have added two more, they are in a smaller format so let us know what you think. Enjoy this issue and email comments and any other feedback or suggestions about the magazine to projects@you.co.za. Issue No 20, the 2019…

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1 min.

NO 1 The aim of this game is to complete the crossword puzzle (below) and sudoku (right) simultaneously. Clues for the sudoku can be obtained from the crossword and vice versa. Each number within the sudoku represents a letter, for example, in this puzzle 7 = N. Wherever the letter N is present within the blue sudoku blocks of the crossword, the number 7 can be put into the corresponding sudoku puzzle. This works both ways. Wherever the number 7 appears in the sudoku puzzle, the letter N will appear in the blue sudoku squares of the crossword.…

18 min.
cryptic crosswords

NO 1 CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 Flower I see far off (7) 5 Get down to occupying property? (5) 8 Large part of raft at the stern (3) 9 Without information at night? (2,3,4) 10 From that time you’d have part of this in ceremony (5) 11 It’s a souvenir for me to set after fellows! (7) 13 Fussy like a selector? (6) 14 A request for someone else to be cut in two? (6) 17 Result of income reversal? (7) 19 It’s erect upside down as well (3,2) 21 Shut up, this is the same but in opposite direction (5,4) 23 Irish military group need air to reform (3) 24 Back of anything can be grim (5) 25 Cargo’s sent about in battle (7) DOWN 1 Standards for footpaths (5) 2 I got a tune ordered having a meal in restaurant (6,3) 3 Shakes will disrupt his revs (7) 4…

20 min.

NO 1 ACROSS 1 Searched high and low (7) 5 Worked on a computer (5) 9 Chimes (5) 12 Young tree (7) 16 Beer (3) 17 The wives of uncles (5) 18 Where streets meet (pl) (7) 19 The Sound of Music country (7) 21 Move slowly (5) 22 Criticise severely (7) 23 Bottle tree (6) 26 Character (6) 27 Stockpile (5) 28 Disputes (13) 31 Really (5) 32 Apple variety (6) 34 Symbol (6) 36 Signal to an actor (3) 37 Like a tripod (5-6) 40 Residue from burnt wood (3) 42 Narrow open boat (5) 43 Seaweed, eg (pl) (5) 45 Decayed (6) 47 To process (11) 51 Graveyard (8) 53 Feudal workers (5) 56 Thin marks or wrinkles (5) 57 Postpone (5) 58 Mart (4) 60 Long-barrelled gun (5) 61 Unit of screen resolution (5) 62 Opening (4) 63 So be it (prayer) (4) 64 Lowest parts (5) 65 Half (prefix) (4) 66 Brought up (6) 69 Alter the direction (4) 70 Essence (4) 71 Compel (6) 74…

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bonus puzzles

1. LETTER SCRAMBLE Put a cross through every letter that appears more than once in the grid. Then unscramble the remaining letters to create a word. 2. TEXT CODE Use the phone keypad to figure out which letters should be used to create the words to go with the theme. 3. DOUBLE EXPOSURE Complete each row of words by filling in the same missing letter in the circles (per row). When the rows have been filled in, the same new word will appear vertically in the two sets of circles. We have filled in the first row as an example.…