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YOU Blockbusters

YOU Blockbusters No. 14

The highly anticipated 11th issue of YOU Blockbusters is here! It’s packed with 122 puzzles including favourites such as photoblockbusters, sudoku, sudoku-x-words, cryptic crosswords and much more.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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from the editor

WHEN I get a new crossword magazine I always go straight to the photo blockbusters, I love filling in the celebrity names first. Then I’ll do a crossword here, a codebreaker there, I’ll flip to the sudoku section and then go back to finish the photo blockbusters. I asked my colleagues how they tackle a new crossword magazine and some say they start with puzzle No 1 and work systematically through the issue, section by section. Others also jump around, moving on when they get stumped by clues and going back later to work out the hard ones. We clearly all have different approaches to tackling our crosswords. So how do you work though this blockbuster magazine - from front to back, back to front or do you jump to different sections…

1 min.

NO 1 NO 2 NO 3 NO 4 NO 5 NO 6 NO 7 NO 8 NO 9 NO 10 NO 11 NO 12 NO 13 NO 14 NO 15 NO 16 NO 17 NO 18 NO 19 NO 20 NO 21 NO 22 NO 23 NO 24 NO 25…

2 min.

NO 1 The aim of this game is to complete the crossword puzzle (below) and sudoku (right) simultaneously. Clues for the sudoku can be obtained from the crossword and vice versa. Each number within the sudoku represents a letter, for example: 6 = L. Wherever the letter L is present within the blue sudoku blocks of the crossword, the number 6 can be put into the corresponding sudoku puzzle. This works both ways. Wherever the number 6 appears in the sudoku puzzle, the letter L will appear in the blue sudoku blocks of the crossword. Use the grid below to keep track of your matching letters and numbers. NO 2 The aim of this game is to complete the crossword puzzle (below) and sudoku (right) simultaneously. Clues for the sudoku can be obtained…

17 min.

NO 1 CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 Transport system but round England’s capital (4) 3 A weight raised on high? By no means (3,2,3) 9 Pay outside prison gets you alarmed (7) 10 A cat’s would be very small pieces (5) 11 You’ll find odd red horn on rambling bush (12) 13 Rest that interrupts noisiest afternoons (6) 15 Why holding ski shakily is from drink (6) 17 Flan with its own cooking instructions? (8,4) 20 Car used by Parisian to avoid the traffic (5) 21 Suffer a fearful shake-up? (7) 22 Jewellery or fancy fabric round collar? (8) 23 Edges of butter – that is, cheese! (4) DOWN 1 Officials for leading musicians? (3,5) 2 Receptacle has to go in game (5) 4 Contents of some tents give you inspiration (6) 5 British celeb with a fantasy life and a homeland destroyed! (6,6) 6 Loving and glamorous, to a large…

22 min.

NO 1 ACROSS 1 Degrees of hotness or coldness (12) 7 Omelette ingredient (3) 9 New Zealand parrot (3) 12 Liken (7) 16 American city (abbr) (2) 17 Instructed (7) 18 SA’s national anthem (5,7,7) 21 Into a worse state (9) 24 Asian country (5) 26 Counsel (6) 28 Musical horn (3) 29 Radio personality and former judge on SA Idols (6,5) 31 Drying up (11) 32 Made an effort (9) 34 Titles for a page (8) 36 Imposed as a necessity (8) 38 Rant (4) 40 Persuaded (10) 42 Securely (6) 43 Stead (4) 44 Knot (abbr) (2) 45 Stirring (8) 46 One . . . Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (novel) (4) 47 Chest bones (4) 50 Threw aside (9) 53 Mountainous region in Niger (3) 54 Creative (11) 58 Government (14) 60 Monetary unit of Lesotho (4) 61 Distinguished (5) 62 Honourable (5) 63 A food fish (3) 64 Lines with sharp turns in alternating directions (7) 67 Lacking enthusiasm (8) 72 Truck (5) 73…

1 min.

WORD MAZES Insert the girls’ names listed below in Puzzle No 1 and the boys’ names in Puzzle No 2 with the last letter of each word forming the first of the next word. Some letters have been placed in the mazes to help you find the correct order of the words. Start at the entry arrow and fill in the words until you reach the exit arrow of the maze (follow the path of the darker lines). NO 1 GIRLS’ NAMES Agnes Alexandra Alicia Amanda Amber Amy April Ariadne Autumn Cheryl Elizabeth Ellen Ellise Elspeth Erica Hannah Harriet Helen Helga Hilary Irene Lauren Louise Lulu Neridah Nicole Noni Norma Rachel Sarah Teresa Ursula Yolanda Yvette NO 2 BOYS’ NAMES Andrew Charles David Dennis Dexter Donald Edward Eric Errol Eugene Hugh Hugo Keith Lachlan Leonard Leslie Lewis Malcom Mark Michael Nathan Neil Nicholas Nigel Norman Oliver Robert Sam Shane Simon Steven Stuart Terence Thomas Trent William…