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April 2019

ZOOMER is Canada’s exciting magazine for Canadians 45 and up. Each issue brings you tips on living healthy, staying fit, and making your money last. Enjoy travel advice, arts and food reviews, stylish shopping, health breakthroughs and secrets to successful intimacy. Plus, meet fascinating celebrities, spiritual leaders, authors and more!

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ages & icons podcast

In the most candid and personal Ages & Icons interview to date, Canadian broadcasting great Erin Davis, 56, sits down for a poignant and, yes, humorous one-on-one discussion about her journey from unimaginable grief to rediscovering happiness following the sudden death of her 24-year-old daughter Lauren in 2015. Davis, the long time, top-rated morning host on Toronto’s CHFI station and author of the new book Mourning Has Broken: Love, Loss and Reclaiming Joy, received the worst news a parent can hear just before going on air one morning in early May, 2015. Using her unique insight and trademark wit, Davis holds nothing back in guiding us through the struggles and successes on her road to regaining happiness in her life, offering an uplifting example for overcoming grief to smile, laugh and be joyful again.   …

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(PHOTOGRAPHY, GEORGE PIMENTAL (BOYD))WE WERE EARLY to the party. When Zoomer began extolling the virtues, wisdoms and pleasures of positive aging in 2008, there was doubt and even ridicule that anyone – man or woman – would embrace such a thing as getting older.Take the 10-year – make it 11, actually – challenge, and you can see that older people – in particular, older women – are having a moment.In the United States, we have the grit and grace of Nancy Pelosi, once again Speaker of the House of Congress at 78. Before her re-election to the role she held during the Bush (43) and Obama administrations – she served “merely” as Democratic leader of the house when the Republicans were in power – political pundits and members of her…

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STAFF OF LIFEI have just read Alex Roslin’s article about the Elizabeth Wettlaufer case [“Complete System Failure,” December 2018/January 2019]. As a senior registered nurse myself, and one who worked in long-term care, I totally agree with Roslin’s comments. But I believe he has missed the point that contributes greatly to the poor quality of care of our seniors.Many long-term care homes in Ontario are money-making businesses. This means that those homes are reluctant to hire more nurses, reducing their profits.Also, it is the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that dictates the numbers of professional nursing staff in all these facilities. In my experiences, these numbers are totally inadequate for the level of care required for the residents. —Arlene Randall, Thornhill, Ont.RETIRE THE NAME?I just received the proxy form for…

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“Send this back to the legal department. I think they could make it much more complicated than this …”“Where’s your section of books that tell you simple things you already know?”CARTOON, DAVE CARPENTER/CARTOONSTOCK (LEGAL DEPARTMENT). CARTOON, BRUCE ERIC KAPLAN/THE NEW YORKER COLLECTION/THE CARTOON BANK…

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this way up

I could help you lug that vacuum upstairs, Grandma, but you’ll thank me when you’re 100 and can still do your Sudoku Years-long study shows that seniors who remain active, including doing chores, show improved cognitive function.Research reveals some insects with very short lifespans still experience aging and physical decline So the next time you see an old fruit fly with a little walker struggling up the side of banana, have some compassion and break it off a piece.Forget cha-ching! The new sound of money rolling in is whoosh! Japan’s aging society creates huge demand for flushable adult diapers.Scientists say vampire bat venom could help combat effects of aging, including ailments from kidney failure to heart disease Though side-effects include aversion to sunlight, severe garlic intolerance and a bad Transylvanian…

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shine on

CANUCK ROCKER Bryan Adams has turned out hit tunes for decades, but as the release date for his 14th studio album, Shine a Light, approaches, the 59-year-old notes that he’s enjoying one of the most creatively fruitful periods of his career. “Writing music has always been a constant for me, some days better than others of course. However, it’s been a prolific past two years. In fact, I’ve published more music/songs than I did in the first three years of my career,” Adams says. “That includes 20-plus songs from the Broadway musical Pretty Woman, two new songs on the Ultimate collection and making the new album with 12 new songs on Shine a Light.” Zoomer’s Mike Crisolago emailed with Adams about the new album.MIKE CRISOLAGO: At this point in your…