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Zoomer Magazine April 2017

Zoomer magazine is as much a movement as a magazine, Zoomer amplifies a positive vision of aging while addressing its issues through its innovative blend of relevant policy and lifestyle content with a service-with-style positioning. Its key pillars are health, travel, finance and policy, with food and drink, arts, entertainment and pop culture as well as beauty, grooming and fashion in the mix.

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nevertheless she persisted

DIETS. I’ve been on a few. My favourite was the Fast Metabolism Diet, which I ironically or perhaps just necessarily heard about at a caloric-dense six-course dinner, accompanying a whisky tasting. The organic “clean” eating aspect of it appealed (doesn’t it always, the morning after) as did the brisk scientific approach that the diet’s creator, nutritionist Haylie Pomroy, took with it. Using her background in animal husbandry, she breaks the diet down into three almost excruciatingly specific and work-intensive phases, strictly controlling what foods one could eat when, with the surprising encouragement to eat more to lose more. I dove into it with the religious zeal of a recent convert, and it worked spectacularly. Of course, it was difficult to maintain. But, on the other hand, I enjoyed the regimentation,…

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WOMEN WITHOUT BORDERS I enjoyed your first “My Canada” [“Frozen,” March] essay immensely, mostly because my life changed when at age 20 I, too, joined Canada World Youth, for an exchange to Sri Lanka. Little did I know that my love of travel, probably born as a child at my grandfather’s knee, when he told mesmerizing stories of life in Russia before the family’s escape, would teach me so much about myself, about where I come from (funny how much we learned about Canada and Canadians by going to the other side of the planet) and shape my future. Three-plus decades and 23 countries later, I am about to become the board chair of an international women’s travel friendship organization, Women Welcome Women World Wide (www.womenwelcomewomen.org). I wish my grandfather…

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benefits of pharmaceutical grade cannabis

GPP are Health Canada’s standards. Under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, licensed producers must follow Good Production Practices (GPP), which define the operation of the manufacturing process. Products must have a label claim listing the percentage of THC and CBD, but these specifications don’t have to be consistent lot by lot. Product “A” today could contain a different percentage from product “A” next month. GMP exceeds federal requirements. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) go beyond GPP. These are the strict standards required for pharmaceutical drugs in Canada. Quality assurance means consistency. “The biggest part of GMP is quality assurance,” says Michael. “It ensures that there’s consistency from dose to dose or from batch to batch for that particular pharmaceutical drug.” Product “A” is identical every time— the patient gets…

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A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO during a United Nations conference in Johannesburg, I was interviewed by a Canadian reporter. I was asked, “What’s a woman from small-town Saskatchewan doing in South Africa – and why should we care?” I responded to the second part of the question with a wellworn answer about the nature of our interconnectedness in a fast-paced world and the fact that our common environment knew no borders. But it was the first part of the question that was unexpected and motivated me to think more deeply about the journey I was on. My story is an immigrant one so typical of many Canadians. My parents sought a more promising future. They believed firmly in the value of an education and exposed us to new surroundings and peoples…

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this way up

He’s second to none because he’s an excellent athlete – and there’s literally no one else alive able to compete against him Robert Marchand, a 105-yearold French cyclist, breaks his own world record for farthest distance travelled on a bike in an hour by someone 105 or older. At opening of new cardiac facility, 76-year-old New York man honours cardiologist who performed lifesaving surgery on him twice in two decades His kind words were sweet, but the monogramed defibrillator really proved a classy touch “Iknowyour other grandkids don’t ask you to clean their rooms and do their homework. I guess I just care more about your wellbeing” Study says grandparents who take care of their grandkids generally enjoy longer lifespans Some things are biggerandbraver in Texas 58-year-old mayor of conservative Texas town comes…

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fit for a queen

the public’s obsession with the British monarchy shows no sign of abating. What with Netflix’s prestige production, The Crown, picking up awards left and right, and the cheeky hit, The Royals, on E!. Add in the speculation about Prince Harry and American actress, Toronto-based Meghan Markle and the ongoing fascination with Prince William, Kate, Prince George and Princess Charlotte and we are a society that is royal mad. Tossing its tiara into the ring is Victoria, a lavish new series from the producers of Poldark, airing in April on VisionTV (owned by ZoomerMedia) and created and written by British novelist Daisy Goodwin. The pilot opens the morning that the diminutive royal (she was only 4 foot 11) wakes up to learn her uncle, King William IV, had passed away making her…