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Zoomer Magazine March 2019

Zoomer magazine is as much a movement as a magazine, Zoomer amplifies a positive vision of aging while addressing its issues through its innovative blend of relevant policy and lifestyle content with a service-with-style positioning. Its key pillars are health, travel, finance and policy, with food and drink, arts, entertainment and pop culture as well as beauty, grooming and fashion in the mix.

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LATE LAST YEAR, Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old Dutchman, went to court to have his age legally lowered to 49, saying, “When I’m 69, I’m limited. If I’m 49, then I can buy a new house, drive a different car. I can take up more work. When I’m on Tinder and it says I’m 69, I don’t get an answer.” Sigh. But is this internalized ageism toward oneself or does he have a point regarding the only discrimination still socially acceptable? As he went on to say: “We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can’t I decide my own age?” Good question. While we ponder the answer, consider that for all of us who have chosen not to go to court, we do make…

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TALK BACK I have just finished reading “The Talk” [November 2018]. Accredited Elder Mediators are trained to facilitate difficult discussions and help people address issues in their lives, such as end-of-life planning, long-term care options and appointing substitute decision-makers. We help families work through conflicts and also help them to avoid conflict and relationship breakdown. Using an Accredited Elder Mediator can ensure your plans are put in place before you are in crisis. —Kathy Dunne, President, Ontario Association for Family Mediation HANDLE WITH CARE Re: “Complete System Failure” [December 2018/January 2019] about Elizabeth Wettlaufer and Ontario nursing homes: It was difficult to read of such callous behaviour to some seniors and the murder of others. Laura Tamblyn Watts’ closing words, however, leave me with no hope of change. How can she say the entire…

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this way up

A pair of Washington State seniors – she a widow and he a divorcee – marries at local library where they had their first date Though donning bathing suits and flip-flops for a honeymoon in the library’s travel section is a little much. Not “making up” to break up Irish man, 83, learns to apply makeup for his wife of 56 years, who is going blind. Leaving a legacy for your grandkids? There’s an app for that A South Korean couple, both 76, go viral by creating stories and art about their lives for their grandkids on Instagram, including a post celebrating their 50 years of marriage. Meanwhile, over on YouTube, a 24-year-old British lifestyle vlogger is documenting her relationship and engagement to her 61-year-old girlfriend No word on a wedding date or…

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when the ship comes in …

WHEN STING’S The Last Ship Broadway musical docks in Toronto for its Canadian première in February, it’ll serve as a full circle moment of sorts for the multi-time Grammy winner, whose uncle emigrated to the city in the 1950s. “He couldn’t take his guitar with him, so he left it to me,” Sting told the Toronto Star. “That was the beginning. I was seven years old. That was my friend for life and made my career … so I’m grateful to Ontario for attracting my uncle.” The 67-year-old conceived of The Last Ship, about a small English shipbuilding town preparing to lose its shipyard, based on his own experiences growing up around the shipyards of Wallsend in Northern England. Not only did he write the Tony-nominated score, but he’s going…

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coming of age

JULIANNE MOORE made headlines in recent months when, in an interview with Porter magazine, she expressed her frustration with always being asked about aging. Shortly thereafter, the 58-year-old Oscar winner, who stars as an embattled opera singer in the hostage drama Bel Canto, spoke with Zoomer about her comments and why aging shouldn’t be framed as a form of loss. “What I said in the article is that I’ve been asked about what it feels like to age. Well, I’ve been aging since I was 30. So when asked about [it], I was like, ‘Please, do we have to talk about this?’ This happens in every single interview since I was 30 years old. So I’m like, ‘Don’t we need to change that paradigm?’ Why are we always talking about ……

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march madness

Two novels – Marie Benedict’s The Only Woman in the Room and Elizabeth Letts’ Finding Dorothy – offer up Old Hollywood tales fit for the big screen. The former is based on the life of screen siren Hedy Lamarr, from her harrowing escape from a powerful Nazi-sympathizing husband to her rise to fame in Tinseltown to the torpedo guidance system she helped invent to give the Allies the edge in the war. Letts’ tome, meanwhile, imagines Maud Gage Baum, 77, and widow of Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum, as she encounters Judy Garland’s Dorothy, triggering reminiscences from her own incredible life. Award-winning Korean author Un-su Kim makes his English language debut with The Plotters, a humorous crime novel about an assassin attempting to gain control of his own…