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Zoomer Magazine May 2017

Zoomer magazine is as much a movement as a magazine, Zoomer amplifies a positive vision of aging while addressing its issues through its innovative blend of relevant policy and lifestyle content with a service-with-style positioning. Its key pillars are health, travel, finance and policy, with food and drink, arts, entertainment and pop culture as well as beauty, grooming and fashion in the mix.

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tech crunch

AS SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGIST Adam Alter told the New York Times in an interview aptly headlined “Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens,” which I discovered on, you guessed it, social media, “If you are on the phone for three hours daily, that’s time you’re not spending on face-to-face interactions with people.” He regards “newer more addictive social networking platforms, tablets and smartphones” as the reason for the rise in behavioural addictions at all ages, which he considers as real a threat as chemical addictions. Alter shared some stunning information with the Times, like the nugget that a Bay Area private school in San Francisco, where 75 per cent of the parents work in Silicon Valley, forbids the use of iPhones and iPads, a fact that inspired Alter to write his…

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HAVE CANE, WILL TRAVEL Perhaps you could do something for those with minor disabilities, such as inability to walk without a cane or walker, partial blindness, MS, Parkinson’s disease, among others. We would love to continue to travel and need some special consideration and help to get around. Cruises by land and water sound attractive, but again would have to have knowledgeable staff to provide the necessary support services. Do such travel services exist? —Diana Laubitz, via email EDITOR’S NOTE Please see our article “All Access” [October 2015] or read it online at www.every thingzoomer.com/all-accessaccessibility- when-traveling. ALL PAIN, NO GAIN Re:“Deaths of Despair” [March]. People turn to opioids to deal with pain, pain that worsens while we wait for medical treatment. We wait months, accepting that the pain and the deterioration of our health…

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this way up

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 69, says U.S. President Donald Trump, 70, targets him on Twitter because “I think he’s in love with me” We’ll know if the romance gets off the ground if Arnold is spotted with a mysterious orange spraytan substance on his collar. Forget the Space Needle – Seattle’s home to Space Grandpa Retired aerospace engineer in Seattle builds his grandkids a backyard roller coaster. Seniors at a Boston retirement home knit clothes for local chickens to help keep them warm in the winter It’s a departure from the more traditional method for keeping chickens warm – a rotisserie. We don’t know Victoria’s secret, but Mercy’s is clearly “screw age and flaunt what you got” New Zealand-based clothing company makes 56-year-old model Mercy Brewer the face of their lingerie campaign New poll ranks Canada…

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grace notes

I ONCE GOT into an intense conversation about fragrance with a grocery store cashier because I’d successfully identified her perfume as Charlie, Revlon’s ’70s scent that my mother wore. (There I was, unloading my cart, head swiveling madly, utterly convinced that my late mother must be somewhere in the store.) Your mother’s perfume can worm its way into your brain and reside there forever. “We have a fully functioning sense of smell by the time we are 12 weeks in the womb,” says cognitive neuroscientist Rachel Herz (no relation), adding that one study found that “when crying infants were exposed to a hospital gown their mother had recently worn, they stopped crying.” As teens we rebel against our mothers with weird haircuts and questionable sartorial choices, but our taste in fragrance may…

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everything old is new again

LAVENDER Beloved for generations and evoking orderly cupboards of crisp linens, lavender was due for a rethink. For a modern audience, Yardley has tweaked their stalwart favourite (Yardley of London English Lavender, 50 ml eau de toilette, $19, exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart) with bergamot, white flowers and a warm, musk base. Lavender also enchanted Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser who observes that “people think that lavender is an aromatic note, a clean note, but they forget that lavender is a flower.” Mon Guerlain, his newest scent for the storied house, enhances lavender’s floral aspect with signature Guerlain vanilla, sandalwood and jasmine. CHYPRES Chypres fragrances are the grande dames of classic parfumery and must contain bergamot, oakmoss and labdanum. Classic chypres like Guerlain’s Mitsouko and Chanel Coco tend to the darker, stickier end of the spectrum…

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personal experiences with medical cannabis

Arlene’s Story • OSTEOARTHRITIS CAUSED YEARS OF PERSISTENT PAIN For more than 10 years Arlene, 68, suffered from chronic pain related to osteoarthritis and needed painkillers to cope. She was taking acetaminophen, codeine and aspirin. The pain medications were ineffective to adequately manage the pain, yet she had no hope of getting off them. The advice her osteosurgeon, GP and gerontologist gave was to increase the dosage. • CANNABIS GAVE HER HOPE AND CONTROL Arlene learned that medical cannabis was a viable option when social acquaintances told her about their success with it. Her family doctor wouldn’t prescribe it, so she found a new doctor who shares her approach to healthcare. • SHE HAS PAIN RELIEF AND A BETTER FRAME OF MIND Arlene says she’s not racked with pain the way she used to be. She…