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Zoomer Magazine October 2018

Zoomer magazine is as much a movement as a magazine, Zoomer amplifies a positive vision of aging while addressing its issues through its innovative blend of relevant policy and lifestyle content with a service-with-style positioning. Its key pillars are health, travel, finance and policy, with food and drink, arts, entertainment and pop culture as well as beauty, grooming and fashion in the mix.

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from the editor

ZOOMER IS NOW A DECADE OLD THIS MONTH. But with the first baby boomer born in 1946, it was decades in the making. Our founder, Moses Znaimer, had one goal in mind when he launched the magazine – a new vision of aging, at once positive, inspiring and celebratory. He hired me and a crack editorial team to bring his vision to the page and to the web through a blend of policy and lifestyle content both relevant and aspirational for an audience that we knew would be engaged. We are proud of the countless stories of reinvention, advances in health and wellness, travel trends, financial advice and the latest in the worlds of style, arts and entertainment. Mostly I want to thank you, the reader, for joining us then…

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the ride

HOPE by Marni Jackson I HAVE FRIENDS with cancer – we all do. What I’ve observed in them is not a loss of hope but a refining, a honing, of what it truly means to hope. It’s no longer about imagining some better, distant future; that’s off the table. It’s more about the task of seizing every available joy. Hope now means feasting on the possible. One friend just flew to Lithuania to reconnect with her family roots. A colleague in his third year of Stage IV throat cancer is off to France to visit a pile of rocks that are important to him – megalithic “standing stones” whose origins and meaning remain mysterious. “In some gut-level way,” he shared on Facebook, “I think that to see and touch the stones again will…

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this way up

And millennials thought it was awkward when their grandparents made the foray into social media Reporting in 2008 on the Japanese porn industry highlights one of its fastest-growing sectors – “silver porn,” featuring septuagenarian performers. In 2012, scientists reveal the venom of the banana spider has a similar effect as Viagra, offering a more “organic” solution for erectile issues This, of course, gives a whole new meaning to “My spidey sense is tingling.” The moment when you realize that the kid from The Sixth Sense is now technically in Madonna’s dating pool Madonna, who turns 60 in 2018, claimed last year that she dates men 30 years her junior. David Foster to Madonna: “Hold my beer” In July, the four-times divorced Canadian music producer, 68, got engaged to American Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee…

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bryan does broadway

AS IF FLOATING on a cloud of late ’80s nostalgia, a poster for Pretty Woman: The Musical hangs high above the Nederlander Theatre on West 41st Street in New York City, where it opened in August. The 1990 Gary Marshall-directed Hollywood smash from Disney that cemented Richard Gere’s leading man status and catapulted Julia Roberts into a bright, undimming stardom, has been reimagined for Broadway. Almost three decades later, the musical’s poster echoes that of the film. You remember the one, where Gere’s character Edward Lewis – the greed-is-good corporate raider in search of his soul – stands back to back with Robert’s Vivian Ward, the effervescent and magically wholesome hooker with a heart of gold, who playfully tugs on his tie. Except in the movie’s version, Vivian is clad…

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clothes call

BEST-DRESSED LISTS are always a voyeuristic pleasure. But real style is about lasting impact, and these chosen celebrities have the whole package: personality, poise, gravitas tempered by wit. And sass, that most underrated screw-it-I’m-doing-it virtue that ripens beautifully with age. They all have individual signature looks, but they have one thing in common. They dress their attitude, not their age. Fashion at its most effective is a form of visual signalling – moving along the conversation with the groundbreaking elements of daring and surprise. Those old rules for people above a “certain age”? Forget ’em. Where once we looked to impossibly slim socialites for style pointers, the charismatic style stars we appreciate understand their own image and how to push their own boundaries. And they embrace their platform and shoulder the influence…

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where diana once played…

CHARLES SPENCER is exhausted, but he isn’t letting it show. We’re standing off to one side of the Kennedy Galleries showroom in Toronto on an unseasonably hot evening in May. It’s only four days after the Royal Wedding, and he tells me that, by evening’s end, he’ll have travelled from California to Toronto and back to London within a 24-hour window. Yet, he appears remarkably lively for a man running on only a few hours sleep, eyes alert and a glass of white wine held precariously at the base with two fingers. I catch myself wondering about his secret to staying attentive in the face of so many strangers despite the jet lag. Cracking a smile, he says, “I didn’t realize this would be one of two highlights of my…