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Zoomer magazine is as much a movement as a magazine, Zoomer amplifies a positive vision of aging while addressing its issues through its innovative blend of relevant policy and lifestyle content with a service-with-style positioning. Its key pillars are health, travel, finance and policy, with food and drink, arts, entertainment and pop culture as well as beauty, grooming and fashion in the mix.

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ROYAL WATCH To access our special digital keepsake edition, Celebrating Royals in Love, go to everythingzoomer.com/royals-in-love PRINCE HARRY, Meghan Markle to honeymoon in world’s most boring place,” blared the headline from the New York Post’s notorious Page Six gossip column. It was referring to reports, still unconfirmed at press time, that the newly married and minted Duke and Duchess of Sussex would take their post-wedding hiatus in Alberta, specifically at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. This remote high-end resort situated in Jasper National Park also happens to be an UNESCO World Heritage Site. What’s not to like? We took particular umbrage here at Zoomer at this statement coming as it did just as we were putting this issue, celebrating unforgettable experiences in some of Canada’s most magical spots, to bed. And what’s with…

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Bruce Grierson is happiest when he’s outside. The Vancouver-based writer specializes in the physiology and psychology of aging. His latest book on the subject, What Makes Olga Run?, was published in 2014. His work has also appeared in New York Times Magazine, the Pacific Standard and on Psychologytoday.com. In “Yes, Ageism Is Bad for Your Health” (pg. 48), he explores the impact of ageist attitudes. Writer and former Chatelaine editor-in-chief Rona Maynard describes herself as a keen road tripper who once toured 49 art museums in less than six weeks. A mental-health advocate and author, her first memoir and New York Times bestseller My Mother’s Daughter was published in 2008. For her second memoir, she’s expanding on “It’s a Dog’s (and Your) Life” (pg. 54) about later-in-life pet ownership and its…

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NOT YOUR DEAR Your article on infantilizing older people [“A Zoomer by Any Other Name,” June] was right on. It’s been a peeve of mine since I became “a senior.” I’m in my 70s and addressed as “hon,” “dear,” “sweetie,” “young man,” etc. – all suggest that I’m old and safe. This happens at restaurants and retail outlets. Great article. BTW, I often tell people, “How come you don’t age?” I’m usually sincere. —Malcolm Surette, via email GET A LIFE. WHO CARES? I am 75 and male and yes I have been referred to as Dear and Honey! You’re right, it usually comes from individuals in the Service Industry; often in restaurants across the U.S.A. Why care? —Mac Stoodley via email GOLDEN GIRLS Re: “There Goes the Neighbourhood,” [March]: I think that Peter Muggeridge missed a very positive answer…

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this way up   (and down)

“Yes, ma’am, this refrigerator does come with a free ice bin. But for a little extra, you could upgrade to a model that helps offset early cognitive decline” Best Buy CEO says the big box store is working on a service that uses technologically advanced products and services to help seniors age in place and live healthier lives. Now we’re going to have to find Paul Anka a cool rapper nickname. We’re leaning toward “Champagne Grandpapi” Legendary crooner Paul Anka, 76, announces he’s collaborated on a new music project with fellow Canuck and celebrated rapper, Drake. Well, kids, this explains the lace bra hanging from Grandma’s ceiling fan – and the ensuing awkward moment of silence – the last time you popped in unexpectedly to visit A national poll conducted by the…

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good (string) vibrations

ARUBA, JAMAICA, oh I want to take ya to … the symphony? Yes, The Beach Boys, long the heralds of carefree summer fun, kick off the season this year by teaming with some of London’s finest musicians for The Beach Boys With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, pairing the vocals from their classic tunes with a full orchestral arrangement. On the surface, the addition of orchestral accompaniments to light, summery tunes like “California Girls” and “Fun, Fun, Fun” might seem counterintuitive. But The Beach Boys are, of course, famed for their vocal harmonies and multi-layered musical compositions – elements that album producer Nick Patrick says only enhanced the musical pairing. “What we found, making this record, is when you dig down into the arrangements, they’re extraordinary,” he notes in a promotional video.…

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“You have three places to sing from: heart, mind, guts. She learned them all.”–Grammy-winner Cissy Houston speaking about her daughter, Whitney Houston, in the much-anticipated new documentary Whitney, which explores every–thing from the singer’s career to her sexuality, drug addiction, troubled marriage to Bobby Brown and explosive new allegations of sexual abuse against her cousin, singer Dee Dee Warwick, the sister of Dionne Warwick. The film opens across Canada in July. PHOTOGRAPHY, MICHAEL OCHS ARCHIVES/HANDOUT/GETTY IMAGES (BEACH BOYS), 20TH CENTURY FOX/HANDOUT/GETTY IMAGES (HOUSTON)…