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Camera January - February 2020

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Digital or film? Digital AND film? CAMERA magazine's focus is to assist readers to choose and use the tools they need to create memorable images, and to enhance the skills that will make them better photographers. No matter what medium, readers are kept up to speed with all the latest rapidly changing film and digital products, news and technologies.

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a walk in the park

Recently I was back at Leitz Park in Germany for a pre-launch preview of the new SL2 (about which you can read much more elsewhere in this issue). Leitz Park is on the outskirts of Wetzlar – the historic town where the original company was founded back in 1914 – and occupies part of what was once a tank training ground. The €165 million complex includes Leica Camera AG’s main factory, a boutique hotel, a cafeteria, the Leitz Cine lens-making operation, Ernst Leitz Werkstätten which makes bespoke watches, and a special building which houses a number of gallery spaces, Leica Akademie’s HQ, a museum, a studio, a shop (lock up your credit card) and the company’s archives. On my previous visits to Leitz Park, I’ve always stayed outside the complex, the…

1 min.
leica’s fashion statement

IT WOULDN’T BE a Camera news section these days without a Leica limited edition, would it? This time it’s one for fans of the CL ‘APS-C’ format mirror-less camera and it’s been worked on by the famous British fashion designer, Paul Smith, who is best known for his use of bold colours in stripes. So the Leica CL ‘Edition Paul Smith’ gets a bright blue top plate with a band of coloured stripes around the base. Nice. You also get a pretty nifty multicoloured ‘Neon Rope’ strap. Leica is making just 900 examples of the Paul Smith CL which is packaged with Elmarit-TL 18mm f2.8 ASPH lens (which is equivalent to 27mm). This being a limited edition, of course there’s a special presentation box – created especially for the set –…

1 min.
brief exposures

Canon Australia has introduced a five-year warranty to back its mirrorless cameras, D-SLRs, video cameras and lens ranges. Canon says the new extended warranty demonstrates confidence in the quality of its products and cites a recent survey which found that 87 percent of Australian respondents believed a longer manufacturer warranty indicated a higher product quality. Eighty-seven percent also agreed that a longer manufacturer warranty provided certainty that what they buy represents good value.…

3 min.
mounting concerns

Standardisation has always been an elusive goal in the camera industry and, with the continued advances in technology, it now seems all but impossible. Take lens mounts, for example. There have been some noble attempts to get everybody sing ing from the same song sheet. Back in the days when all that was required was to attach the lens to the camera body, screwthread fittings did the job. The original 39 mm screwthread mount – often called the Leica Thread Mount – was widely used on early 35mm Leicas and the many copies, particularly from the USSR. The 42 mm screwthread mount was introduced in 1947 by Zeiss on the Contax S and, logically, became Praktica’s fitting after eastern Germany was annexed. It was ambitiously called the Universal Mount and looked…

4 min.
leica sl2 is prettier… and more powerful

BOTH A STYLING makeover and a significant performance upgrade have gone into Leica’s second-generation full-35mm L mount mirror-less camera. The SL2 looks a whole lot softer than its overtly ‘Germanic’ predecessor and, consequently, seems smaller although the two cameras are roughly the same size. The new model is, however, lighter (by nearly 100 grams) and has significantly improved ergonomics based around a reshaped handgrip and a new GUI. The top and bottom covers are machined aluminium components (rather than diecast) for added strength, covering a magnesium alloy chassis and with upgraded weather sealing (now up to IP54 standard). The material inserts are genuine leather… well, it is a Leica. The SL2 is built in Germany at Leica’s Wetzlar camera factory which also makes the Q, S, M, TL and CL…

3 min.
small is beautiful with the new olympus om-d e-m5 mark iii

OLYMPUS IS AGAIN emphasising the size advantages of its OM-D Micro Four Thirds mirror-less camera system with the launch of the third-generation E-M5 mid-range model. The E-M5 Mark III also channels the original OM-1 35mm SLR with its styling, particularly in the more accentuated “delta shape” of the EVF’s housing, but also in a reduction of its overall body size. The result is arguably the prettiest looking mirror-less camera currently on the market. Despite being smaller than its predecessor, the E-M5 III is also more capable, inheriting many features of the higher-end E-M1 II, including the 20.4 megapixels (effective) ‘Live MOS’ sensor, faster ‘TruePic VIII’ processor and hybrid 121-points autofocusing with on-sensor phase-detection AF pixels which uses all cross-type arrays. Olympus says the AF has a revised control algorithm with a…