Cannabis World Journals Edition No.7 - August 2021

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cannabis has any faces

A simple plant is becoming a powerful industry; cannabis has a great history in humanity. For many, the plant means pain relief; for some people is something considered dangerous, while for others it has become a great business. The cannabis plant has many faces and each person decides which one they want to focus on. For decades, this plant was the target of prohibitions around the world because it was considered forbidden or abominable, leading to the expansion of this idea in all the continents of the world, causing humanity to buy such arguments without any evidence. The years went by and it is no secret that some countries had to fight stronger against drug trafficking than others. The question is: At what point were you convinced that cannabis can only be…

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cannabis, hemp or marijuana?

Cannabis has a great story, there are ancient documents that show that the plant was used in very remote eras. Nowadays, its uses generate controversy and a great debate in society, changing the legislative scenarios of many countries around the world. One of the things that also unleashes great discussions is the correct name or word by which the plant must be called. Therefore, we must be clear that the scientific name of the plant is Cannabis sativa, this has been used in different articles and scientific reports; but why is the pant commonly called marijuana? In many countries of the world, the plant can be called by very popular names such as Maria, Mota, Matuja or by very original names such as Mount, Weed, GRASS, POT or SACRADA; that is,…

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mycorrhizas, trichoderma and bacteria in cannabis crops

What are Mycorrhizas and Trichodermas? Perhaps bacteria sounds more familiar. On one hand, the word mycorrhizas comes from "Mycos" (Latin word for fungus) and "Rhizos" (roots), the mycorrhizas are a kind of fungus that maintain a symbiotic and positive relationship with the roots of the plants, that is to say, there is an interaction between the plants and the fungus where both parties benefit and/or contribute. The mycorrhizas envelop the root system of the plant with their mycelium (which is a set of hyphae); as a result, the fungus hyphae penetrate internally and allow the entry and processing of food, it also protects against certain diseases, allows better storing of water and mitigates the impacts of drought; in return, the plant provides ATP (adenosine triphosphate) generated by photosynthesis, which is nothing…

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in the expert’s room: interview with neuropsychiatrist juan orjuela

The Cannabis World Journals team had the opportunity to speak with Neuropsychiatrist Juan Orjuela from Colombia, focusing on cannabis as a therapeutic element for mental health; an entertaining talk from which we share with our readers an enriching content that breaks the myth of finding a panacea in the cannabis plant and guides the health professional to the proper and responsible use of the molecules, information and derivatives of the plant. -Dear Dr. Orjuela, it’s a pleasure to have you join us today; thanks for your participation. Do you think you could start by talking a little about yourself? What has been your experience in the industry since you started? When did you have the initiative to enter the cannabis industry? My name is Juan Manuel Orjuela, a neuropsychiatrist; in 2019 I…

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usa: senate committee votes in favor of medicinal cannabis for military veterans

Last year has seen major legislative advances for the cannabis industry in the United States and around the world. In this sense, it was logical that one of the segments most valued for their sacrifice and devotion to the country - war veterans - would also be involved in this evolution. Therefore, the Senate Appropriations Committee - the body with jurisdiction over the Senate’s discretionary spending legislation - approved an amendment in mid-August that seeks to grant medical cannabis to military veterans. This amendment will allow Veterans Affairs physicians to grant recommendations in states where medical cannabis is legal. The measure will allow veterans to talk with their doctors about the possibility of using medical cannabis to treat a variety of issues, including post-traumatic stress disorder syndrome (PTSD). There are already…

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what happens with canadian cannabis companies?

These days, taxes on cannabis are an extra dollar for every gram; 25% goes to the federal coffers; the rest, to the provincial ones. Such taxes are causing many consumers to continue to choose to buy cannabis from nonlegal sources. Likewise, Statistics Canada data indicates that, while the average price of a gram of legal cannabis in Canada is C$ 10 (US$ 7.4), on the black market the price is C$ 6.4 (US$ 4,8). On the other hand, in May 2019, the Government specified that at least 5.3 million Canadians, (about 18% of Canadians over the age of 15) have used cannabis in the previous three months. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has boosted sales in the cannabis market in Canada since 2020, it is facing serious difficulties in less than two years after…