Cannabis World Journals Edition No.5 - August 2021

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To talk about cannabis is to talk about opportunities. They are not innate opportunities, but rather those that have gradually developed over the last decades as a result of scientific research, approved legislation and, above all, people who have witnessed the beneficial properties of the plant in the medical, financial, environmental, sports and as well as psychosocial fields. Whenever the experience of any kind of cannabis user comes to light, it is generally an encouraging message to anyone concerned, because it lets them know that, in many cases, regardless of culture, borders, ailments, profession, or goals, cannabis represents an opportunity. In the end, it is these realities and experiences that have driven the scientific and legal development of cannabis, since many of the advances we are witnessing today would not have…

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cannabis as a recession - proof industry

This past year and a half has tested the resilience we have as a collective. It has been a time of uncertainty, economic crisis, and pain. We have rethought our social and labor structures and have seen industries that seemed unstoppable crumble. Along with all these lessons we have also witnessed the cannabis industry continue to flourish when others were paused. Why did the cannabis industry continue to grow in the midst of a pandemic? Several factors contributed to the industry’s further consolidation in times of economic downturn. For example, in the case of the US, it was crucial that several states declared the services provided by cannabis dispensaries as an essential service, giving them the same status as pharmacies and allowing patients to continue to access their prescriptions. On top of this,…

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factors affecting cannabis germination

In the cultivation of cannabis, either on a large scale or in self-cultivation, it is most likely that some germination failures occur, and the seeds do not emerge correctly. There are different variables that prevent or limit the sprouting of the radicle or the first small root. It is important to clarify that germination refers to the sexual seed, meaning the one generated by the fertilization of the female plant, the asexual seed is a cutting that undergoes a treatment for rooting. For a seed to germinate properly the important thing is to provide the right conditions, cannabis seeds only need water, heat, and air to germinate. In the absence of light, properly moistened and with temperatures between 21 and 32° C, the seeds will take 2 to 10 days to…

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in the expert’s room:

Dr. Maria Fernanda Arboleda is an anesthesiologist with a specialty in pain medicine and palliative care, Dr. Mafer discovered her vocation after the sudden and violent loss of a family member in her native Cali, marked by the characteristics of the violence experienced in Colombia in the 90's. She decided to study medicine (at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota) in order to help thousands of people to be pain-free and to have the best quality of life in the face of chronic ailments or on their way to death. After completing her specialty in anesthesiology and an advanced course in pain medicine and palliative care at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Salvador Zubiran National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, she completed a clinical fellowship…

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democratic senate calls for federal decriminalization of cannabis

Taking into account the long and arduous road that cannabis has had since its beginnings, the last few months have brought great advances for this industry, such as its legalization in Mexico, as well as the approval of adult use in the states of South Dakota, Montana, New Jersey and Arizona in the United States. Other efforts have also been added, such as the approval of the industrial and medical cannabis project in Argentina, the pressure from the White House towards the World Anti-Doping Agency to remove cannabis from its list of prohibited substances so that athletes can use it or its derivatives without serious consequences, and the recent acceptance of the regulation for its medical and therapeutic use in Peru. Of course, the event that has caused the greatest impact…

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cannabis overcoming obstacles

The last few years have seen how cannabis has overcome obstacles in different parts of the world, and although it has not been an easy road for this fascinating industry, little by little it has been evolving and breaking schemes to the astonishment of many skeptics. This is thanks to the efforts of countless people who never stopped believing in the valuable properties of the plant. Proof of this is the American continent, which has become the founder of cannabis legalization with an extraordinary example such as Uruguay or some states in the United States. Uruguay overcame all difficulties to become the first in the world to legalize cannabis. In mid-2012, the Government announced the plan for the "regulated and controlled legalization" of cannabis. Despite the UN observations regarding the legalization…