Cannabis World Journals Edition No.1 - June 2021

Cannabis World Journals (CWJ), is a digital magazine focused on the most relevant changes happening in the cannabis industry worldwide. It provides insights of legal experts in the cannabis industry’s regulations, business tips to entrepreneurs, investors, and participants. In addition, it seeks to educate medical personnel and scientific researchers as well passionate growers. We want to drive people’s attention to the most updated content in the cannabis world.

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the unstoppable cannabis industry welcome to change!

The medical cannabis industry is rising globally. Being intrinsically related to people, this segment involves all kinds of actors, markets and countries. Every day, medical and scientific advances give more strength to the existing benefits that the plant offers, allowing the legislation to find a foundation in its regulatory progress. At the same time, the business world surrounding medical cannabis evolves, grows, and expands its reach by the minute, allowing the development of innovative businesses, the creation of new forms of employment, and stocks that skyrocket globally. Cannabis World Journals was born as an initiative to keep the user informed about the most relevant changes, innovations and news in the medical, legal and commercial fields of an industry that changes daily before our eyes. This ambitious project aims to provide the reader…

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the world of cannabis is rapidly changing.

A few years ago, cannabis was mostly known in its recreational version and was associated with a dark and unsafe image that comes with a “street drug”. This was a an illegal, corrupted drug that only promoted a dependent and harmful lifestyle. The reality is that it has never been completely this way: for years many people have had their own cultivation for personal consumption, people have been observing the benefits of cannabis beyond social stereotypes and the general belief of the population. The Cannabis sativa L. plant provides ropes, textiles, food, paper, bioplastics, construction material, biofuels, and medicines. What would be the point of not taking advantage of it? Thanks to the medical use of this plant, which is not yet regulated in most countries, but justified by many scientific…

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a comparison between variety, species and subspecies of cannabis

The cannabis plant is well known for its therapeutic uses dating back to ancient civilizations. Currently, thanks to scientific advances, it has been possible to identify and publish the benefits that the plant contributes to the health of mammals, due to the compounds it has such as flavonoids, terpenes, sesquiterpenes, waxes, pectins, lignin, starch, cannabinoids, among others. When "cannabis" is named, it is usual to find words of common use such as: weed, grass, marijuana, pot, among others; that generate a derogatory collective thought, due to the improper use of the plant and the incorrect linguistic handling. The scientific name of the plant is: Cannabis sativa L., which refers to the genus Cannabis; the species: sativa, and L. which is the letter that refers to the first person who botanically…

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the scene in the us: how the states are progressing

Cannabis Laws in Alabama, New York, Texas and Washington In recent months, some states of one of the most powerful nations in the world, the United States, have advanced in the legalization of cannabis, changing the vision regarding the plant not only in the country but in the world. Although it is the same issue, for each state it is handled different. Alabama and medical cannabis The legislation, introduced by Senator Tim Melson, would give people with qualifying conditions permission to access cannabis for medical purposes. The conditions are post-traumatic stress disorder, intractable pain and problems falling asleep. This being the case, the regulators could not establish other conditions in a complementary manner, this determination would be left to the legislators. This represents some limitations, for example, patients with chronic pain could only be recommended medical…

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Difficult reality for cannabis in Texas While it is true that medical cannabis in Texas has been a reality since 2015, access continues to be restricted. For 2015, the state admitted the Compassionate Use Program which allows patients to consume products that have a low THC content between 0.3% and 0.5% according to the medical recommendation, on the contrary, self-cultivation is not authorized, and the same goes for the smokable cannabis flower. Given this, Texas has only three companies approved for medical cannabis, making access to legal cannabis difficult for many patients. On the other hand, in 2019 an effort was made to grant licenses to additional companies, unfortunately this was canceled after a week of its application. Cannabis activist and marketer Zoey Bullock says these shortcomings complicate the needs of patients. “We see…

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Cannabis and Washington As for cannabis in Washington, it is legal in all cities for both medical and adult use. Rules on the use and purchase of cannabis in Washington If the person is a minor, any illicit substance is prohibited under the law. Adults over the age of 21 can legally consume one ounce of cannabis. You can have the cannabis with you, but you cannot open it, display it, or use it in public. If the person is a licensed cannabis grower or seller, they can grow the plant at home and/or sell it There are restrictions on those who sell, including that sales must be made within Washington and that any individual sale must be licensed on its own. On the other hand, licenses must specify the name of a single seller…