Cannabis World Journals Edition No.10 - October 2021

Cannabis World Journals (CWJ), is a digital magazine focused on the most relevant changes happening in the cannabis industry worldwide. It provides insights of legal experts in the cannabis industry’s regulations, business tips to entrepreneurs, investors, and participants. In addition, it seeks to educate medical personnel and scientific researchers as well passionate growers. We want to drive people’s attention to the most updated content in the cannabis world.

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editor’s note

Our magazines CannaMed and CannaLaw, dedicated to the therapeutic and legal regulation areas of cannabis respectively, have decided to join forces to offer you a new biweekly magazine about cannabis: Cannabis World Journals. CannaMed magazine and CannaLaw magazine are now sections of Cannabis World Journals, and along with these you can find another two brand new sections in order to provide a global look about the plant: we are talking about CannaTrade, with the goal of revealing the rhythm of the business established around cannabis; and CannaGrow, dedicated to the botany and cultivation of the cannabis plant. Cannabis World Journals is the most complete magazine about cannabis for demanding readers like you. Without further ado, receive the warmest welcome to Cannabis World Journals. Enjoy!…

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the fight against cannabis stigma is a herculean task

The international cannabis community continues in the titanic task of showing the world that cannabis should not be considered only as a drug, considering that the plant has multiple benefits which break stigmas around it. There are stores where cannabis-based products are sold, and brands that bet on using hemp as a raw material for the manufacture of products. As if that wasn't enough, there are also applications for cell phones like Apple that allow access to the products and services offered by large and small brands. When talking to people within the cannabis community, who are specialists in the uses of the plant, they are almost always asked the same question: why do you think there is so much stigma towards the plant? To which each one of them answers in…

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when will there be justice for cannabis?

Currently and despite the many studies, advances and discoveries of the therapeutic properties of cannabis; in several parts of the world there are still imprisonments because of its cultivation. Through social networks we can constantly see how the police abruptly approach the home of someone who is growing cannabis for medicinal purposes, and they end up paying the consequences for something that should not be considered a crime. Due to this type of police acts it is worth questioning the word "Justice", as something that seems to be fading day by day, while crimes such as robberies or rapes abound, law enforcement officers spend much of their time capturing people who are only planting in their homes a plant for medicinal purposes. In countries such as Argentina and Chile there were cases…

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drone use in cannabis crops

Nowadays, throughout its different sectors, agriculture has incorporated technologies that help to optimize processes and perfect techniques that allow for a better efficiency in the use of resources such as water, fertilizers, pesticides, lighting, soil, etc. Large-scale medical cannabis crops, including hemp cultivation, have not been left behind. Different parts of the world have opted for the use of special drones to provide precise solutions in fields such as surveying (the measurement or delimitation of a cultivable area), photography and exploration to monitor the state of health of the seedlings. In seed planting they are much more precise thanks to the fact that these devices can be programmed to deposit the seed in a determined space and have geolocation and sensors to avoid collisions; their activity is supervised from a computer, tablet…

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in the expert’s room:

The editorial team of Cannabis World Journals was talking with Itziar Obregón, cannabis consultant expert in risk reduction and quality control in the industry. The following is a great experience that she shares with us in a very pleasant way from Euskadi, Spain. CWJ: It is a pleasure for us to share this space with you. We understand that you have worked in many areas for a long time in the cannabis industry. We would like to know why and cannabis begin, and what led you to want to participate in the industry in a professional and occupational manner? ITZIAR: Well! Initially my connection to cannabis was in an altruistic way. As a teenager I used cannabis recreationally and a bit irresponsibly. I was sanctioned by the security forces of this country,…

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latin america:

Which countries lead the cannabis market in the region? In recent years, Latin America has fought against drug trafficking. This war has forced their governments to establish stricter anti-drug laws, that is why people suffering from chronic diseases are turning to the 'black market' to buy cannabis and prepare medicine to relieve their ills. In theory, it would be better to divide the fight in two: a bill for medicinal use and another for adult use. However, the new world has suffered the consequences of the mixture or confusion of these two topics. In other words, Latin American countries have this social problem and have faced many debates in their different legislative scenarios. However, a law is approved based on a situation that society is experiencing. Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru…