Cannabis World Journals Edition No.8 - September 2021

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still writing: a history of cannabis that is not soaked in blood

The war against drug trafficking has influenced world politics. Without a doubt, the Latin American countries are the ones that have suffered most in this war because they have incredible agricultural potential, and this led to the cultivation of plants such as coca in their territories, which turned into cocaine after a chemical procedure. If we look at history, cannabis was cultivated in many Latin American countries in the 70s and 80s - especially in Colombia- and was illegally exported to countries like the US; the people who lived first-hand the consequences of drug trafficking would have never imagined the panorama we are experiencing today; for example, the manufacturing of cannabis-based products and big brands betting on the industry, since this is what cannabis has become. Currently, this industry is in…

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biosynthesis of cannabinoids from yeast yarrow lipolytica

The Cannabis sativa plant has a cultivation history of thousands of years. Looking at the popularity of cannabis compounds in consumers, researchers investigated the constituents of the plant and the medicinal properties associated with these constituents. Consequently, a large number of cannabis products were legally approved and made their way to the market. But what made scientists opt for biosynthesis instead of cultivation? The rise in popularity of cannabinoids led to clinical trials that aimed to discover new potential medicinal uses of cannabinoids. The Grow-harvest method has been the source of cannabinoids for consumer consumption and clinical trials. However, this conventional production method was unable to meet the market standards of quality and quantity. Moreover, the products obtained from this method were impure, costly, and inconsistent. The stringent regulatory requirements also contributed toward…

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the influence of lunar cycles on cannabis crops

Our natural satellite can affect the movement of the tides and some types of marine life such as corals, it also influences the development and fertility process of cannabis crops. But how is this possible? The celestial body, in its period of rotation, exerts a gravitational force on our sphere, attracting the oceans, stimulating the movement of the tides and even affecting the sap circulation in plants such as cannabis. For this reason, it is extremely important to understand the lunar cycles and how they can affect our crops, depending on the stage of the moon and its light intensity. We have two stages of lunar movements: - Ascent Moon: In this phase, our plants seem to "synchronize" with the movement of the moon (due to the gravitational force). At this stage,…

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in the expert’s room:

1. What is CANNAMÉRICA? Cannamérica is a strategic, political, scientific, medical and social group with professionals interested in allowing legal and quality access to cannabis for medicinal and therapeutic purposes. 2. When and why was it found? This beautiful project called CANNAMÉRICA was born in August 2018 after many coffees and several doubts and concerns among the people who had been interested in the Cannabis sativa plant as a therapeutic alternative. An appropriate platform was created through communications and technology, where several professionals from Peru, Chile and Argentina managed to get in touch with like-minded people regarding the use of the plant and their right to access a new form of treatment and to rethink the legal situation in which we are immersed. The analysis of the situation led us to consider the need…

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cannabis speaks german

Currently, millions of people use cannabis in Europe, although the laws are a little strict in different countries. This is why, because of its therapeutic properties, people fight for the decriminalization of its cultivation and possession as well as its leisure use. The consumption of cannabis in Germany is illegal, however, its use is still allowed in small quantities. Although there is a large part of the population seeking the decriminalization of consumption and cultivation, there are still people opposing this process. However, it is well known that since 2017 medical cannabis in Germany has been decriminalized and consumption is allowed when a doctor prescribes it. To be honest, Germany is one of the countries of the old continent where medical cannabis has the most favorable situation. The great demand for medicinal…

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cannabis, the green gold of celebrities

Many athletes and celebrities are using CBD products, investing their money in this business, becoming spokespersons and advocates for the industry. From medicinal, industrial and leisure cannabis to the cosmetic industry; these are some of the aspects of this plant that have allowed personalities such as Mike Tyson, Beyoncé, John Legend, and David Beckham to enter this field, thanks to the legislative changes in power countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, among many others that, under different measures, are already taking part in this business. The United States has recently advanced in its cannabis legislation and there are already 8 states in this country that have legalized the use of cannabis for different purposes: medical and leisure use. For example, Mike Tyson is the owner of Tyson Ranch, where…