Cannabis World Journals Edition No.6 - August 2021

Cannabis World Journals (CWJ), is a digital magazine focused on the most relevant changes happening in the cannabis industry worldwide. It provides insights of legal experts in the cannabis industry’s regulations, business tips to entrepreneurs, investors, and participants. In addition, it seeks to educate medical personnel and scientific researchers as well passionate growers. We want to drive people’s attention to the most updated content in the cannabis world.

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editor’s note

Our magazines CannaMed and CannaLaw, dedicated to the therapeutic and legal regulation areas of cannabis respectively, have decided to join forces to offer you a new biweekly magazine about cannabis: Cannabis World Journals. CannaMed magazine and CannaLaw magazine are now sections of Cannabis World Journals, and along with these you can find other two new sections in order to provide a global look about the plant: we are talking about CannaTrade, with the goal of revealing the rhythm of the business established around cannabis; and CannaGrow, dedicated to the botany and cultivation of the cannabis plant. Cannabis World Journals is the most complete magazine about cannabis for the demanding readers like you. Without further ado, receive the warmest welcome to Cannabis World Journals. Enjoy!…

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from the plant to the industry

Cannabis, like any other plant, has been present throughout history and has been related to humans since the dawn of time. Cannabis has gone through different domestication processes through the diversity of practices, cultures, religions and rituals, which has resulted in the genetic improvement of the species, making it possible to have a large number of varieties nowadays that offer multiple properties according to their morphology and composition. Around 6,000 years ago, cannabis was referenced as a medicinal plant in China; it was also used in ancient India for spiritual purposes in order to increase concentration during the reading of sacred texts, meditation and the performance of religious rituals; in other cultures it had many other uses, including therapeutic ones, for it was used as an analgesic in minor surgeries; others…

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clinical trial for a cannabis-based mouth spray: life expectancy

When it comes to cancer, any medical breakthrough scientists make to fight it is always a victory against a disease that has affected millions of patients around the world. In more recent news, the United Kingdom will conduct a clinical trial for a cannabis-based spray, which will mark a before and after in traditional medicine and another big step forward for the industry. These trials are scheduled to take place with the participation of several universities, cancer charities and the National Health Service (NHS) with the aim of finding out whether the cannabis-based mouth spray can treat brain tumors and prolong patients' lives. If this is possible, it will be a mayor global breakthrough. In this phase II study, health professionals will give patients suffering from a brain tumor known as…

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visible differences between male and female flowering

The Cannabis Sativa L. plant is an annual plant that is characterized by being dioecious, that is to say; its unisexual flowers are on separate stems, there are male and female specimens. During the reproduction of the plant, the pollen comes directly from the stamens of the male and uses the wind or pollinators as a medium to reach the stigma (female sexual organ of the flower) and fertilize the ovules of the female. As a result of fertilization, seeds are produced, which is part of the final cycle of the plant to ensure the survival of the species. However, there are exceptional variations that result in the appearance of hermaphrodite plants, which have both sexual organs in the same stem and are self-fertilizing, the latter having some characteristics of…

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interview with valerio vitari founder of semiami, italy

The Cannabis World Journals team enjoyed a pleasant conversation with Valerio Vitari. Founder of Semi Ami, during this interview you will learn about his company, dedicated to the sale and distribution of hemp-based products in Italy. What is Semi Ami and why was it founded? The concept of Semi Ami was born at the end of 2016 with the precise intention of putting value to a product that is very mistreated and marginalized, but with innumerable virtues and so easy to fall in love with, Hemp. Semi Ami was born at a time when it was even more difficult to talk about hemp or, even worse, to show its shape; it is hard to forget the comments of some passers-by when I was installing the sign.… "But that’s the drug leaf!" What is…

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are cannabis clubs in barcelona going to disappear?

A piece of news that has had relevance in the cannabis community during the last few days is that of the cannabis clubs that have been consolidated in the last decade in Barcelona, which according to Spanish media are at risk of closing their doors due to a decision of the Supreme Court that seeks to close the legal loophole left by the popularity of these clubs. Over the last few years, cannabis clubs have established themselves as the channel of access to this plant among the inhabitants of Barcelona, as well as tourists visiting the city. Representatives of these 200 associations have stated that the clubs are of paramount importance as they have contributed to reducing the black market, as well as consumption on the streets; moreover, they have generated…