Cannabis World Journals Edition No.4 - July 2021

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cannabis, an unstoppable industry that continues despite the obstacles in its path.

Over the years cannabis has developed to the point of becoming an industry that is advancing in leaps and bounds despite the setbacks that have been encountered in the process. The progressive cannabis depenalization, which often advances too slowly, faces stigma and prejudice, it usually generates numerous contradictions at a legal level and even paradoxes. In many cases this is due to the lack of political will to establish a clear and coherent legal framework that truly guarantees the freedom of the individual. Populist measures are often adopted to pretend to be in agreement with depenalization, but complications arise that make less and less sense. Under a paternalistic scheme that pretends to guard the lives of citizens, as if they were incapable of deciding for themselves, paradoxes are generated, where, for example,…

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cannabis use after war

It is common knowledge that war leaves heavy scars on the minds and bodies of the people involved in it. The road is long and difficult, there are endless days that cannot be forgotten and wounds that linger as mementos of these battles. All these situations are difficult to overcome and soldiers in general, especially in the United States, are equipped with a myriad of tools to cope with the day to day during the war. But it is after the war that the focus is lost on finding treatments to cope with the road ahead. What are the most common war injuries? "Among the most common combat injuries are second- and third-degree burns, broken bones, shrapnel wounds, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, nerve injuries, paralysis, loss of sight and hearing, post-traumatic…

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cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds, as in other flowering plants, are produced by fertilization in the flowers. This process occurs naturally and in the case of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, it happens when the male releases pollen from the stamens using the air as a medium or with the help of some pollinators, that take these particles to the stigma of the females. That is when the fertilization of the ovule takes place, and the result is those small seeds by sexual reproduction. Man has manipulated this process over the years in order to obtain varieties with particular profiles of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, among others. In the certified seed banks in the countries where the production has been regulated, generally 3 types of seeds can be found for cultivation which are called…

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in the expert’s room:

Cannabis World Journals editorial team was in contact with Paul Moreno, PhD in Chemistry and member of the Agricultural Production Cooperative Ananda, who shared with us part of his experience in the cannabis industry. In addition to commenting on the profitability of this field and the opportunities it currently represents. When was your interest in cannabis born and what inspired you to enter this industry? My interest in cannabis was born in 2012 out of curiosity, at that time legalization was in vogue in Uruguay, Colorado and Washington. That is when I started reading and researching, I read a lot about it on the internet, and I decided to try it. I got a gram and tried it, as soon as I tasted it, I knew it was a fantastic plant and…

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cannabis therapist unjustly imprisoned

But, what does a doctor or health professional need to prescribe cannabis, if in the country where he resides the medicinal use of the plant manages to get approved? It is logical that laws change from country to country, which means that the procedures and processes for a health professional to be authorized to prescribe cannabis depend on the country where he is prescribing. Sentences and fines for prescribing cannabis when it is prohibited depend on each country, but it has come to light, that many health professionals have been sentenced to prison because cannabis for medical use is illegal in their country. In many countries around the world there are cases that represent the drama of health professionals imprisoned for being found with cannabis-based oils or with the raw material to…

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mexico has said yes to cannabis for adult use.

On June 28, 2021, the Mexican Supreme Court declared unconstitutional some articles preventing the consumption, acquisition of seeds and the planting and distribution of cannabis for recreational use. In this sense, it is important to recognize the background and implications of this decision in order to keep track of the progress in this country and how it could be a starting point for more nations to move past the stigma that has surrounded this plant for years. In 1920, the production, sale and recreational use of cannabis was outlawed in Mexico, and in 1927, its export was also prohibited. Even possession for self-consumption was banned. Years later, on August 21, 2009, a law was passed allowing possession, for personal use, of up to five grams of cannabis. On August 11, 2015, minor Graciela…