Cannabis World Journals Edition No.2 - June 2021

Cannabis World Journals (CWJ), is a digital magazine focused on the most relevant changes happening in the cannabis industry worldwide. It provides insights of legal experts in the cannabis industry’s regulations, business tips to entrepreneurs, investors, and participants. In addition, it seeks to educate medical personnel and scientific researchers as well passionate growers. We want to drive people’s attention to the most updated content in the cannabis world.

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welcome to change!

When talking about cannabis, we find ourselves in front of a sea of endless possibilities of enrichment and entrepreneurship. What was once impossible to achieve for this industry has become viable over the years due to the great advances not only in the various studies that have been made about the multiple properties of the plant, but also in the legal and juridical procedures presented in all parts of the world that have been successful thanks to the effort and dedication of millions of people. That is why when planting and cultivating the cannabis plant in the ground, it should also be sown and cultivated in the minds of people the certainty that they are leaving the labyrinth of ignorance, so that it is carried out in the best way as…

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medical cannabis and sleep disorders

Sleep problems are one of the most common medical complaints in Puerto Rico and the United States, making them a serious public health problem. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep per day. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke of the National Institute of Health (NIH), sleep plays an important role in internal cleansing that removes toxins from the brain that accumulate while we are awake. According to the American Sleep Association there are more than 100 different sleep disorders. Among the most common are: • Insomnia, when you cannot fall asleep• Sleep apnea, involves breathing problems when sleeping• Restless legs syndrome, tingling, discomfort or pain in the legs that occurs at night and improves with • Circadian rhythm disorders, occur when the internal clock is…

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cannabis genetic stability

For a long time, growers have stabilized the genetics of some cannabis strains in order to obtain those desired phenotypic, genotypic and chemotypic characteristics. But what does genetic stability consist of? It refers to “the tendency of a population to maintain its genotypes through generation” (NAL Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary, 2013); so the successor daughters will retain the genetic material that is present in the DNA of a mother plant. Therefore, the genotype is the genetic inheritance that is maintained as long as it is in the same environmental conditions as the mother and does not present major alterations. To maintain genetic stability, two concepts are taken into account: variability and predictability, the first is presented when the sexual crossing of a mother and father plant of cannabis is made, as a…

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in the expert’s room:

The editorial team at Cannabis World Journals have the pleasure of chatting with Doctor Elizabeth Pauker who gladly shared her innovative and enriching professional experience in the area of medical cannabis and mental health. CWJ: who is Dr. Elizabeth Pauker and how did she get started in the cannabis industry? Dr.: If I can define myself, I would do so as an innovative doctor, first in the area of psycho-oncology in Ecuador, in the search for new alternatives for the treatment of patients, especially in the area of pain control and post-chemotherapy symptoms. My main goal is to reduce as many medications as possible and try to give patients a better quality of life. On how I came to the cannabis industry, it was during this search; what I do is prevention, containment…

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the media influence on cannabis legislation and public opinion

Thinking about the media means facing many voices that perform the function of expressing and reporting an event or situation from any part of the world. Voices so powerful that they can influence the thinking, judgment or opinion of the population. It could be said that journalism has the ability to "link" anyone regardless of their age, social status or location. The media plays an important role in the knowledge of all events that are part of daily life. In this sense, it allows us to know the reality outside of the immediate environment. Therefore, it provides access to unusual and specific topics that are foreign to the public’s experience, may it be the reader, the radio listener or the viewer. It also plays a key role in the world: the dissemination…

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cannabis and tax revenue: one more reason to legalize it.

Due to the growing demand for cannabis and the products derived from this plant in the world, its legalization is presented as an opportunity for economic growth capable of generating new jobs. It is an especially relevant opportunity for countries with low and moderate economic development, with economies oriented towards agricultural production. In addition, the legalization of cannabis contributes to the industrial production of textiles and medicines. Economic growth is essential to increase tax revenues that can be allocated to health, education, infrastructure and social programs, especially in these times when the pandemic has caused significant economic stagnation and a tough fiscal deficit. According to the International Center for Tax and Development (ICTD), legalizing the production and use of cannabis has been a new source of economic growth for developed countries, and…