Cannabis World Journals Edition No.9 - September 2021

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cannabis legalization will be like a global ‘domino effect’

Cannabis is everywhere, but that does not mean that its use is accepted or looked upon favorably by all of society. Ideally, everyone should be free of stigma towards this plant that has brought benefits to so many and has also favored the growth of economies in countries like Colombia, where companies that export cannabis are generating a great transformation resulting in the opening of multiple jobs. Unfortunately, the reality is different as the legalization of cannabis still generates a lot of debate and controversy. The truth is that although the stigma surrounding the uses of the plant remains, the industry has shown that it is not willing to stop; members of the industry have shown that it holds great promise in all its uses; in fact, specialists have stated that…

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cannabis: a symbol of quality of life

It is no secret how the cannabis industry has evolved in recent months with every step it has taken, breaking paradigms, and advancing in different parts of the world under the public eye. This has undoubtedly been an enormous triumph in these times where misinformation and taboo are still strong contenders. Despite this, the industry continues to move forward with the certainty that in the near future we will see it win. Although this is an era in which the properties of cannabis are still little known in some places, there are many internationally popular faces who have given their voice and support to the excellent benefits that the plant provides, claiming that cannabis has been their savior in terms of health. On the other hand, others see it as a…

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what substrate should i use for my cannabis cultivation?

The Cannabis sativa L. plant is an organism with a relatively short life cycle, its average life is 6 months. Due to its metabolism, it is a plant with demanding nutritional requirements, during its development it needs macronutrients and micronutrients, which help it to carry out its biological processes such as feeding, energy, respiration, organ formation (leaves, stems, flowers, roots), etc. The plant captures these compounds and elements from its environment, mainly from the soil; this is why it is so important to have a nutritious soil or substrate, because chemically speaking, the plant carries out different reactions necessary for its nutrition, which is why it requires: Macronutrients, that it needs in large quantities: - Carbon dioxide (CO2): essential in the process of photosynthesis. - Nitrogen (N): Provides the green color to the plant,…

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in the expert’s room

Members: Luis Castro Palma (Journalist), Ezequiel Rodríguez (Designer), Rodrigo Biscochea (Producer), Alejandro Mancuso (Political Advisor) and Nahuel Rodríguez (Journalist). In this edition, the Cannabis World Journals team had the opportunity to share relevant information on the cannabis industry with journalist Luis Castro Palma, founder of Cannábica Argentina. Here are the details of this pleasant meeting that took place in Villa Madero, La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentina. What is Cannabica Argentina? Cannabica Argentina, is a journalistic media about cannabis culture that addresses the different aspects of the cannabis community with a focus on information. Maintaining the pillars of journalism, ethical standards, direct and reliable sources, so that the veracity and informative quality stand out. Cannábica Argentina is not concerned with replicating news to attract visits to its page, but to have relevant information that…

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legalization of cannabis use: need of patients or political discussion?

The legalization of cannabis use in different countries around the world has given rise to a great debate, not only in terms of recreational use, but also in terms of medicinal use, as there are still people who continue to believe that the use of the plant or its derivatives for therapeutic purposes is harmful. However, there is hope that easy access to information will make its benefits more visible and help many people suffering from chronic diseases. This leads to the following question: why does public opinion believe political discourse more than scientific evidence? The fight for regulation is not an easy one, in addition to dealing with the stigma, it has to face different situations such as the apprehension of patients or medical personnel taken to jail for plants…

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italy and cannabis: a step towards the legality of personal cannabis cultivation?

Since 2007, medical cannabis has been legal in Italy thanks to the government's recognition of the therapeutic benefits of THC. However, since then, several changes have been made to adapt this new reality to the country. In this country it is legal to buy and use CBD oil only for medical purposes, and it is generally available in pharmacies with a prescription. It is also legal to buy CBD oil without a prescription, but THC levels must be 0.6% or lower. Italy and its new bill; self-cultivation of up to 4 cannabis plants at home. Background: In 2014, the Parliament allowed cannabis production for the Ministry of Defense being a military owned Institute of Pharmaceuticals, the only place to grow medical cannabis in Italy. Later, in 2017, it was allowed to use Bedrocan, a…