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CAR UK October 2020

Every month CAR interviews the stars of motorsport, demystifies the latest in-car technology and shares our writers’ passion for car culture and car design. Discover the world’s newest and most exciting cars: join us to drive everything from supercars and hot hatches to family cars.

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There are a few Maseratis round my way, looking splendid in Blu metallic paint that accentuates those curves. But I accept most people are more likely to spot Dominic Cummings out and about, given that the Italian luxury brand has registered just 1126 new cars on average over the last five years. (For context, Bentley’s UK average was 46 per cent higher.) Maserati’s global sales are similarly modest, dropping by a quarter to 19,300 in 2019. Fiat Chrysler’s ultra-premium division lost €199 million, as it cut supply to overstocked dealers, incentivised sales in China ahead of new emissions rules, and wrote down used values in America. Losses are on brand given Maserati’s chequered history – but time to draw a line with what politicians call a reset… And what a reset: the…

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the man who gave the british car industry a future

Sir Ralf Speth tips the Defender 110 into a Warwickshire roundabout at a speed that would have put the original into the adjoining field. Just days before his retirement after 10 years’ service, the Jaguar Land Rover CEO is driving us to Eastnor Castle for a final off-roading session, and a chance to reflect on the stepchange he has led at Britain’s biggest car maker. The former BMW executive has taken JLR from niche British player to a truly international force, delivering record sales three times greater than when he began, and more than doubling the workforce from 16,000 to circa 40,000. He’s also launched some of the most transformative cars in the brands’ histories: the baby Range Rover Evoque and aluminium Range Rover, Jaguar’s all-electric i-Pace and the SUVs that prop…

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ralf speth: this is your jlr life

2010 Ralf Speth, ex-BMW platform guru, becomes CEO and inherits a Jaguar line-up of XF, XJ and XK, and five Land Rovers including Freelander and archaic Defender 2011 The baby Range Rover – Evoque – is launched. Unique style is a smash hit that works wonders for cash flow. JLR reports 208,000 total sales for previous financial year. Indian plant opens 2012 Fourth-gen Range Rover beats Rolls, Aston, Ferrari and Bentley in CAR test. Innovative Jag C-X75 concept killed by financial doldrums 2013 Finally, the F-Type dream is realised. CAR is first outside JLR to drive the brawny roadster, and we crash it. (Sorry.) New Range Rover Sport also goes aluminium, and Special Vehicle Operations founded 2014 Jag XE revealed. Can it break 3-series grip, we ask? Not with its sub-prime interior and rattly diesel. Six continuation cars bring…

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ferrari aims big… first maranello evs mooted… will merc buy aston?

►Ferrari boss Louis Camilleri is eyeing up options for an expanded range that could include hybrid and pure-electric models on top of petrol-only newcomers to keep the hardcore happy. Two cars hold the key to taking Ferrari from its current 10,000 towards 20,000 sales a year. One is 2022’s Purosangue SUV. The other is the on-again, off-again Dino, Ferrari’s entry-level sports car. It’s currently tipped to arrive at the end of 2021, combining a shortened version of the F8’s chassis and a new 120° 3.0-litre V6, with a Spider version six months behind. ►More extreme ideas being considered include a Purosangue-based all-electric five-seater in 2024, with a coupe version to follow two years later, plus a family of electric replacements for the Portofino and Roma, with coupe, folding-hardtop and soft-top variants. ►It sounds wild,…

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911 at its best: 2021’s gt3 hits hard

1 HARD AS NAILS The latest aluminium-intensive 992 is the stiffest and lightest 911 platform ever used – a great base for the GT3. Only 30 per cent of the structure is made from steel and yet it’s the most torsionally rigid base in the model’s long and storied history, even before the harder RS model’s rollcage adds bracing. 2 PURE AT HEART The 991 Speedster gives us the biggest clue to the latest GT3’s engine: a 4.0-litre flat-six making 503bhp with a 9000rpm redline. It’s still naturally- aspirated (unlike the regular 992’s 3.0-litre motor). It also doesn’t have engineered-in overrun pops or artificial sound enhancements that add weight – things that make Porsche’s head of GT cars, Andreas Preuninger (right), shudder with disgust. 3 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT An enthusiast-pleasing manual ‘box will sit alongside…

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6 reasons why nothing surpasses an s-class

It’s a big day when Mercedes pulls the covers off a new S-Class; Jupiter orbits the sun about as often as Stuttgart presents a new generation to the world’s elite. Not that you’d know at first glance of this new W223 model – so predictable is the design that the only obvious visual cues are that this one has flush, pop-out door handles and rear lights like a CLS. But that so very much isn’t the point. The S-Class is intended to be a bastion of comfort and technology, not only presenting the future of tech that will trickle down to other Mercedes models in the years that follow, but also influ encing the course of action for the entire car industry. Few who want one will be bothered by those…