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CAR October 2018

CAR is Southern Africa’s leading automotive-interest magazine – and has been since 1957. It’s aimed at petrol-heads of all ages looking for, expert reviews, road tests, driving impressions of the latest models available and great motoring content from the country’s leading motoring journalists.

South Africa
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editor’s letter

I loved the journalists’ obvious passion for cars, but also their clear devotion to honest reporting that pulled no punches. Twenty-five years later, I write this letter as acting editor to thank the giants who went before to make CAR the leading motoring media brand in the country and one that stands proudly as one of the world’s best. Those tenets of good journalism – truth, accuracy, impartiality and accountability – have never been more important in this era of fake news. Yes, even at a motoring brand aiming to entertain and inspire 10-year-old girls and boys from the platteland and the loyal readers who’ve supported the magazine right from its inception nearly 62 years ago. That’s why the CAR team and I will continue to bring you excellent content you can…

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winning letter

THE JOYS OF LIFE In these times, with all the jargon in the media, there is less and less I look forward to reading. But then there is CAR. Around the middle of every month, my subscriber copy arrives; if it doesn’t (thanks to our current postal service), I go down to the nearest bookshop to buy a copy because I cannot wait to get it. Sometimes it surprisingly appears in the mail, too… The bonus is I now have two copies of my favourite magazine. “Favourite.” That really is the word. CAR allows me to escape from everything – the whole world – and indulge in the fantastic, the dynamic, all the things unknown, the new, the speed, the most remarkable that humankind can think of. Actually, there are not enough…

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Congratulations to Nic Keyser, who wins a hamper of an aviator-inspired, lightweight SOLO Altitude backpack (R1 499) and a stylish SOLO Ludlo tablet sling (R699) that can accommodate a tablet with up to an 11-inch screen. SOLO Established in 2008, SOLO is committed to shaking up an old industry. The brand’s goal is to keep you moving in style with cool, thoughtfully designed bags and tablet cases. Since ’08, the streets of New York have provided SOLO with endless inspiration. Every design has a unique style, sparked by the sights and sounds of the city. While New York is a place SOLO calls home, that dynamic spirit translates everywhere. See www.gammatek.co.za for more info.…

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over to you...

Please include your physical address and telephone number. Diverse ideas and opinions are welcome, but publication of your letter doesn’t necessarily mean we agree. Please stick to a maximum of 300 words. CAR reserves the right to edit and shorten letters owing to space constraints. NOT QUITE DONE AND DUSTER’D I enjoyed last month’s comparative test of the Toyota Rush, Renault Duster, Honda B-RV and Haval H2, but felt your dismissal of the Rush was shortsighted. Your testers’ comments about the contesting vehicles highlighted them as “refined”, “sophisticated” and “polished”. Are these the qualities we are looking for when purchasing a SUV? I think not. The Rush package may be labelled as unrefined and rough round the edges but I think these qualities will become its greatest selling points for those who…

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a bugatti for the bends

TRADITIONAL DNA Among the most prominent features of the Divo’s unique body are an enlarged spoiler and more aggressively profiled diffuser out back, enlarged front splitter and air dams and vents to channel cooling air to the brakes. They’re all hewn from lightweight, composite materials, too. But at the heart of the new face sits the marque’s most traditional signature: the horseshoe grille. CHIRON’S HEART While the Divo’s aerodynamic bodywork affords it aesthetic distance from the Chiron, the W16 engine that beats within that shapely shell is borrowed directly from its stablemate. SPEED IS SECONDARY You may have noticed below that the final figure, the top speed, is markedly less than the Chiron’s 420 km/h. That’s because Bugatti isn’t targeting the sound barrier with the Divo but rather focusing on agility. In addition to trimming…

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z ready

POWER TO THE SIX In a climate favouring downsizing and four-cylinder engines, it’s heartening to see the Z4 will adhere to BMW’s tradition of slotting a six-cylinder unit into the noses of its sportscars. The M40i model is powered by a turbocharged 3,0-litre inline-six coupled with a torque-converter auto ‘box with paddle shifters. Its sub-5,0-second 0-100 km/h sprint time bodes well for the mechanically related but possibly more powerful Toyota Supra. NO LONGER HARD-HEADED BMW has dispensed with the mechanically complex folding hardtop in favour of a lighter, electrically operated canvas hood. A coupé version of the Z4 will not be offered, with the tin-top arrangement becoming the preserve of the Supra. Conversely, the Toyota will not be sold as a convertible, an arrangement that the respective companies hope will prevent any overlap. BACK…