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CAR February 2020

CAR is Southern Africa’s leading automotive-interest magazine – and has been since 1957. It’s aimed at petrol-heads of all ages looking for, expert reviews, road tests, driving impressions of the latest models available and great motoring content from the country’s leading motoring journalists.

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from the editor

You generally get two types of CAR readers (I avoid reducing people to simple stereotypes but hear me out): there are those carphiles who relish reading about outlandish luxury and performance cars, and then there are the readers vexed enough to pen letters accusing CAR of being out of touch with Joe and Jane Public by “ignoring” the budget-beaters at the lower end of the market. Well, this issue is rather different… While most of the market’s changes occur at the pricier end of the spectrum where lavish crossovers and rapid performance cars reside, the automotive landscape course-corrected towards the end of 2019 as a slew of new and revised pocket-friendly entrants joined the tussle for buyers’ attention. In an attempt to be all things to all readers, this issue contains…

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winning letter

ATOS MEMORIES The launch of the new Hyundai Atos prompted me to write to CAR. In 2006, I purchased a brand-new Hyundai Atos Prime for my wife from Hyundai Somerset West for the princely sum of R70 000. On the same day, I bought a 2006 Volkswagen Jetta 2,0 FSI demo model with 4 500 km on the clock from Philwest Motors. The Atos came standard with power steering, air-con, fog lights, rear roof spoiler, electric front windows, rear wiper/washer but no radio and no airbags. This little car was used to move twice and had more space inside once the rear seats were folded flat than the Jetta with its huge 500-litre boot and split rear seats. We drove the little town car for 10 years. In 2016, my wife…

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OVER TO YOU... Please include your physical address and telephone number. Diverse ideas and opinions are welcome but publication of your letter doesn’t necessarily mean we agree. Please stick to a maximum of 300 words. CAR reserves the right to edit and shorten letters owing to space constraints. HORSES FOR COURSES For years, men have stood round the braai and compared their cars’ performance. As most have never been to a test facility or a skid pan, the majority of the conversations are hearsay and ego. Facts are often of little consequence when making comparisons. As a reader of CAR for half a century, I am of the opinion your performance measurements are the best judgement of the truth. A couple of decades ago, it was a common belief Japanese ponies seemed to be smaller…

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star turck: the next-generation bakkie

A TRIO OF ‘TRAINS The Cybertruck will be offered with a choice of three powertrain configurations: single-motor RWD, dual-motor AWD and tri-motor AWD. Tesla has been coy regarding power outputs but the tri-motor array mirrors that of the outlandish Tesla Model S “Plaid”, a model with outputs in the region of 597 kW and an astonishing 1 356 N.m. A BABY BROTHER ON THE WAY? Musk has fielded numerous questions regarding a smaller version of this angular monster and is entertaining the idea of a smaller, possibly RWD-only derivative. FULL METAL JACKET The body panels on the production-series Cybertruck will utilise the same 3 mm stainless steel plate that features in the company’s SpaceX vehicle. According to Tesla, this lends the Cybertruck ballistic protection from firearms of up to 9 mm calibre and proved dent-resistant…

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freshened feline

SHAPELIER SHELL The outgoing Jaguar F-Type could easily lay claim to being one of the finest looking cars on the road, so raising the game for the 2020 update is no mean feat. The extensive facelift includes a smoother nose and a larger grille flanked by swept-back headlamps incorporating sliding LED indicators. This is crowned by a muscular-looking new bonnet. The rear aspect retains its strong haunches and striking taillamp array, with the latter being slimmed down and slightly squared off at the bottom. IMPROVED INFOTAINMENT The infotainment system has proved to be a perennial chink in the F-Type’s armour but the updated car looks to address this criticism with the latest version of the firm’s TouchPro interface – which now includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard – along with a…

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gateway to g

With its predecessor having chalked up a million sales over its six-year run, the second-generation GLA is billed by Mercedes-Benz as a sporty complement to its more practical GLB stablemate (see our driving impression on page 34). Riding on a mildly stretched version of the MFA platform currently servicing the A-Class and with a ride jacked up to 143 mm, the new GLA stands 100 mm taller, has a seating position some 140 mm higher and a wheelbase 30 mm longer than its predecessor. Boot space has grown by 14 litres to a claimed 435 litres, all in a package that’s actually 15 mm shorter (4 410 mm) than the first car. Mercedes-Benz has thus far divulged information regarding only two powertrains earmarked for its baby G: GLA200 7G-DCT Engine: 1,3-litre, 4-cyl, turbopetrol Transmission:…