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Caribbean Living Spring 2016

Caribbean Living takes you beyond the beach, to the heart of the Caribbean and the most exquisite travel destinations. Jump into each issue and discover the best of Caribbean travel.

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letter from the publisher

Nine years of Caribbean Living and we’ve decided to spruce up our look. We hope you like the little changes to our brand, logo and magazine style. Be sure to join us on social media and let us know what you think of the new “us.” We’ve also launched our sister publication: Her name is Swanky Retreats. Still more amazing content on a global scale. The core Caribbean Living team has already started scouring the map to share authentic ways to travel, shop, dine and stay...stwanky. Get ready for more unique travel experiences from around the world. We aim to transport you – and elevate the way you travel. Inside this issue of Caribbean Living, brace yourself for the warmth of Martinique, get some relaxation on Barbados, and plan the next…

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ANDREW INNERARITY Director of Photography It’s all about triggering emotion via imagery. When I convey the very essence of a situation with a single photograph, then I am complete, because the viewer understands more than the moment, they know the situation. AVA ROSALES Features Editor You can take the girl out of the island, but you can’t take the island out of the girl. JORDAN SIMON Director of Photography Closing the bar down with the Lupis and co. over rhum vieux or rosé at The Hermitage. Savoring the world’s finest mango French toast at Ottley’s with a clutch of Keusches. Spa sojourning with Nature at the Four Seasons Nevis. That’s just one island nation: Vive la Caribbean! CAMILA LAVORI Digital Design Coordinator Beach chic is an absolute must in the Caribbean. You want to look effortless and relaxed yet put together…

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island dates not to miss

APRIL Jamaica opens the month with a festival of cars maneuvering masterfully around twists and turns, hills and slopes – an adrenaline rush for racers and spectators alike at Dover Raceway in the Parish of St. Ann during Carnival of Speed, April 6 jrdc.org Runners receive a grand Bahamian welcome and breathtaking views from the beachfront course at the Grand Bahama Half Marathon, April 7 – 9, grandbahamahalf.com Curaçao tackles artistry indoors with an array of film genres showcasing full-length documentaries and fictional features, as well as shorts. This island has an eye for young rising talent… let’s just say that the edgier the better when it comes to the Curaçao International Film Festival 2016, April 6 – 10 curacaoiffr.com/ast One of the most vibrant Bahamian traditions is Junkanoo. Decorative and flamboyant costumes, stilt…

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new & noteworthy

Nevis Nevis honors an American founding father with a special package at Montpelier Plantation and Beach. Why the tribute? Alexander Hamilton was not only the first U.S. Secretary of the Treasury he also had roots in Nevis – his birthplace, where he spent his early childhood in the capital city of Charlestown. Montpelier intends to share a bit of their renowned son's story with guests this year. In the United States, the award-winning Broadway musical, Hamilton, is a chronological account of his life. Rather than watch a reenactment of this legendary hero’s early life on stage, through this unique package visit the actual town and playgrounds that Alexander Hamilton called home in his childhood years. The former sugar plantation sets the ideal stage to transport travelers back in time. With the Alexander…

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oui, s’il vous plait

MARTINIQUE gently wins you over; it’s très French and very charming. Tranquility reigns across this gorgeous, lush island. I had no idea that yet another island could capture a piece of my soul, but here I am – in love with a destination whose heart is exquisitely French and whose veins pulsate with rich Afro-Caribbean traditions. It’s not a land of contradiction, but one of a unique melding of the best of both worlds. From the cuisine and cocktails to the je ne sais quoi air of Gallic sophistication, this island offers unique, effortless unpretentious chic. No high-rise resorts or time-shares for let, but hotels like Le Bakoua where you are checked into your oceanfront rooms by someone who seems more like a local storyteller than a front desk man. His dexterity…

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winterless wonderland

While news of blizzards around the globe flashes on my phone, I simply shut it off and glance out the plane window to find a beautifully sunny day in ELEUTHERA. After landing at the single-building airport I’m greeted by a friendly taxi driver who takes me on the “highway” – which is essentially one extra-large lane for traffic in both directions. With only about 12,000 inhabitants the island is still very undeveloped, allowing me views of the wilderness and palm tree forests before crossing over the Glass Window Bridge with the bright aqua Caribbean on my right and the darker Atlantic Ocean on my left. Soon I arrive at my destination: The Cove, a little paradise tucked away between the forests and the sea. At the gate I’m handed a luggage tag…