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Caribbean Living Spring 2018

Caribbean Living takes you beyond the beach, to the heart of the Caribbean and the most exquisite travel destinations. Jump into each issue and discover the best of Caribbean travel.

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letter from the publisher

Belize, Barbados, Mexico, Panama and being blown away in Antigua during Sailing Week are a few of our favorite spring picks. Being in the Caribbean is always a good idea and part of our DNA, we want you to dive in just as wholeheartedly. For over 10 years, we have brought the best of the region to you within the pages of the magazine and this issue is no exception to that rule. What we want to amp up in 2018 is our connection to you, our readers. Millennials are traveling more and more and taking a new look at destinations that have been around for millennia. Social media has become our go-to form of communication in today’s society. We want to hear from you! Tag us in your posts.…

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AMY SEDEÑO Contributor As a self-proclaimed @hotelista I do quite a bit of traveling, and from holding a tarantula in an ancient site in Guatemala to drinking high tea in Dubai, and petting grey whales in Baja, you bet I’ve got stories to tell. AVA ROSALES Features Editor The Caribbean life is the life for me. SERGIO OLIVARES Creative Direction I'm my best on this island. My flight left last night, but I know I'm not going back home. ANDREW INNERARITY Director of Photography It’s all about triggering emotion via imagery. When I convey the very essence of a situation with a single photograph, then I am complete, because the viewer understands more than the moment, they know the situation. Danielle Krause Contributor Exploring the fascinating variety of this exquisitely beautiful blue planet nourishes and fulfills my spirit. Being able to delight and inspire…

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island dates not to miss

APRIL Jamaica has engines revving at the top of the month and racing through the mountains of the north coast at the Carnival of Speed, April 2 World premieres and feature films of all lengths bring local and international artists to the Curaçao International Film Festival, April 11-15 www.curacaoiffr.com Captains and crew indulge atop the waves and on shore with a little rum, sun and a whole lot of fun, as they enjoy the camaraderie and totally relaxed atmosphere of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, April 18 - 24 www.antiguaclassics.com Grenadians showcase their musical talent alongside international reggae, jazz and other genres of musicians for the Pure Grenada Music Festival, April 13 – 15 .The following week, the feat moves from the dance floor to the track and field as local and international athletes…

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new & noteworthy

Puerto Rico La Isla de Encanta beckons travelers to its shores. With all airports fully operational and resorts resuming reservations for anxious guests, the Caribbean rebounds and flourishes with one of their greatest resources, welcoming the eager traveler who wants to experience the resiliency of the people and the land. So, whether by air or sea, ¡Bienvenido! Come say “hola” to traversing the cobbled roads of Old San Juan, get a bite to eat in the plethora of restaurants serving their finest cuisine and stay a while in a new and noteworthy resort, the Serafina Beach Hotel. On March 20, guests will cross the threshold of 96 contemporary accommodations that complement the azure blue vistas of the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Laguna del Condado on the other. The minimalist décor…

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a taste of history in merida

"Merida? Would you like to visit Hacienda Petac in Merida?” I was asked on a bleak winter’s day in Chicago. One might assume that a self-proclaimed latinophile, who has traveled on and off the beaten path in Latin America, may have visited or at least been acquainted with the twice named ‘American Capital of Culture’ by the organization bearing its name, but shamefully, I resorted to Google. Merida can be summed up in three words: Architecture, Luxury and Culture. The capital of the Yucatan, just a few hours away from Cancun is the peninsula’s center of commerce. When the Spaniards conquered Merida in 1542, they discovered a Mayan settlement made of lime-mortared stone, reminding them of the Roman architecture in Merida, Spain. I digress. I’m really here to share with you my…

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the best of every (thing)

"This will read more like a love note to Casa de Campo than anything else." This will read more like a love note to Casa de Campo than anything else. I love so much about this resort that gushing about it comes naturally. Coming out of Miami, I decided to fly into Punta Cana airport because getting into the airport in La Romana can prove tricky from Florida. The main difference is the commute. I will take an hour and a half drive to get to the resort vs. a five-minute hop, but I am ok with that. The ride skirts the cane fields and gives me a chance to start the decompression process while reflecting on why Punta Cana (cane point) is named the way it is. A part of…