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Caribbean Living Summer 2015

Caribbean Living takes you beyond the beach, to the heart of the Caribbean and the most exquisite travel destinations. Jump into each issue and discover the best of Caribbean travel.

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Director of Photography Andrew Innerarity It's all about triggering emotion via imagery. When I convey the very essence of a situation with a single photograph, then I am complete, because the viewer understands more than the moment, they know the situation. Editor Jordan Simon Closing the bar down with the Lupis and co. over rhum vieux or rosé at The Hermitage. Savoring the world's finest mango French toast at Ottley's with a clutch of Keusches. Spa sojourning with Nature at the Four Seasons Nevis. That's just one island nation: Vive la Caribbean! Contributor Jeff Sobel For me the Caribbean is a lifestyle, best enjoyed with a drink in one hand and a good book in the other. Contributor Heidi Putman “The world is a book and those that do not travel read only one page” –St. Augustine This quote speaks volumes…

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island dates not to miss

JUNE Fridays in June, Great Abaco is the island destination to indulge in Bahamian culture with local artisans and traditional dishes, while vibrant costumes and stilt walkers take to the streets during Junkanoo Summer Festival, June 12 – 26. And St. Vincent & the Grenadines has their culture on display with vibrant costumes and pageantry during Vincy Mas, June 26 – July 7. www.carnivalsvg.com JULY Antigua & Barbuda’s Turtle Watching season is off and running, or rather those watching hope to see baby turtles run successfully from shore to sea, from July through October. International Reggae Day, July 1 is not an event that one has to physically attend, but a movement to participate in from any locale, taking the island vibes not just beyond the beach but also beyond the Caribbean. This far-reaching,…

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new & noteworthy

St. Kitts A Caribbean escape can be replete with back-to-nature experiences and dining on the fresh catch-of-the-day or fruit just picked from a tree. Belle Mont Farm on Kittitian Hill unveils fresh at its finest. A farm-to-table resort is St. Kitts’ newest and most authentic destination for travelers who wish to take their journey beyond the dining experience and make a true connection with the community. Forage alongside farmers during the day, selecting the finest produce that you will later prepare alongside Executive Chef Christophe Letard. That evening, a gourmet dinner is truly a farm-to-table feast where you literally have a hand in its creation. Dining options are abundant: Even during a round of golf, players are invited to snack on the fruit growing along the course at the world’s first…

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head-to-toe beach style

There are two ways, to me, that indicate a holiday has begun. The first is that smell when I first get off the plane – the sweet, sticky scent of heat that immediately commands my shoulders to drop a few inches. The second is the first sight of sand. I know that the latter is at risk of sounding like a budget travel ad – but from my home town in Dorset on the south coast of England to our second home on the island of Antigua, it is always the soft grains between my toes and a view of the sea that signals down time. Well, initially anyway. A simple pleasure though those first steps are once you’ve slipped off your flip-flops, the beach is a cruel mistress. Heat soon…

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islands in the stream by ernest hemingway

TAKES A NEW LOOK AT AN OLD CLASSIC “Events heat up when Hudson’s son David hooks a massive catch in a sequence that shows glimmers of The Old Man and the Sea.” Set against the tropical backdrop of the Caribbean in the 1930s, Islands in the Stream feels like we’re drinking a beer with Hemingway as he battles sharks, Nazis, and loneliness. Published posthumously by Mary Hemingway, Islands in the Stream is divided into three parts: ‘Bimini’, ‘Cuba’, and ‘At Sea’ (originally there was an idea for a fourth part which instead evolved into The Old Man and the Sea). This tale follows the life of Thomas Hudson, a well-known artist who’s traveled the world, divorced twice, and now seeks refuge fishing, painting, and drinking on the beautiful Bahamian island of Bimini. One cannot…

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save your life take a vacation

We all know the old adage, “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” What if I told you taking a vacation could do the same thing. It is true! Time away from your life stressors (i.e. work, personal projects, rush hour traffic, kids, employees, etc.) allows your body to repair and replenish itself. A study, published in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine analyzed the relationship between death rates with frequency of vacations. In the five years of the trial, researchers kept track of how many vacations each person took, and then followed them for nine years after the trial ended. Controlling for all other factors, the researchers discovered that taking multiple vacations (1-5 a year), resulted in a 32% decreased risk of death from all causes, compared to others…