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American Iron Magazine: Readers know why we are the world's #1 best selling magazine for American motorcycles. Published every 4 weeks (13 big issues a year), we keep you up on everything you need to know about Harley and Indian motorcycles! We cover the entire riding experience for you. Subscribe today for the latest new motorcycle and product reviews, news and views, real world do-it-yourself tech, customs and classics, as well as great tours and event coverage.

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three decades and counting

It’s hard for me to believe, but 1989 was 30 years ago. The Berlin Wall came down, the World Wide Web was invented, the first episode of The Simpsons aired on TV, and the first GPS satellite went into orbit. A gallon of gas cost 97 cents, and the first George Bush was our president. American Iron Magazine was launched in California in cooperation with Harley Owners Group (HOG) in March 1989.What were you doing back in 1989? I was getting ready to launch TAM Communications and my first motorcycle magazine, Old Bike Journal. Our research shows a bit less than half our current readers were riding motorcycles back then. I suspect many were thrilled when a family-friendly Harley magazine hit the newsstand. Prior to American Iron Magazine, almost all…

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tell me something i don’t know

I recently received an e-mail from Harley-Davidson media relations department with the following in the subject line: RIDING A MOTORCYCLE IMPROVED METRICS OF FOCUS AND DECREASED STRESS BIOMARKERS, ACCORDING TO A NEW NEUROBIOLOGICAL STUDY. Phew—that was a mouthful. The e-mail itself recounted a recent neurobiological study, funded by Harley-Davidson, which essentially tells riders something we already know. But we didn’t know why. Well, now we have scientific proof.After plowing through the two-page synopsis of the study my knee-jerk reaction was a typical snarky retort, something completely nonscientific like, “Well, yeah, duh. Who doesn’t know that?” But after further consideration and reading it again, I concluded that the big bucks Harley undoubtedly spent on this study were not wasted. In this day and age of fake news in the media, sensationalism…

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quoted & noted

Daytona Bike Week Giveaway Bike Is Finished!AMERICAN IRON MAGAZINE IS ONCE AGAIN WORKING CLOSELY with the Daytona Chamber of Commerce to build the Daytona Bike Week giveaway bike. This year, AIM is working with Klock Werks to trick out a brand-new 2018 Softail Low Rider for one lucky rider. We’ve guided you through the tear-down and rebuild right here in these pages, he final installment on page 75 and the full feature story on page 32. With the inspiration coming from the ever-popular FXR rippers, the Klock Werks team is hard at work to get the bike finished ahead of the 78th Daytona Bike Week. Last year’s Chaos Cycle-built Dyna was a major hit with riders, and what the Klock Werks team has planned should rev up your engine even…

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Death of the Big Wheel?Finally! A custom bagger that I can actually ride! I’ve been wanting to build something like the Stunner 8 (issue #369) myself, but life and other projects have been in the way. So many big-wheel custom baggers now are just rolling art—or stationary art, since they spend their lives on a trailer or in a garage. They are virtually unridable, anyway, with no cornering or bump clearance, absurdly big front wheels, torturous seating positions, teensy brakes, and handling that rivals ripe roadkill. I hope that fad has passed and talented builders will turn their focus to the modern version of an H-D sport-tourer. Let’s see lightweight bodywork, chassis parts, and accessories; slightly narrower fairings that split and manage the air better; and increased cornering clearance. Maybe…

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garage build

Garage Build Features Two GarageBuild.com EntrantsTwo lucky home builders will see their tremendous work on display in the recently launched Garage Build magazine. Jon Davies (bottom) and Terry Daley (top) built two unique home customs and decided to submit the photos to GarageBuild.com, where our team picked them as winner and runner-up. What does this mean? Well, other than some sweet prizes from Dennis Kirk, they’re also get featured in Garage Build mag. So get to submitting! You might find a home for your work’s story. Subscribe to Garage Build today by calling 877/693-3572 or by going AIMag.com and hitting the subscription link. $9.97 a year! ■…

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1998-2017 evo and twin cam clutch

The Twin Cam clutch had its beginnings with the last Evolution motorcycles in 1998, in line with Harley-Davidson’s custom of testing products before a new model introduction. Back in 1990, Harley-Davidson began to use the same clutch packs in both Big Twin models and Sportster models. The Twin Cam clutch follows this manufacturing money saving tradition with the Twin Cam and the 1998 and later Evolution Sportsters. Previously, Big Twin and Sportster clutches were very different beasts.In the Harley scheme of things, 19 years is a long time to not upgrade an item that sustains as much wear as a clutch. This speaks to the quality and durability of these clutch plates and related components.However, there are variations. I will go into depth reguarding later Twin Cam models that use…