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American Iron Magazine: The ultimate do-it-yourself, tech and homebuilt motorcycle magazine. Looking to learn more about how to maintain and customize your own motorcycle? American Iron Magazine is jam packed with great do-it-yourself tech and homebuilt custom motorcycles. Plus, easy to follow step by step how-to installs, maintenance tips, home garage tool reviews and safety features. A must read for the weekend wrench.

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riding into a new year

I’d like to start the new year by welcoming everyone to 2020 and thanking you for supporting our efforts in print and online. No, print is not dead, but it certainly is evolving quickly and not everyone can keep up with the rapid changes. As a third-generation magazine publisher, ink flows through my blood. My parents published puzzle magazines (Penny Press and Dell Puzzles are still our family business run by my brother Peter) and my grandfather published Classics Illustrated comics from 1941 until 1967. I grew up in the business. When I left the family puzzle publishing business in 1990 to start my own, I knew it was a bold move. Especially in such a crowded field as motorcycle print magazines where we had more than a dozen competitors. Few people…

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memories don’t last forever

As you delve deeper into this issue, you’ll find a pleasant surprise toward the back. I’ll leave you in suspense on that for a moment. Last year was an anniversary year for American Iron Magazine. It was the thirtieth anniversary of this publication hitting the newsstands. Thirty years is a long time, so it was kind of a big deal around here. And we wanted to celebrate the history of American Iron Magazine throughout the anniversary year by taking a look back. Thus, the inside last page of this mag, which was named Memories and was usually reserved for vintage pictures of motorcycles, became a chronological walk through time, showing how AIM has covered your favorite motorcycles and trends over the years. Well, we wrapped up the anniversary feature with the…

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bad habits die hard

There’s a parking spot to the right. No, wait, there’s a better one over there! Oh, wait… The pavement is rough, so I’ll just go right again—BOOM. Bike down. And now I’m scrambling to get up. I shut off the ignition and, with adrenaline still pumping through my veins, I right the Sportster, this time being a little more careful to make sure I don’t tip over again from going too slowly when the front wheel isn’t straight. It was a novice mistake; a newbie error in judgment combined with a distinct lack of low-speed handling skills. I wish I could say it was the last time I did something like that, but sadly, it wasn’t. That first dumped bike debacle took place nearly 20 years ago, and each time I…

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quoted & noted

ARCH Motorcycle’s KRGT-1 Unleashed ARCH MOTORCYCLE HAS INTRODUCED THE new ARCH KRGT-1, an evolution of the production motorcycle that set the bar in the performance cruiser category. Continuing the ARCH Motorcycle philosophy of simple, elegant design and performance, the new KRGT-1 features over 20 major changes involving more than 150 newly designed and manufactured components. Key to this machine’s power is the 124ci S&S/ARCH engine with an in-house designed downdraught induction system and K&N Engineering air filter. Exhaust flow is managed by an ARCH 2-into-1 stainless steel header system and Yoshimura carbon fiber muffler. Specific to the KRGT-1 is the updated bodywork that includes a redesigned fuel tank, tail section, and seat. The billet aluminum fuel tank contours are more ergonomic but maintain the original fivegallon fuel capacity. New KRGT-1 ergonomic features include…

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Fogged Up Thanks for the informative explanation of why Harley gauges fog up in issue 382. However, your recommendation (heated garage, dehumidifier) won’t work for me since I live in San Francisco and park my 2017 Roadster in the backyard under a shelter. I’m on my second replacement gauge; the original and the first replacement fogged up right over the display at the bottom of the unit. Before I purchased the Roadster, I parked my Kawasaki in the backyard, and I also have a Suzuki back there. Neither of those bikes had or have a problem with fogged gauges. I was thinking about buying a new Sport Glide, but I think that I’ll wait a while and see if a real solution to this problem is forthcoming from The Motor Company. By…

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basic carburetor tuning

The beginning basics for carburetor tuning are the same as for troubleshooting a problematic Harley. Why try to tune or troubleshoot if the air filter is dirty, or worse, plugged with dirt? This will prevent adequate air from reaching the combustion chambers. Likewise for a partially plugged gas filter or gas cap vent, which will prevent enough gasoline from entering the carburetor. Furthermore, it is imperative that ignition timing is correct. The ignition system’s spark plugs, wires, and coil should work at peak efficiency. A weak yellow spark will drastically affect engine running and power. A non-existent spark will not allow the engine to run. Sparking across the plug electrode should be crisp, either lightning white or blue in color. It is important not to confuse external carburetor or mechanical problems with…