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one more episode: apple rivals netflix with new streaming service

APPLE VIDEO IS ON ITS WAY Almost three years have passed since Apple Music’s launch, and new figures suggest that 40 million people now subscribe to theall-you-can-eat music streaming service . It’s great news for Tim Cook and Co, and it’s news that has sent Spotify into a panic. Thanks to Apple’s innovative technology, an impressive share of the smartphone market and a keen eye for detail, the company has managed to grow its services division by 31% to $9.2 billion in 2017. That makes it its second most profitable, right behind the iPhone division. If services are where Apple wants to innovate, then there’s no greater project than a Netflix rival. And that’s exactly what Apple is working on right now, with the Cupertino company confirming its plans to launch a…

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how to pick a new password, now that twitter wants one

Yet another service is asking you to change your password. Twitter said last week it discovered a bug that stored passwords in an internal log in plain text, without the usual encryption. Though Twitter says there’s no indication that anyone has stolen or misused those passwords, the company is recommending a change as a precaution. Here are some tips on coming up with a new password and safeguarding your account — even if your password is compromised. COMPLEXITY COUNTS Don’t even think of using “password” as your password. Picking any common word as your password should be avoided because it’s easily guessed using software that tries out every word in the dictionary. However, you can get a good password by combining two or more words, such as “rocketcalendar.” Sprinkle in some numerals and punctuation marks,…

4 Min.
report: millions of tweets spread anti-semitic messages

Millions of anti-Semitic messages on Twitter have spread negative stereotypes and conspiracy theories about Jews across the social media platform, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League. ADL national director and CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said the data showed many used Twitter as a “megaphone to harass and intimidate Jews.” An earlier report from the Jewish civil rights group said anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. last year had reached the highest tally it has counted in more than two decades. That increase appeared to be fueled by emboldened far-right extremists as well as the “divisive state of our national discourse,” Greenblatt said in February. In the new report, the group estimated that about 3 million Twitter users posted or re-posted at least 4.2 million anti-Semitic tweets in English over a 12-month period ending…

5 Min.
airplay 2: music multiplied

APPLE CONTINUES THEIR LEGACY For many of us, the first piece of Apple tech we owned was an iPod, used in conjunction with iTunes. Apple has long been the king of music, and technology, and strives to create a seamless integration across all Apple products, and the latest addition to the Apple family does just that. AirPlay 2 works to create a seamless transition between our devices and allows multi-room control directly from your iPhone. AIRPLAY 2 IS ABOUT TO SHIP Apple AirPlay 2 is the latest version of theAirPlay protocol, and it is finally on its way . The original AirPlay was first introduced in 2010, so it is certainly outdated, and finally it will feature universal device support. It allows you to share music from your MacBook or iPhone to your…

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google showcases ai advances at its big conference

Google put the spotlight on its artificial intelligence smarts at its annual developers conference, where it announced new features and services imbued with machine learning. The company’s digital concierge, known only as the Google Assistant, is gaining new — if experimental — abilities to handle tasks such as making restaurant reservations and placing other tedious phone calls without human hand-holding. “Hi, I’m calling to book a hair appointment for a client,” said a realistic-sounding automated voice in a demo from the conference stage. The AI voice used pauses and “ums” and “mmm-hmms” to sound more human during interactions with people. The company said it is rolling out the technology, called Google Duplex, as an experiment in coming weeks. “We really want to work hard to get this right,” said Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who…

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how new google features tap digital smarts

Google showcased its plans for the next several months as it kicked off its annual developers’ conference Tuesday. Many of the new features center on the use of artificial intelligence to help save time. Here are the highlights: MAPS: Google will use augmented reality to help guide you to your destination. When you pull up direction on Google Maps, you can look through the camera and get turn-by-turn directions while viewing the actual street. The app will also orient you and verify your position using local landmarks such as buildings and shops viewed through the camera. Google calls the technology VPS, or visual positioning system. The feature is expected this summer. GOOGLE DUPLEX: Google’s digital assistant will call actual people at businesses to make restaurant reservations and hair appointments and check holiday hours.…