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apple for all: why accessibility is key for apple

EMPOWERING EVERYONE According to Apple, “technology is most powerful when it empowers everyone”. Accessibility features on iOS, macOS and Apple’s other operating systems have long been regarded as the very best in the industry, winning awards such as the AFB’s PrestigiousHelen Keller Achievement . To celebrate last week’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Apple renewed focus on itsAccessibility site , sharing some of the tools and features it was developing to empower its users. Below, we’ve delved deeper into the Cupertino firm’s commitment to accessibility and discovered why it deserves its unbeatable reputation. THE BIGGER PICTURE For users who are blind or struggle with their sight, accessing the internet, watching videos and sending text messages can be a struggle. However, Apple’s software allows you to write a text or email without even seeing the screen.…

3 Min.
consumer reports raises concerns over tesla model 3 braking

Long emergency stopping distances, difficult-to-use controls and a harsh ride stopped Tesla’s Model 3 electric car from getting a recommended buy rating from Consumer Reports. While the magazine said the car has exhilarating acceleration and handling, testers were troubled by its 152-foot average stopping distance from 60 miles per hour in emergency braking tests. The magazine said the distance was worse than any modern car it has tested, and is about 7 feet longer than a Ford F-150, a full-size pickup truck that weighs about twice as much as a Model 3. Tesla said in a statement that its own tests found 60-to-zero braking distances averaging 133 feet. It says stopping distances are affected by road surface, weather, tire temperature, brake conditioning and other factors. It also says it continually does software…

4 Min.
amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police

The American Civil Liberties Union and other privacy advocates are asking Amazon to stop marketing a powerful facial recognition tool to police, saying law enforcement agencies could use the technology to “easily build a system to automate the identification and tracking of anyone.” The tool, called Rekognition, is already being used by at least one agency — the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon — to check photographs of unidentified suspects against a database of mug shots from the county jail, which is a common use of such technology around the country. But privacy advocates have been concerned about expanding the use of facial recognition to body cameras worn by officers or safety and traffic cameras that monitor public areas, allowing police to identify and track people in real time. Amazon is offering…

7 Min.
iphone x videos: shooting like a pro

With such up to date technologies, the fact that iPhones have almost completely replacedstandalone video cameras has come as no surprise. However, many continue to argue that you can still differentiate between a video that’s been shot on a phone and one that’s been shot with the dedicated polish of a DSLR, for example. While that may be partly true, the reason that iPhone videos appear lackluster is largely down to bad habits. In the immediate aftermath of the iPhone Xlaunch tech blogs were understandably flooded with ‘iPhone X camera versus [insert device here]’ articles. Regardless, does a review such as this really demonstrate the true capabilities of what a camera can do when it’s put in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing? With only a few tips,…

4 Min.
pentagon adopts new cellphone restrictions

After months of debate, the Defense Department approved Monday new restrictions for the use of cellphones and some other electronic devices in the Pentagon where classified information is present or discussed. But officials stopped far short of imposing an all-out ban. The memo, which was obtained by The Associated Press, largely clarifies current procedures and calls for stricter adherence to long-held practices that require phones be left in storage containers outside secure areas where sensitive matters are discussed. But it makes clear that cellphones can still be used in common areas and other offices in the Pentagon if classified information is not present. The memo was signed by Deputy Secretary Patrick Shanahan. Pentagon officials said they do not yet have a cost estimate for the construction of storage areas where the phones can…

5 Min.
from airlines to pizza parlors, eu businesses adopt data law

Lisa Meyer’s hair salon is a cozy place where her mother serves homemade macaroons, children climb on chairs and customers chat above the whirr of hairdryers. Most of the time Meyer is focused on hairstyles, color trends and keeping up with appointments. But now she’s worried about how the European Union’s new data protection law will affect her business as she contacts customers to seek permission to store their details. Even though she supports the law, Meyer fears it may cut her mailing list by 90 percent as people choose to withhold their data or simply overlook her emails. “It will be difficult to market upcoming events,” she said at her shop, Lisa Hauck Hair & Beauty in London. Businesses from pizza parlors to airlines across the EU’s 28 countries are bombarding customers…