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6 Min.
apple: now a trillion-dollar company

Apple has hit many crucial milestones during its 42-year existence. Obvious examples include when it was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the 1984 launch of the Macintosh, and the arrivals of the iPod, iPhone and iPad in 2001, 2007 and 2010 respectively. However, Apple has reached yet another crucial point by becoming the first US company toachieve a market capitalization of $1 trillion . What does this milestone really mean? A STUNNING VALUATION MANY YEARS IN THE MAKING Apple had long been forecast to reach a $1 trillion valuation. In November 2017, the company’s market cap was roughly $900billion , leading Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White to enthuse: “We were the first on Wall Street to project that Apple would reach a $1 trillion market cap as reflected…

3 Min.
more states sue to stop online plans for 3d-printed guns

More states are suing the Trump administration to dissolve a settlement it reached with a company that wants to post instructions online for making 3D-printed firearms that are hard to trace and detect. Mostly Democratic attorneys general from 19 states, plus the District of Columbia, filed an amended complaint asking a judge make it illegal to share plans on creating printable plastic weapons. One Republican — Colorado’s attorney general — joined the lawsuit. It comes days after U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik blocked the plans from being released until Aug. 28. He has scheduled an Aug. 21 hearing on the states’ request to reverse the U.S. State Department’s agreement with Austin, Texas-based Defense Distributed. The settlement jeopardizes states’ ability to enforce gun laws, including background checks, and puts public safety at risk, the…

5 Min.
tesla ceo drops latest bombshell with $72b buyout proposal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is gearing up to lead a buyout of the electric car maker in a stunning move that would end the maverick company’s eight-year history trading on the stock market. In his typically unorthodox fashion, the eccentric Musk dropped his bombshell on his Twitter account, which he has used as a platform for pranks, vitriol and now for a proposal to pull off one of the biggest buyouts in U.S. history. Musk got the ball rolling Tuesday after the stock market had already been open more than three hours with a tweet announcing he had secured funding to buy all of Tesla’s stock at $420 per share with no further details. At that price, the buyout would cost nearly $72 billion, based on Tesla’s outstanding stock as of July 27,…

8 Min.
volante vision concept the future of luxury air travel

VOLANTE VISION IS COMING This year’s Farnborough International Airshow - one of the world’s most closely-watched annual air shows - was unlike any other. Not only did Boeing and Airbus battle it out to unveil their next generation airliners, Airbus with its latestversion of the A320 and Boeing’s 737 narrow-body jets, but the UK showed off their next generation Tempest combat aircraft, which willbe flying by 2035 . And alongside the latest innovations in air travel, and a performance from The Red Arrows, the Royal Air Force’s aerobatic team, came a more unusual unveiling. Aston Martin, famed for its luxury high-end cars, used the event to show off its Volante Vision Concept, a product it believes could revolutionize the skies and transform the way we travel from city to city. In this special…

5 Min.
goo-gle gaga: parenting in the age of alexa and her ilk

Hey parents: What if there was a machine that could respond to your kids’ every command, never tiring, even if they ask it to tell jokes for two hours or answer all their homework questions? It’s a blessing and a curse for moms and dads that machines kind of like that do exist in the form of Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. These in-house digital assistants don’t always understand questions or serve up useful answers (which some parents say is a good thing). But they do create challenges and opportunities for parents — especially those raising younger kids. Even as Amazon and Google are adding options that control access and require kids to speak politely to their voice-controlled speakers, devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home can make a big and unexpected…

5 Min.
trump’s china trade war pulls consumer tech into crossfire

The prices of headphones, speakers, high-tech lighting and internet service could all go up if the U.S. trade war with China continues. The Trump administration’s hit list of Chinese products facing import taxes includes key components used in gadgets that can be wirelessly operated through a smartphone or another device. The tariffs also will nail networking equipment that makes the internet work. It remains unclear how much prices might rise, partly because the next round of tariffs won’t be imposed until the fall. The technology industry’s broad reach and financial heft also complicates the calculation. Apple, Google, Microsoft and other major technology companies have such diversified product lines and deep pockets that they simply could absorb the additional costs triggered by the tariffs rather than pass them along to consumers. But even the richest…