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rumors macbook 13-inch 2018 apple creating new classics

2010 was a great year. Steve Jobs was still with us, the Saints won the SuperBowl, Spain won the first World Cup to be held in Africa, The Hurt Locker won best picture at the Oscars and Apple launched the 13-inch Macbook Air. A lot has happened in the world and at Apple since then, but it would be a surprise to most people if you had told them that this model of the Macbook would still be one of Apple’s most popular selling computers eight years later. AIR BREATHING - JUST There are a lot of reasons why it is still a popular purchase. Most simply, a lot of regular, non-tech people look at the machine with its reasonable screen size, polished metal chassis, great keyboard and touchpad and think “this is…

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experts say tesla board may have too many ties to ceo musk

For years, Tesla’s board remained almost invisible, staying behind the curtain as superstar Chairman and CEO Elon Musk guided the electric car maker to huge stock price increases. Now, given Musk’s recent questionable behavior, experts say it’s time for the board to step onstage and take action on the company’s leadership. The list of Musk’s offenses include berating Wall Street analysts on a conference call and labeling as a pedophile via Twitter a British diver involved in the cave rescue of trapped Thai soccer players. Add to that his abrupt Twitter announcement of a plan to take the company private even though funding hasn’t been solidified, as well as confessing to being overwhelmed with job stress in a recent interview, and it’s likely that most other company boards in a similar position…

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ranks of most valuable companies shifted during bull market

The most valuable American companies at the start of the current bull market included an oil company and retail and consumer goods giants, and just one technology company. The ranking seems very traditional, even a bit old-fashioned, compared to today, when big technology companies dominate the top of the market. The top five most valuable companies at the end of February 2009 — Exxon Mobil, Walmart, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and AT&T — includes several in sectors that are generally considered safe, a reflection of investors’ anxieties at a time the market was suffering huge losses. Today, the top four most valuable companies on the U.S. market are concentrated in technology. They’ve used innovations in commerce, communications and software to change how people spend their time and money, and how they work. Apple’s iPhone…

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twitter 2.0: social network cuts off third-party apps

FLYING SOLO It’s hard to imagine the internet without Twitter. Whether we’re following a breaking news story, tweeting along to our favorite television shows or watching celebrities argue over music, the social network is a major part of our everyday lives. Whilst Facebook and Instagram are for our friends and family, Twitter is our window to the world - to engage in debates, understand new perspectives and have real-time conversations with people from all walks of life. Twitter was one of the first social networks to make its way to the iPhone with the release of iOS 2, but it was a third-party developer that created the app rather than the company itself. Indeed, Twitter has a history of being open source, and relying on developers to create software for its users,…

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can twitter change its ‘core’ and remain twitter?

After long resisting change, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to revamp the “core” of the service to fight rampant abuse and misinformation. But it’s not clear if changing that essence — how it rewards interactions and values popularity — would even work. Though Dorsey was scant on details, what is certain is that the move will require huge investments for a company that doesn’t have the same resources that Google and Facebook have to throw at the problem. Any change is likely to affect how users engage with Twitter and hurt revenue, testing the patience of both users and investors. “Social networks have a history of ... well-intentioned but badly designed efforts to fix this,” said Nate Elliott, principal at marketing research firm Nineteen Insights. Twitter isn’t alone in having to deal…

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facebook takes down 652 accounts linked to russia, iran

Facebook has identified and banned more accounts engaged in misleading political behavior ahead of the U.S. midterm elections in November. The social network said this week that it had removed 652 pages, groups, and accounts linked to Russia and, unexpectedly, Iran, for “coordinated inauthentic behavior”that included the sharing of political material. Facebook has significantly stepped up policing of its platform since last year, when it acknowledged that Russian agents successfully ran political influence operations on Facebook aimed at swaying the 2016 presidential election. The social network said it had not concluded its review of the material and declined to say how or why the state-backed actors were behaving the way they did. But it said it has informed the U.S. and U.K. governments as well as informed the U.S. Treasury and State departments…