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rumors about apple’s next iphones gather pace

The end of the summer traditionally means many things, including lower temperatures, less sun and formerly lush green trees turning brown – as well as, of course, speculation about what forms Apple’s next iPhones could take. Such has been the case over the past week, with several stories giving us a slightly more concrete sense of what the Cupertino giant’s next generation handsets might look and feel like. As our magazine went to press, Apple was yet to confirm an exact date for its next keynote; nonetheless, there are certain clues about the likely date that we can glean from past iPhone launch events. There certainly doesn’t seem to be much doubt about the likely month in which the next iPhones will be unveiled, with CNET explaining that it would probably be…

2 Min.
q&a: at&t entertainment exec on future of video

David Christopher, who runs AT&T’s wireless and entertainment businesses, has a bird’s eye view of how streaming media and video are evolving. AT&T recently completed its $85 billion purchase of Time Warner, a deal designed to help traditional media companies compete better with nimble tech services such as Netflix. Soon after the deal closed, AT&T launched WatchTV, a $15-a-month streaming service that offers more than 30 TV channels, including Time Warner channels TNT and TBS. We spoke with Christopher about how people are consuming media and what role wireless companies play. Remarks have been edited for clarity and length. Q: Why do you think customers will choose Watch TV over other TV packages? A:There’s no “one size fits all” anymore for video. Video is increasingly very personal and we think Watch TV is a…

3 Min.
samsung’s $1,000 note 9 is great-but so is the cheaper s9

For $1,000, the premium Galaxy Note 9 is a superb phone that showcases the best Samsung has to offer. It’s also the phone most of you won’t need. That’s because you can get many of the same features in Samsung’s Galaxy S9 for a few hundred dollars less. The Note 9, available last week, is the Android smartphone for those who want the latest and the greatest. There’s a larger battery, with a 21 percent boost over last year’s Note 8 model. The Note 9 gets 128 gigabytes of storage, double what’s in the S9 and Apple’s iPhones. And of course, a large screen. But there’s not much “wow” beyond that. Smartphone innovation has slowed down in recent years. It’s more noticeable with Samsung because the company spreads out those innovations between two…

3 Min.
uber heads in new direction with toyota on self-driving cars

Uber is teaming up with Toyota to build self-driving cars for its ride-hailing service after its efforts to do it alone were derailed by a fatal collision and allegations of high-tech theft. Toyota, based in Japan, is also investing $500 million in Uber as part of the alliance announced this week. The deal aims to combine the best features from the two companies’ work on autonomous technology into cars that will be picking up Uber’s customers by 2021. By the time that happens, Uber hopes to have completed an initial public offering of stock that will enrich a list of early investors that now includes Toyota. Those investors have been pouring billions of dollars into Uber’s revolutionary ride-hailing service that still hasn’t proven it can make money since its inception nearly a decade…

6 Min.
supercycle: iphone event could include big surprises

A TRIPLE THREAT With Apple’s September event now just weeks away, the rumor mill is in overdrive, with analysts and enthusiasts all weighing in and sharing their expectations for the next iPhone lineup. 2018 has been a strong year for Apple, with continued growth in its Apple Music service, and record earnings quarters helping Apple to become the world’s first public companyworth more than one trillion dollars . But what’s next for Apple? Of course, the company is expected to venture out into new products and services, with a rumored Apple Car and a Netflix-style subscription service already in the works, but in the meantime, all eyes are on the hardware. Last year’s iPhone X revolutionized smartphones once more, what with the removal of the home button, the introduction of ‘the notch’…

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google’s search tool to help job-seeking veterans

A new Google search tool will allow service members transitioning to civilian life to include their military occupational specialty code to find jobs that match their skills. The tool announced this week is part of the tech giant’s “Grow with Google” initiative aimed at helping Americans get jobs or grow their businesses. The program also is offering transitioning service members, and their spouses, computer training. In addition, when users are searching for a place on Android or iOS mobile device or in Google Maps and open a business listing, a “veteran-led” designation will let people know which businesses are owned and run by veterans. The initiatives are part of Google’s plans to spend $1 billion on nonprofit organizations helping to raise education levels around the world.…