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gamimg: the steps apple must take to dominate

Do you game on an Apple platform? Statistics suggest that you likely do, and perhaps regularly - even if you have to snatch occasional minutes here and there, such as on the morning train, to squeeze in your bouts of gaming. This year, one analyst branded Apple “one of the biggestgaming companies in the world” on account of the huge revenue Apple brings in from iOS games it doesn’t even make. Still, overall, the media has painted a more nuanced picture of Apple’s clout in gaming. Neil Campling, co-head of global thematic group at Mirabaud Securities, has pegged the gaming-related proportion of Apple’s App Store revenue at 82%. That’s due to Apple’s 30% cut of revenue from third-party apps on iOS. However, gaming hasn’t flourished - financially or otherwise -…

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how to check what facebook hackers accessed in your account

Could hackers have been able to see the last person you cyberstalked, or that party photo you were tagged in? According to Facebook, the unfortunate answer is “yes.” The social network said fewer users were affected in a security breach it disclosed two weeks ago than originally estimated — nearly 30 million, down from 50 million. In additional good news, the company said hackers weren’t able to access more sensitive information like your password or financial information. And third-party apps weren’t affected. Still, for users already uneasy about the privacy and security of their Facebook accounts after a year of tumult , the details that hackers did gain access to — gender, relationship status, hometown and other info — might be even more unsettling. Facebook has been quick to let users check exactly…

4 Min.
purging long-forgotten online accounts: worth the trouble?

The internet is riddled with long-forgotten accounts on social media, dating apps and various shopping sites used once or twice. Sure, you should delete all those unused logins and passwords. And eat your vegetables. And go to the gym. But is it even possible to delete your zombie online footprints — or worth your time to do so? Earlier this month, a little-used social network notified its few users that it will soon shut down. No, not Google Plus; that came five days later, following the disclosure of a bug that exposed data on a half-million people. The earlier shutdown involved Path, created by a former Facebook employee in 2010 as an alternative to Facebook. Then there’s Ello sending you monthly emails to remind you that this plucky but little-known social network still…

7 Min.
privacy: apple fighting to keep your data safe

YOUR DATA IS IN SAFE HANDS Data has never been so important. Every time you search for a business on Google, message a friend on Instagram or add an item to your basket on Amazon, companies around the world trade your data, building up a profile of who you are as a consumer to sell more of their products and services, and deliver relevant adverts to you across the web. Without data, Facebook and Google would not be the multi-billion-dollar businesses they are today, and many of our most beloved online services, like YouTube, Gmail, and WhatsApp, would not be free for us to use. However, as consumers become more digitally savvy and brands have an increasing influence on the way we live our lives, it’s never been more important for giants…

4 Min.
google pixel 3 phone aims to automate more daily tasks

There’s not much about the physical details of Google’s new Pixel 3 phone that you can’t find elsewhere. That bigger display and curved design? Apple and Samsung phones already have that. But the Pixel doesn’t intend to wow people with its hardware anyway. It’s really a showcase for Google’s latest advances in software, particularly in artificial intelligence. Google wants to help you manage daily life, from screening unwanted phone calls to predicting what you’ll type. The software underscores how Google is tapping its strengths in personalization — and perhaps make money through ads in the process. You get free services in exchange for letting Google deeper into your life. The Pixel isn’t likely to work for anyone uncomfortable with that trade-off. As impressive as Google’s ambitions are, though, AI is still new at the…

4 Min.
can pinterest succeed as the ‘un’-social network?

If Instagram is the dream vacation you’ll never go on and Facebook is Thanksgiving with too many relatives arguing over politics, Pinterest is sitting on the couch by yourself, watching a home-improvement show and absent-mindedly flipping through an old issue of Gourmet magazine. Pinterest has long shunned being labeled a social network. Because of that, it doesn’t push users to add friends or build connections the way rivals have done to grow quickly. But while this has meant that Pinterest is smaller than, say, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the service has also avoided much of its peers’ troubles around misinformation, hate and abuse. “Social media is about sharing what you are doing with other people,” Evan Sharp, Pinterest’s co-founder and chief product officer said in an interview. “Pinterest isn’t about sharing. It’s…