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on the map: where apple is now beating google

THE SEARCH GIANT NO LONGER SITTING SO COMFORTABLY When you retrieve your iPhone from your pocket in preparation for a long journey on the road, which mapping application do you load up first? Whereas Google Maps might have once been the straightforward choice, Apple Maps has made significant leaps in functionality since the application’s belated debut in 2012. By 2015, the adoption level of Apple Maps was more than treble that ofGoogle Maps on iPhones and iPads – and things now look set to get even better. In an interview with TechCrunch in June, Apple announced that it was rebuilding its own Maps app “from the ground up”, giving it a wealth of new data sourced independently by Apple. The new Maps has since brokencover with iOS 12 – and although the…

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verizon reorganizes structure under new ceo to prep for 5g

Verizon is undergoing a significant restructuring under new CEO Hans Vestberg, including its dominant wireless division, as it prepares to roll out its 5G technology. Three months after Vestberg took control, Verizon said that the New York company will be organized into four groups at the start of the year: Consumer, Business, Media, and Global Network & Technology. Verizon Consumer Group will include the company’s wireless and wireline businesses for consumers and will be led by Ronan Dunne. The remaining units include The Verizon Business Group and the Global Network & Technology organization. Vestberg said in a prepared statement that Verizon seeks to optimize opportunities in the new 5G era though its restructuring. Several other companies are preparing for the rollout of faster 5G service, including key rival AT&T. The latest mobile communications technology is…

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chicago-area researchers study quantum computing

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign researchers and Chicago-area scientists are working to create a communications network that can withstand hacking. The University of Illinois announced last month that it will be joining the Chicago Quantum Exchange in its effort to explore quantum technology, an emerging field of physics and engineering that involves studying matter and energy at a small scale. Experts believe work in the field could eliminate cybersecurity risks and further pharmaceutical discoveries. “This new branch of science was really born here in Illinois,” said U of I Chancellor Robert Jones. “This Chicago Quantum Exchange is a huge step forward in ensuring that the revolution in innovation and discovery that will come in this field will be anchored right here where it all started.” The exchange was started last year and includes…

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apple’s 4q, change in iphone sales disclosure jar investors

Apple’s faithful customers aren’t snapping up iPhones quite as enthusiastically as anticipated heading into the crucial holiday shopping season. But the latest models costing $1,000 and more are popular enough to keep propelling profits ever higher for the world’s most prosperous company. The mixed bag emerged in the quarterly results Apple released amid jitters about how the company and the rest of the technology industry will fare in the face of myriad threats to growth. Those include increased government regulation, the escalating U.S. trade war with China and the specter of rising interest rates crimping economic growth. Apple’s performance for the July-through-September period and its revenue outlook for holiday season evidently weren’t enough to ease investors’ concerns. The Cupertino, California, company rattled Wall Street even more by unexpectedly announcing that it will no longer…

7 Min.
macbook air: the greenest mac yet

LIGHTER, BRIGHTER, AND MIGHTIER Having only just unveiled a range of new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 4, many thought Apple was set for the festive season. However, the Cupertino firm stayed true to tradition and held their ‘More in the Making’ event this October, introducing a bunch of new hardware for everyday and professional users alike, including an all-new MacBook Air made from 100% recycled aluminum that’s lighter, brighter, and mightier than ever before. This week, we unbox the new device and explore how it not only sports a breathtaking all-glass design but is also helping to save the planet… STUNNING RETINA DISPLAY Over the past five years, Apple has slowly been upgrading its hardware lineup to include Retina displays, first with the MacBook Pro and since with its iMac and…

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smartphone makers bet on foldable screens as next big thing

The smartphone industry has been searching for a breakthrough to revive a market mired in an innovation lull and a sales slump. A potential catalyst is coming with the introduction of phones featuring flexible screens that can be folded in half without breaking. That feat could make the devices more versatile for work and pleasure, by increasing screen space without making phones too big. On Wednesday, Samsung provided a glimpse at a foldable-screen device that it will release next year. It’s expected to compete against several other flexible-screen phones. But it’s unclear whether the flexibility will have mass appeal, especially when the bendy devices are expected to cost more than $1,000.…