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the new ipad pro: a glimpse of the future

Near the close of October, Apple threw the veil off the new iPad Pro, which it has hailed as not only the “most advanced, powerful iPad ever” , but also “the iPad we wanted to make from the beginning” . However, short of getting too swept up in the marketing hype surrounding the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch devices, many observers – both press critics and regular users – have held off to see whether the new iPad Pro really stands up to scrutiny in a professional context. AGAIN IN AN iPAD PROCESSOR, X MARKS THE SPOT As the new iPad Pro has been made available first to the media and then to consumers, the Internet has seen a flurry of opinions and appraisals of this new productivity-oriented slate. However, in an attempt…

5 Min.
as facebook faces fire, heat turns up on no. 2 sandberg

For the past decade, Sheryl Sandberg has been the poised, reliable second-in-command to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, helping steer Facebook’s rapid growth around the world, while also cultivating her brand in ways that hint at aspirations well beyond the social network. But with growing criticism over the company’s practices, or lack of oversight, her carefully cultivated image as an eloquent feminist leader is showing cracks. Questions these days aren’t so much about whether she’ll run for the Senate or even president, but whether she ought to keep her job at Facebook. “Her brand was being manicured with the same resources and care as the gardens of Tokyo,” said Scott Galloway, a New York University marketing professor. “And unfortunately a hurricane has come through the garden.” Facebook has been dealing with hurricanes for…

5 Min.
mars revisited: nasa spacecraft days away from risky landing

Mars is about to get its first U.S. visitor in years: a three-legged, one-armed geologist to dig deep and listen for quakes. NASA’s InSight makes its grand entrance through the rose-tinted Martian skies on Monday, after a six-month, 300 million-mile (480 million-kilometer) journey. It will be the first American spacecraft to land since the Curiosity rover in 2012 and the first dedicated to exploring underground. NASA is going with a tried-and-true method to get this mechanical miner to the surface of the red planet. Engine firings will slow its final descent and the spacecraft will plop down on its rigid legs, mimicking the landings of earlier successful missions. That’s where old school ends on this $1 billion U.S.-European effort. Mars is about to get its first U.S. visitor in years: a three-legged, one-armed geologist…

7 Min.
mac mini: packed with impressive power

Hot off the heels of its new iPhone XS and XR launch, Apple invited New York professionals to its ‘More in the Making’ event in late October, unveiling a whole host of new hardware, like the long-awaited MacBook Air refresh and an iPhone X-inspired iPad redesign. One product announcement that garnered the most excitement, however, was the newly-designed Mac mini, which features blazing-fast storage, more ports, and the ability to build server farms. Today, we take a closer look at the mini, and ask whether size really matters in computing… A TWEAKED DESIGN The Mac mini has always been an attractive device, and it has maintained its signature silver box look since 2005’s model. Whilst the latest iteration of the mini looks the same on first impression, Apple did announce a new…

3 Min.
utilities encourage energy savings with smart thermostats

As temperatures drop and winter looms, homeowners and property managers are sweeping chimneys, insulating pipes and swapping screens for storm windows. They’re also going beyond traditional winterizing by installing smart thermostats and home energy monitors aiming to lower utility bills. Smart thermostats — which let consumers adjust their home temperatures remotely using any internet-connected device — are among the most popular smart home technologies, generating $1.3 billion in sales globally in 2017, according to Navigant Research. Some models use geofencing technology and multiple sensors placed throughout the house to adjust temperatures in individual rooms when a resident walks in, maximizing comfort and efficiency. Just how much consumers can save by installing smart thermostats — which generally range in price from $150 to $250 — depends on a variety of factors, but Nest, one…

7 Min.
limiting screen time for your kid? it’s harder than it looks

It is Saturday morning, and 10-year-old Henry Hailey is up at the crack of dawn. Still in PJs, his microphone-equipped headphones glowing blue in the dim basement, he fixates on the popular online game “Fortnite” on a large screen. “What?! Right as I was about to finish it, I died,” he calls out disappointedly to his friend Gus, a fellow fifth-grader playing the game from his home just a few blocks away. “Dude, I should NOT have died.” The digital battles resume, and Henry’s enthusiasm never wanes. Would he play all day if his parents let him? “Probably,” he concedes with a slight grin. But they do not. Like many other parents, the Haileys are on a reinvigorated mission to limit screen time for Henry and his 15-year-old brother, Everett. For some parents,…