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app of the year: improving your digital experience

SOME SURPRISES, AND SOME LESS SO Apple has just announced its annual‘best of’ selection of the apps that have conquered its categories over the last 12 months. As always, it is a mixture of the renowned and the newly launched – the expected and the unanticipated – and some of them have the potential to be genuine game-changers for ordinary users. With so many incredible apps competing for the top spots this year, we thought it would be best to acknowledge their achievements as comprehensively as possible. Here is the first of our two-part written applause, commending the accomplishments of 2018’s most popular apps – and those that could particularly improve your life over the next 12 months. SIMPLER SELF-CARE Mindfulness, motivation and meditation became easier to manage from the comfort of your own phone…

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to encourage more use, instagram to allow sharing with fewer

Keep your friends close ... and your close friends closer? Instagram is adding a feature to make it easier to share photos and videos with fewer folks. Called Close Friends, the new feature lets users share Stories — photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours — with people they put on a special list. The idea is people may feel more comfortable sharing some things with just close friends, rather than all followers. Regular posts would still appear to everyone, though users have the option of pre-approving followers. Facebook already lets people narrow audiences for individual posts, but the Facebook-owned Instagram hasn’t. Social-media companies are quickly learning that bigger audience sizes for users can mean a reluctance to share more personal stuff. So, they are adding ways to communicate with smaller groups. This…

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idaho startup’s composite tech attracting lots of attention

Continuous Composites got its start with a stab wound. When a strand of fiberglass punctured Ken Tyler’s skin, the North Idaho inventor started thinking about the strength of the lightweight material. Tyler was working for a local boat manufacturer at the time, and he found himself brainstorming ways to fashion fiberglass composites without using molds. The result was Continuous Composites, a 3-year-old startup company that its owners say could revolutionize manufacturing, dramatically lowering the costs for fiberglass, Kevlar and carbon fiber composites. “It’s an amazing technology, and it’s going to change how things are built,”Tyler Alvarado, the company’s chief executive officer, told The Spokesman-Review . A carbon fiber bicycle, he said, costs thousands of dollars not because of the cost of the raw materials but because of the process to manufacture carbon fiber composites. “It’s very…

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next-level: the ultimate apple wishlist

OUR APPLE 2019 WISHLIST There’s no denying that 2018 has been a stellar year for Apple. Releasing a trio of new iPhones, a new iPad Pro, Apple Watch, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini, virtually every product in the lineup has been refreshed, but we always want more. In this week’s issue, we lift the curtain on our 2019 wishlist, revealing which products we’d like to see given some love next. ALL-NEW iMAC Last year’s iMac Pro was a treat for power users, offering next-level performance and style in a gorgeous new Space Gray casing. Reviews were overwhelmingly positive, too , despite the Pro’s $4,999 price tag. Whilst the Pro will continue to serve its purpose at the higher end of the market, it’s the original iMac line-up we’d like to see given an…

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google’s robotic spinoff launches ride-hailing service

Google’s self-driving car spinoff is finally ready to try to profit from its nearly decade-old technology. Waymo is introducing a small-scale ride-hailing service in the Phoenix area that will include a human behind the wheel in case the robotic vehicles malfunction. The service debuting Wednesday marks a significant milestone for Waymo, a company that began as a secretive project within Google in 2009. Since then, its cars have robotically logged more 10 million miles on public roads in 25 cities in California, Arizona, Washington, Michigan and Georgia while getting into only a few accidents — mostly fender benders. The company is initially operating the new service cautiously, underscoring the challenges still facing its autonomous vehicles as they navigate around vehicles with human drivers that don’t always follow the same rules as robots. The service,…

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marriott security breach exposed data of up to 500m guests

Hackers stole information on as many as 500 million guests of the Marriott hotel empire over four years, obtaining credit card and passport numbers and other personal data, the company said last week as it acknowledged one of the largest security breaches in history. The full scope of the failure was not immediately clear. Marriott was trying to determine if the records included duplicates, such as a single person staying multiple times. The affected hotel brands were operated by Starwood before it was acquired by Marriott in 2016. They include W Hotels, St. Regis, Sheraton, Westin, Element, Aloft, The Luxury Collection, Le Méridien and Four Points. Starwood-branded timeshare properties were also affected. None of the Marriott-branded chains were threatened. The crisis quickly emerged as one of the biggest data breaches on record. “On…