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a year of data scandals

WHY APPLE IS SETTING A SHINING EXAMPLE ON USER PRIVACY “The truth is, we could make a ton of money if we monetized our customer – if our customer was our product. We’ve elected not to do that.”These words, quoted by Recode, were uttered by Apple CEO Tim Cook in March as he explained the privacy-first focus of his company’s business model. It’s a stance from which many other tech titans evidently could have learnt this year, with the likes of Facebook and Google having become engulfed in a quick succession of data-leaking scandals. VEERING FROM ONE DATA CRISIS TO ANOTHER Cook was actually speaking in an interview on the television network MSNBC in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which shed light on perilous holes in Facebook’s security infrastructure. That scandal…

3 Min.
nomad adds unique character and a premium touch to your iphone

With a stunning all-glass and ergonomic design, it feels like a betrayal to put an iPhone XS in a case. But even with its scratch-resistant finish, it’s impossible not to scuff, mark, or dent the device if you choose to go ‘naked’, so opting to add a protective layer is a sensible choice. Of course, Apple has a whole host of attractive phone cases on its site and choosing a case designed by the manufacturer often makes sense. However, for those who want to stand out from the crowd and find a case that reflects their lifestyle and personality, sometimes it pays to go against the grain to find something unique. That’s where the Nomad case comes in. Nomad has been around for a couple of years, and their philosophy intertwines with…

4 Min.
apple upstages amazon in selecting new tech hub locations

One tech giant strung dozens of North American cities through a circus-like contest that led mayors and governors to desperately pitch their regions — and offer huge sums of public money — in hopes of landing a gleaming new corporate campus. The other swept in quietly before making its big move. The outcome was largely the same: Amazon and Apple are running out of room in their West Coast hometowns and establishing a major foothold in a handful of U.S. cities already known as second-tier technology hubs. But this week, at least, Apple may have won the prize for completing its search with the fewest hurt feelings. Apple announced plans to build a $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas, that will create at least 5,000 jobs ranging from engineers to call-center agents while…

8 Min.
new rules: mobile game industry adopting new strategy

2018’s biggest gaming titles revealed evolutions in the iOS mobile gaming market. From subscriptions and intellectual property to ad revenue and cross-platform promotions, take a closer look at the changing gaming landscape, and see what the future holds for the industry. THE BIGGEST YEAR Whether you consider yourself a hardcore Fortnite player or you just enjoy a game of Candy Crush from time to time, it’s hard to deny that 2018 has been an incredible year in the world of mobile gaming. This year, more than 2.3 billion of us have tapped, shook, and flicked our smartphones and 46% of us - 1.1 billion - have spent money paying for premium add-ons. That’s not all - for the first time ever, we’ve helped mobile gaming take over desktop and console gaming, with…

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silicon valley east: google plans $1b expansion in new york

Silicon Valley is becoming Silicon Nation. Google announced Monday it will spend more than $1 billion to build a new office complex in New York City that will allow the internet search giant to double the number of people it employs there. It is the tech industry’s latest major expansion beyond the Seattle-San Francisco Bay corridor. It follows recent steps by Amazon and Apple to set up large operations well outside their home turf. Tech companies are “coming to the realization that the Bay Area, which has traditionally been the major center of tech activity in the U.S., is getting expensive and crowded,” said Andrew Bartels, principal analyst at Forrester Research. “A lot of vendors are coming to the realization that ‘We can probably find top talent elsewhere at a more affordable costs,…

4 Min.
‘transformers’ gets a great savior in ‘bumblebee’

The “Transformers” movie universe has lately been leaky and rusted out. It’s become shorthand for bad blockbuster moviemaking — male-driven, mindless spectaculars with sophomoric humor. How can it be saved? Just hand the keys over to some talented women. “Bumblebee,” the sixth film in the series, is a stand-alone origin story written with disarming skill by Christina Hodson and starring the gifted Hailee Steinfeld. It’s a charming tale of a girl and her adorable car-robot, flipping the script on the tired, bloated franchise. While hard-core fan-boys may complain it’s too soft, this film may turn out to be the perfect way to save “Transformers.” Could Bumblebee rescue Optimus Prime this time? “Bumblebee” is set outside San Francisco in 1987, where the loyal B-127 Autobot has been sent to protect Earth and prepare…